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MikaylaMilesAndFTKL – Triple Tickle Foot Party! Pt. 1 Mikayla, Vanessa and Honey!

Mikayla, Vanessa and Honey are all lined up in order, from the biggest to smallest.  Not only in regard to height, but also shoe size!  Mikayla's size 16s dwarf Vanessa's size 12s and Honey's size 9s!  But, when it comes to being tickled, it seems that the bigger the feet, the bigger the laughs!  

All three of these bound, sexy, ticklish hotties squirm, thrash and laugh out loud, as whatever tickles them the most (it varies, for each of them) keeps them in gales of helpless laughter!  It's laugh out loud, toe-squirming good time, for all … especially the viewer (Well … and me too!), so don't miss out on the premiere of this new, candid series!

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Download – Triple Tickle Foot Party! Pt. 1 Mikayla, Vanessa and Honey!

MikaylaMilesAndFTKL – Ticklish Foot Seduction!

Mikayla is enjoying a relaxing bath, when Sahrye decides to join her.  Sahrye is obsessed with Mikayla's sexy, size 16 feet and uses this as an excuse to get near them.  Soon, she's bathing Mikayla's feet … and worshiping them with kisses and licks!  Sahrye moans in Spanish, secretly hiding her feelings, while acting out her fantasy!

But soon, Sahrye wants to take things up a notch, by tying Mikayla up!  Mikayla's not sure why she needs to be tied for foot worship, but she's game!  It soon becomes clear to Mikayla why Sahrye restrained her.  In the midst of hot, steamy foot love, Sahrye TICKLES HER FEET!  Mikayla's long toes scrunch and squirm as tiny fingernails send her into gales of hearty guffaws!  

Sahrye even toe-ties the sexy Amazon, to really keep her big feet in place!  Too late, Mikayla realizes that Sahrye's form of foot worship carries an element of danger, as she laughs herself silly!  Don't miss this one!

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Download – Ticklish Foot Seduction!

MikaylaMilesAndFTKL – The Mad Tickler! Pt. 9 Night of the Tickle Pranks!

Mikayla is supposed to be at a sleepover with Honey and Mistress Tempted.  When she doesn't show, Honey spooks Mistress Tempted with a scary story about a creepy, foot-tickling maniac, who torments the tootsies of sleeping women, til they go insane!  Maybe he got Mikayla!  Or maybe Honey is just setting her friend up for a prank. 

The two go to bed, figuring that Mikayla won't be joining them, but Honey soon gets up, sneaks to the foot of the bed and uncovers Mistress Tempted's socked feet.  She pokes, prods and teases her friend's feet just long enough to know she wants to get her barefoot!  Soon, the leggy Latina's long, wiggly toes and wrinkled soles flinch, flail and wriggle as she giggles away in her sleep!  That is, until she wakes up!  Ms Tempted is not one to be easily de-feeted, however, and later on pulls the same prank on Honey's restlessly, ticklish tootsies!  

Little do either of them know, Mikayla has been outside the door, watching the whole time … and now she wants to get both of them!  The mischievous Amazon attacks both sexy pairs of snoozing, size 9 soles as Honey and Ms Tempted squirm, giggle and wriggle away, in fits of laughter!  She even manages to tickle Honey in such a way that Honey's squirming toes tickle Ms Tempted's super-ticklish soles!  But, will Mikayla be sneaky enough to get away, unseen?  Find out now!

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Download – The Mad Tickler! Pt. 9 Night of the Tickle Pranks!

MikaylaMilesAndFTKL – Foot Tickle Prank! Pt. 1 Worst Massage Ever!

Mikayla is ready for a relaxing spa day.  Her muscles are sore and her feet ache terribly, so it's time for a massage.  She notices that the masseuse has oddly long fingernails, but is soon so relaxed by the massage that she slips into dreamland … only to wake up strapped to the table!  

Before she can ascertain what's going on, her masseuse is tickling her aching feet!  Mikayla loses it, erupting into anguished laughter as her big, size 16 feet flail and squirm, wildly!  Her long, fingerlike toes wriggle and writhe as feathers creep between them, sending her into hysterics!  

As it happens, one of Mikayla's girlfriends hired a profession prank company to play this horrible joke on Mikayla and she'd do just about anything to get out of it!  However, the prankster-for-hire is having so much fun watching the sexy Amazon's helpless predicament, that it may be hard to convince him!

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Download – Foot Tickle Prank! Pt. 1 Worst Massage Ever!

MikaylaMilesAndFTKL – The Tickle Casting Couch! Pt. 62 Mikayla Miles!

At long last, sexy, iconic Amazon, MIKAYLA MILES is tied up and tickled on camera, for the very first time!  Her beautiful, SIZE 16 FEET are the biggest pair of female feet in fetishdom and she's a little nervous about having them tickled!  Thankfully, for all of us, she's as good-humored as she is tall.  

Mikayla is secured to the sofa.  As her shoes are removed, she fidgets, knowing what's coming!  She bursts into a fit of guffaws, giggles and cackles as fingernails skitter up and down her long, towering soles and beneath her finger-like toes!  She squirms and thrashes about, laughing helplessly and begging for mercy … even though, she kinda enjoys it! 

A variety of tickle tools are brought to bear on the bound and hilariously ticklish Amazon, but the one that seems to really do her in is the calligraphy brush, especially in the center of her high arches!  And don't worry, upperbody fans, her ribs and belly are also very ticklish!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6702 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 14:40.379
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Download – The Tickle Casting Couch! Pt. 62 Mikayla Miles!

MikaylaMilesAndFTKL – Stinky Shoe Tickle Fight!

Roommates, Mikayla and Meiko can't help but prank each other, by surprise smothering each other with their stinky gym shoes, but when things get out of hand, a tickle fight ensues!  Can Meiko stand against Mikayla's superior size and strength?  Can Mikayla handle Meiko's wicked, long fingernails as they dig into her ribs, underarms and big, bare feet?  Find out now!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6928 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 12:24.710
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Download – Stinky Shoe Tickle Fight!

MikaylaMilesAndFTKL – Kung-Foot Game Of Laughter!

Order of Light Agent Sahrye tracks down a renegade martial artist who has closed a local school … by beating everyone in it, single-handedly!  Though her mentor, Gold Dragon, has advised it, Sahrye thinks she's ready for anything!  When she arrives on the scene, she discovers a giantess of a woman (Mikayla Miles) waiting for her!  

The 6' 4" Amazon and her massive hands and feet are too much for Sahrye's fighting techniques, so the feisty Latina must de-feet her through tickle trickery!  Master Mikayla discovers that her powerful scissorhold can be broken, by way of her unbearably ticklish feet and Sahrye wins the day!

But now, Master Mikayla must atone for her insult to this school and its master.  Sahrye straps the sexy, statuesque fighter into the stocks for some foot-tickling discipline!  Long, sharp fingernails, on tiny hands reduce the mighty martial arts mistress to a shrieking, thrashing, cackling mess!  Her hair whips about and her long, flexible toes wriggle wildly as she's consumed in a cackling fit! 

Master Mikayla doesn't want to make reparations, but her huge, tickle-agonized feet just can't take it as fingernails, brushes, a steel chopstick, oil and steel claw render her powerless to her own laughter!  Can Agent Sahrye break her titanic, ticklish foe?  Find out now, in this martial arts movie parody, starring two of the best in the business!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6849 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 19:28.800
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Download – Kung-Foot Game Of Laughter!

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