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FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Snoozin’ Feets, Ticklish Treats! Pt. 14 Katie’s Tickle De-Tox!

THE UK TICKLE TOUR CONTINUES!  UK hottie, Katie, staggers home after a late night of partying and crashes on her bed, fully clothed.  Her roommate, Electra Morgan, comes in to check on her, not pleased at being awakened at such a late hour.  This isn't the first time, so Electra decides to have some fun at Katie's expense!

Electra removes Katie's shoes as she sleeps, then teases and tickles the inebriated beauty's twitching, cringing bare feet!  Katie stirs, mumbles and even laughs out loud, but remains asleep!  Soon, it becomes a game to see how much tickling the cackling, restless Katie take, without waking up! 

Katie's soles scrunch and flex as her toes squirm and scratch at the tickling sensations of fingernails and feathers!  If Electra isn't going to get any sleep, she may as well have fun staying up, but will she go too far?  Will Katie wake up?  Find out now!

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Duration: 11:46.889
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Download – Snoozin' Feets, Ticklish Treats! Pt. 14 Katie's Tickle De-Tox!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Get Away From My Fcking Feet! Movie Vol. 5

Blonde super-hotties, Janira Wolfe and Dannii Harwood star in 25 minutes of nylon and barefoot tickling awesomeness!  This vid combines pts 9 and 10 of this hit series, for a special price!  Don't miss it!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6646 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 25:14.513
Size: 1 228,835 Mb

Download – Get Away From My Fcking Feet! Movie Vol. 5

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – The Tickle Casting Couch! Pt. 42 Olivia Berzinc!

The incredibly gorgeous Olivia Berzinc has decided to audition with us, while we were in the UK.  Even when we are just tying her up, her legs break out in goosebumps and she's shivering in anticipation!  And for good reason!

We remove her sexy shoes, revealing a very tender pair of nervously twitching, somewhat sweaty, size 8 feet!  Olivia loses it at the first touch!  Shrieks and tickle-panicked cackles burst forth from her red-painted lips as she thrashes about, uncontrollably!  Her soft soles scrunch and flex as her toes curl and squirm!  Fingernails, feathers … even the fluffy feather … oil, soft brushes, the steel claw and the black brush all come into play, much to Olivia's toe-squirming, laugh-addled tickle agony!

Priya Young even makes a quick guest appearance, as we torment her friend's helpless feet, mercilessly!  Olivia even begs and fidgets ticklishly as oil is rubbed on her feet!  When asked how she handles foot massages, she shouts, "I don't!"  And we suggest that you don't miss Olivia's ticklish debut with us!  By the time we're done, Olivia groans that her body can't take anymore, but look for her to return again, soon!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6221 kbps, 59.941 fps
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Duration: 11:43.936
Size: 535,538 Mb

Download – The Tickle Casting Couch! Pt. 42 Olivia Berzinc!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Mob Wife Massage Tickle!

Mob wife, Angelina Elise, has a spa appointment, but doesn't realize that she's in for a surprise!  Her husband owes money to some of the other local families and an example needs to be made!  It's a well-known fact that she's excruciatingly ticklish, so her husband's creditors mean to get at him through her!

Instead of being resting on a massage table, Angelina is stripped topless and tied down!  Her shoes are removed and she's viciously tickled from toes to head and back again!  No feathers, no oil, no brushes, just cruel, calculating fingernails on her armpits, neck, ears, ribs, hipbones, knees and feet! 

Angelina goes absolutely apoplectic, shrieking and thrashing helplessly as her interrogator taunts, teases and torments her!  After a while, the sweat-soaked, cackling, mob diva reveals a secret about her husband's debt that even her interrogator doesn't know!  What is it?  Find out now, in this customer-written tale of full-body tickle torment!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6687 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 160 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 15:11.744
Size: 744,212 Mb

Download – Mob Wife Massage Tickle!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Coochie-Coochie-Coo, Motherf*cker!

Roommates, Nikki Brooks and En Shadow are enjoying a quiet night in.  Nikki is reading and her mischievous roommate is watching tickling videos on her phone.  This gives her an idea!  And that idea is to tickle attack Nikki!

Shadow goes after Nikki's bare feet first, sending the sexy blonde into surprised shrieks and guffaws!  Then she pins her and goes after her upperbody and alternates between that and Nikki's knees and thighs! Worse yet, the curly-haired cutie taunts Nikki with humiliating tickle talk, adding insult to injury!

But Nikki isn't completely helpless!  She bucks Shadow off of her and turns the tables, shouting, "Coochie-coochie-coo, motherf*cker!" Now, it's Shadow's turn to squeal, giggle and writhe in tickle anguish!  Nikki lays on the tickle talk pretty thick, too, ridiculing her roommate, who can dish it out but not take it!  Back and forth the tickle fight goes!  Who wins?

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6845 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 160 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 13:06.485
Size: 656,816 Mb

Download – Coochie-Coochie-Coo, Motherf*cker!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Mission Hysterical! Pt. 30 Barefoot Tickle Payback!

Plumenatti Agent Nicole Oring thought she had got the best of Agent Victoria Banxxx, but she she made one foolish mistake and now the tables have turned!  The sexy Asian spy is now tied up in the back seat of Victoria's car, with her bare feet trapped in the driver's seat headrest!

Agent Oring tries to avoid Agent Banxxx's revenge by bribing her with secret info, but Victoria isn't taking the bait and opts for some tickle payback!  Nicole howls and cackles, in a hysterical fit as her soft, helpless soles and toes meet probing fingers!  Her long toes wriggle and squirm as her hilariously ticklish soles scrunch, flex and flail about, in a vain attempt to avoid skittering fingernails!

It's very clear that Agent Oring can't take what she dished out, and is actually even more ticklish than Agent Banxxx was!  Victoria revels in Nicole's snorting, cackling, thrashing fit as she tickles the daylights out of her!  But, will Nicole give up any info of value to get out of this ticklish nightmare?  Find out now!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6847 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 160 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 15:30.996
Size: 777,725 Mb

Download – Mission Hysterical! Pt. 30 Barefoot Tickle Payback!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Hostage Hilarity! pt. 3 Crime and (Tickle) Punishment!

Katie and Electra have both been caught by Electra's boss!  The crime boss knows that Electra gave Katie the password and that Katie broke into his house … so now they both have to pay!  The two are tied up, side-by-side. 

Katie shrieks with loud cackles as his fingernails attack her soft, nylon-clad soles and toes!  Electra's tickle revenge was bad enough, but this definitely tops it!  And Electra is cruelly reminded of just how much she doesn't like having her tender, wiggly tootsies tickled as the boss teaches her a lesson as well!  It soon becomes a symphony (or perhaps a cacophony) snorts, guffaws and screams as feathers, oil, brushes and the steel claw tickle the two sexy ladies silly! 

It's sexy soles, squirming toes larcenous, laughing lady criminals aplenty, so don't miss this one!  Look for more of Katie and Electra soon, as our UK Tickle Tour continues!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6179 kbps, 59.941 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 160 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 15:03.469
Size: 682,763 Mb

Download – Hostage Hilarity! pt. 3 Crime and (Tickle) Punishment!

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