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Summer was off work for a few days and Brenda knew it. They was just hanging out and talking and catching up. Brenda mentioned we should play the Wee and have some fun. Summer was all for it. She has such a competitive attitude she couldn't resist. They came up with a bet. The looser has to be the others house slave and servant for the weekend. What summer didn't know was that Brenda messed with the button on her controller so it wouldn't work right.The girls play for a little while and it came down to the winning point. With Summer's controller being sabotaged Brenda wins. Brenda just laughs and say's you loose HeHeHe, See Brenda had a whole weekend planned out for Summer. Cleaning, cooking, washing clothes amongst other things. Summer just bows her head because she new that she had been beat. Brenda says you ready. Summer was like yea what do you want me to do first. Brenda says first of all lets get you dressed in the proper uniform. Summer thought well at least she wasn't going to keep me naked for two days. Brenda comes back with a little tight black maids uniform and tells Summer to stand up and strip and put this on. Now she was dressed in the proper uniform for her duties. Standing in extreme heels and that sexy maids uniform Summer was hotttttt. Brenda hands her a duster and tells her now to get to work. Summer is dusting for a while when Brenda see's how bad of job she is doing. She tells her this is terrible. I think a little punishment is in order. She grabs her by the hair and takes her to the play room. Summer had been there many times and new what was coming next.
Brenda positions her under the bar and orders her to strip down to her panties. She strings her up in a spread eagle position under the bar. Summer is very ticklish and Brenda uses it to her advantage. She tickles her relentlessly. Summer bounces around trying to get away and get away from her hands. Brenda tickles her to tears the whole time telling her you will do better right. Summer is screaming yes yes I will do better. She takes her down and tells her we will see about that because floors are next. Summer starts to put her uniform back on when Brenda tells her you won't be needing that. I want to see that ass and legs while you are cleaning.

The girls go back in the house and Brenda hands Summer a small wash cloth. Summer was like what am I supposed to do with that. Brenda says clean the floor. Summer was like the whole floor with this little cloth. Brenda was like yep you better get started. After a few minutes of watching her clean Brenda tells her to arch that back and stick up that ass of yours. I want to just watch you. After about an hour of this Summers knees are getting sore and starts to protest. She was asking can I stand up a little bit. Brenda comes over to expect her work and to see if she earned the privilege. It Was terrible. Needless to say it was back to the room for Summer.

Brenda attaches her hands to the post high over her head and tells her now just stand there I have things to do. Summer was like don't leave me like this. Brenda was like you wanted to stand up now stand there. Summer was hooked to the post what seemed like hours. Brenda finally comes back and has some more fun at Summer's expense. Brenda ties her to the post with several rounds of rope. Cris crossing her big tits securing her back tight. She ties her elbows behind the post pulling her arms up and attaching them to the sides of her tits. A nice and tight cleave gag was order witch came next. Now it was time for her to learn a lesson. Brenda tickles her entire body. Summer can barely move. She breaks out the electric tooth brush and uses it on Summers nipples and underarms. Summer is in tears and is exhausted from laughing so much. This went on for a long time when Brenda just starts to leave. Summer was begging for her to come back and not leave her like this. Brenda tells her did you forget we have all weekend. Now have fun and I will be back after while.

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