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HellfireHeroines – Wally Captures Sexy School Teacher for a Lesson in Tickling

Even as a youngster, Wally knew he was destined for one special purpose – to tie up women, as many as possible. This was his obsession, his purpose for being. Movies, sports, museums, fine cuisine, dating – WHO CARES!! Wally couldn't care less about any of these ordinary, boring diversions. All that mattered to him were ropes, chains, leather restraints, and having a secret lair where he could live out his dream. Now at age…. much older, Wally is living it up, capturing one gal after another and having a fantastic time using them for his curious enjoyment. Today's victim is Brenda, a devoted schoolteacher who stayed after class way too long. Wally was patiently waiting for her, and now here she is, trapped in his infernal tickle stock. Oddly, Brenda doesn't seem as scared as she should be – is she trying to put up a brave front? Like when a man stands up bravely to an approaching grizzly bear, hoping to scare it off? But if Brenda isn't scared now, she will be soon, because she's intensely ticklish, and Wally plans to tickle her to utter exhaustion, until she's laughed so long and so hard that she loses her voice, and her body grows weak from exertion. Here we see the first 15 minutes of what will be a long, arduous ordeal. If only her bare feet weren't so ticklish. Poor, poor Brenda.

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HellfireHeroines – The Millennial – Episode 1

Heather Freemont, a hip young millennial who spins her world by the tail, loves being a sassy brat towards her feisty old grandpa Joe. She finds it irresistibly amusing to ignite the curmudgeon's temper until he totally flies off the handle, at which point she laughs at him and makes smart-ass jokes. She's actually quite sick of the old coot, with his lame stamp collecting, potent liniment odor, and dumb-ass World War II stories. Old people suck! But Heather's about to find out you can only push an old man so far. One day, when she not only refuses to eat her broccoli but tries feeding it to Joe's toothless retard poodle, that's the fucking last straw! He's had enough. So he slips a little something into her protein shake, waits for her to pass out, takes off her clothes, then fastens her to an unusual metal chair on loan from his old war buddy (good old Stubby!). When Heather wakes up, she's just about as pissed off as a millennial can get, fighting like hell to get out of her restraints, but the old man has fastened her up good, and now it's time for some good old fashioned discipline that's long, long overdue. Grandpa's oiled Heather's body up for good reason, because he's going to tickle the fuck out of her! Goddam millennial! It's her parents who should be doing this, but hell, someone needs to step in and set this brat straight. He tickles her hard, a pissed-off kind of tickling, digging into her armpits, into her crotch, on her bare feet. He may be old, but he sure knows how to tickle and punish. This bratty millennial's finally getting what's coming to her, that is until "Matlock" comes on. The old man never misses "Matlock". Andy Griffith – what an actor!

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HellfireHeroines – Helpless Sarah Tickled by Devious Clown

As Sarah finally wakes up, she finds herself in a vastly different situation than when she was initially forced asleep. Hours ago, she was fully clothed and fighting for survival as a man in a scary clown mask pressed a stained wet cloth over her mouth, forcing potent fumes into her lungs. Now she's in a strange place, she's utterly naked, and she's tied up in such a way that escape seems nearly impossible. This won't stop her from trying. She struggles hard, pulling at the chains securing her arms above her head, but this will get her nowhere. Her legs are tied wide apart on a leather bondage table, making every inch of her lower body utterly vulnerable.

When the clown returns, Sarah has every reason to be afraid, not knowing what the masked man has in mind. As it turns out, he's a weird perv who'd been stalking her for months, and now that he's finally caught her, he's going to do what he's fantasized about every night – tickling, tickling, and more tickling! That's all he's wanted to do – it's his obsession, his dream about to come true. He starts on her upper body, digging his fingers into her vulnerable armpits, but what he's most excited about is her bare feet, watching her toes wiggle and clench as he uses every means possible to tickle her lovely soles until she literally can't stand even another minute.

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HellfireHeroines – Bad Cop, Good Tickler

Kendra was simply going about her day, getting her errands done, when all of a sudden she was accosted by a man identifying himself as a police officer. He told her she'd been implicated in using opioids and was therefore under arrest. Kendra knew this was a mistake, as she'd not taken any drugs since a big Halloween party back in 2007, but she didn't want to make things worse by resisting arrest, so she let the officer put handcuffs on her. He told her he was taking her down to the precinct, but in actuality he took her to a secret room inside an old warehouse, where he locked her feet in a pillory and padlocked her cuffed wrists over her head. Kendra knew this wasn't right, but what could she do now? It was too late. Why didn't she try to escape when she had the chance? Sure enough, the "cop" finally revealed his true intention – to tickle her size 9 feet "to his heart's content". He took off her loafers, then got right down to business, tickling her wiggling feet with his fingers, hair brushes, combs…. Kendra had never endured anything quite like this. How much would she be able to endure? How long would this continue? It was entirely up to the cop, who politely told Kendra "yours are the feet I've always been looking for".

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HellfireHeroines – Adara Tickled by Wally

Who is Wally? That's what the FBI is desperate to discover. For more than five years, Wally's been snatching up women and taking them to his dark, secret lair, where they intimately discover all the tools of his twisted hobby: rope, chains, cuffs, gags, blindfolds….  to this day, no woman has ever escaped from this spider's sinister and sticky web. Wally keeps his hostages for days, weeks, or sometimes even months before finally releasing them to tell their shocking tales to law enforcement and the media. Today's victim is poor Adara. She stayed out way too late partying, got totally hammered, fell asleep in a restroom stall, then woke up to find herself tied-up and alone in this nightmarish predicament. How did this crazy s#!? happen? She can't remember a goddam thing. All she knows is she's totally freaking out!! She struggles frantically, trying as hard as she can to escape but it's no use. She's buck naked on some kind of leather bench with her bare feet locked in a pillory and her twisting hands cuffed over her head. Eventually, the mysterious Wally makes his grand appearance. Adara of course has no idea who this masked villain is, but she quickly learns he's raptly interested in her bare feet which, unbeknownst to her, are in serious, serious trouble! One of Wally's all-time favorite passions is tickling, and he unfortunately has way more stamina than his hapless victim. Adara has no idea what she's in for, or for how long. But Wally knows. And if he tells her, which he just might, her freak-out level might very well jump off the charts! Those poor, helpless bare feet : (

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