BrendasBound – I Know Everything My Dad Does To You

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It had been about 6 months sense my dad introduced me to his new girl friend. Me and Dad are real close and I new everything he likes doing to this little bitch. He likes to keep her naked for him at all times. So I thought I would take advantage of that. When we first met I had to show her who was in charge around here forcing her through her first session with me. Now 6 months later you would think she would get the idea by now. Dad was gone for a couple of days so I take her back in for a refresher course. She knew better then deny me because she would loose her sugar Daddy. Making her set on her knees I hand cuff her hands behind her back leaving her nude open and exposed for my roaming fingers. I tickle her relentlessly. She begs and screams for me to stop. Tired of hearing it I ball gag and head harness her to shut her up. I force her to the floor and release a relentless tickle job on her like never before. She sweats and drools from the agony. I tell her we are just getting started right before I stand her up and hook her hands above her head. I attach a spreader bar to her ankles and spread her legs wide open. Now she is mine for as long as I want her.

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