BrendasBound – Attorney General Investigates

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After two of her top associates Amanda Bryant and Detective Summer Monroe go missing the Attorney General herself steps out into the field to Investigate. Brenda had been under suspicion for a while now. The problem was they could never find anything on her. The attorney general Played by Amanda Fox goes to talk to Brenda to see if she could get anything out of her. Brenda was calm and collective and answers all her questions with out a hitch. When the Attorney turns to leave Brenda grabs her. She chokes her dragging her across the room. Brenda tells her do what your told and you won't be hurt. Amanda fearing the worse reluctantly agrees. Brenda drags her to the rack. Hand cuffs her hands behind her back forcing her to the ground. Brenda explains to the attorney her role and what is expected of her as she releases a relentless tickle attack on her. After a good while She takes the exhausted Attorney to where the other girls are. Or so she thought. Brenda was toying with her.
They return to the rack. She hands cuffs her high on the rack. She attaches a spreader bar forcing her legs wide apart. The attorney is completely exposed. She gags her to muffle her screams. Brenda shows her the black sharp nails as she puts them on. Brenda releases the worse agonizing tickle session ever. The attorney is screaming through her gag as she drools down her body. She begs her to stop no more. Brenda just laughs because she knows there is no end in sight for this bitch. There hasn't been a women yet she couldn't brake and she damn sure wasn't going to let this one go.

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  1. John 05.02.2015 at 14:13 Reply

    This video is ‘BrendasBound – Detective Monroe Got More Then She Bargained For’,
    and not ‘BrendasBound – Attorney General Investigates’.

    Can you please change it?

  2. Coco 26.09.2015 at 08:17 Reply

    This video is still ‘Detective Monroe Got More Then She Bargained For’…
    The filename is ‘Attorney General Investigates’ but the video is not.

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