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GoddessValorasPeepShow – You Can’t Punish Us, Mom

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Gigi Lynn comes home to find her two 18yr old daughters, Valora and Constance being lazy on the couch after a party. Gigi's angry that the house is a mess and decides to punish her girls by taking away their car keys. Constance and Valora yell at her and remind her that they're adults now, but Gigi won't hear it. After Gigi leaves, Valora and Constance decide to team up to tickle their mom until she surrenders the keys.
Gigi's on the phone with their father when the girls burst into the room, grab her feet, and start viciously tickling her sensitive feet. Gigi squirms and laughs as the girls pressure her for their keys. She fakes them out a few times by telling them bogus locations of the keys, but they figure her out and keep tickling her wrinkled soles. Finally after she's had enough she finally tells them where they keys really are. Constance and Valora leave her there trying to catch her breath.

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GoddessValorasPeepShow – Slumber Party Tickle Trouble

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Goddess Valora is a little let down when Miss Quin's idea for a fun night is watching sad movies. She think's Quin needs a little cheering up. What better way to do that than to tickle her feet? Quin can't believe it and decides to see how Valora likes it. They both hate the feeling, but can't stop laughing! Someone's gotta tap out first, but not until they've gotten some serious tickling done.

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GoddessValorasPeepShow – A Hard Lesson In Friendship

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Goddess Valora is moving next to her good friend Gigi Lynn. Valora has asked Gigi to help her move and Gigi says of course.The day comes where Valora is moving in and she goes to call Gigi, but theres no answer. She keeps calling, but theres still no answer. Valora goes to see whats taking her so long. Valora sees a car pull away from Gigis house as she walks to the front door. She thinks its odd, but still goes to knock on the doorl. Gigi answers the door, hair a mess, with just her robe and some black sheer nylons on, with a big grin on her face. She tells Valora that she had a guy friend over and forgot about her plans to help Valora move. Valora doesn't take the news well and decides there needs to be a punishment.In the next scene we see Valora finishing up a hog tie on dear Gigi. Valora worships Gigi's sexy sheer, black nylons as she uses a hitachi on Gigi's greedy clit. Whenever she hears Gigi is about to cum, she switches from foot worship to foot tickling! Gigi starts to scream so Valora shoves a ball gag in the bitch's mouth and goes back to edging her.

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