BrendasBound – Please Pay Attention To Me

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Bella comes hoping in a arm binder and a mouth full of panties. Earlier in the day Bella wouldn't shut up just talk talk talk. Brenda was tired of hearing it and shut her up with a mouth full of panties and a tight micro foam cleave gag. Bella always needs attention. Brenda had been ignoring her for a few hours. Brenda was laying on the couch in a red ball gag trying to read a magazine and here she came. Jumping up and down and gag talking sticking her ass in Brenda's face trying to get her to notice and pay attention to her. Even with her mouth packed she was load and annoying. Brenda jumps up pissed. Fine she says you want attention your going to get my way. Brenda strips off her arm binder and unpacks her mouth. Bella is insane with that mouth of hers. Brenda tells her to shut the fuck up and put these panty hose on. Layer after layer of hose Bella's legs are encased and tight. She slides a pair of hose on her arms and taped her arms behind her back smashing her arms together from her hands to her elbows. The whole time Bella won't shut up and rambles on and on. Brenda shoves a large ball gag in her face and tapes her mouth up. She still goes on and on gag talking and rambling. Brenda starts to think she could use the fact that Bella won't shut up to her advantage. Brenda untapped her mouth and took out the ball gag. Before Bella could mumble a word Brenda shoves a tube sock in her mouth then a pair of panty hose. She slides a pair of hose over her head and uses one leg to cleave gag. Then applies ample amounts of tape on top of that. Bella still won't shut up. Her constant gag talking creates a nice vibration and Brenda was going to use it to her advantage. She lays Bella on the couch and hog tapes her in place. She pulls the other leg of the hose on her head back to her feet. Now Bella was in the perfect position for a human vibrator. Brenda lays down in front of her. She grabs her head shoving it between her legs. Brenda tells her you like to talk and run your mouth bitch. Here's your chance. Now get to rambling.

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