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AsianFootTickling – Shae’s Feet Tickled Up Close

Meet Shae, she's a VERY ticklish party chick. We wanted to see just how ticklish her feet are, so we get her tied up , face up on the bed and go to work on those soles and toes. Her sexy laughter and giggles are enough to melt any tickler's heart, and she really takes it well even though she really can't stand it ( a little submissive streak underlies that party chick persona ). You'll be seeing more of her in upcoming updates. But for now , enjoy her debut.

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Download – Shae's Feet Tickled Up Close

AsianFootTickling – Shae Trapped and Stocked

It's really a lot of fun to tickle Shae, and this scene is a perfect example of why. She gasps, she shouts, she giggles..she even yells for her mother in between her bursts of sexy laughter. Her pretty feet are trapped while she is tied face down. Just touching her feet is enough to make the laughs come out. The tickler uses fingers, a soft rubber bristled brush, and the spiky tickle ball to make her suffer. But it's not over yet. The stocks are brought out and Shae's sensitive feet are locked in. She really struggles to handle the tickling. The tickler keeps her off balance with his crawling fingers and his favorite tickle toys. She can't stop her herself from blurting out pleas in her native language as the tickling drives her crazy. We love Shae's feet !!

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Download – Shae Trapped and Stocked

AsianFootTickling – Roxy Visits The Stocks

Roxy is one of those women who tries to hold it back, which makes it even more satisfying to see her defenses break down.When the combination of most ticklish spot / right technique is utilized, Roxy descends into sexy laughter, punctuated by yelps and bewilderment. Her friend and fellow model Shae can be heard off camera teasing her and telling her to pretend that she's only getting a massage. The spiky tickle ball is very effective around her toes. And we also discover that the tops of her feet near her ankles seem to be VERY ticklish. Her knees and and upperbody also receive some tickles, which only makes it worse. Her laughing and smiling face is a winner.

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Download – Roxy Visits The Stocks

AsianFootTickling – Roxy First Time Ever

Nice girl Roxy is kind of shy, but we used our powers of persuasion to convince her to be tickled ! Her baby soft feet are hard to resist. A little tickle here and there, and before you know it she's laughing her head off. A few tickled on her knees are thrown in for good measure as well.

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Download – Roxy First Time Ever

AsianFootTickling – Choi And Rebecca In The Stocks!

The stocks are always open for our tickle victims. This time, it's Choi's turn. It's her second time in the stocks. Cat got her the first time, but now it's The Masked Tickler's turn to inflict some torment. Choi's feet get a thorough tickling, with her very sensitive toes targeted for some extra attention. Her squealing laughter keeps building and building, as she can only lay on the bed in her restraints, bucking and struggling. She knows she likes it ! After Choi, it's Rebecca's turn for the stocked tickling treatment. The slightest touch on her bound feet causes her to clench her teeth in a pained, tight smile, just before the laughter explodes from her. This is one SERIOUSLY foot ticklish young woman. She can not get away, and she just has to lay there and TAKE IT ! She goes wild, laughing uncontrollably, even shrieking at times. These reactions just feed The Masked Tickler's insatiable appetite for more and more tickle torture. Rebecca's stocked bare feet are a tickler's feast !

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Download – Choi And Rebecca In The Stocks!