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JamieDaniels – Tickling Payment

My TV broke so I needed to have a repair guy come to see what is going on.  So he shows up and does like 2 mins worth of looking at it and telling me that he can't fix it then tries to hand me a $200 bill!!  I really don't have that kind of money lol.  So I called him out on his foot fetish, since he was fixated on my feet the entire time and told I'm him that he could have them in exchange for his services.  He agreed!!  Turns out he had a feet tickling fetish.  So I sat on on the couch with my feet propped up, exposing my bare soles and he began to tickle them.  Wow I did not realize how ticklish I am on my bare soles.  He knew how to tickle too, because I could not stop laughing.  It was actually kind of fun and exciting.

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Download – Tickling Payment

JamieDaniels – Sinn’s Tickle Punishment

Jamie is disgusted with Sinn's old worn out smelly shoes.  She has had them for a few years, wears them everyday and refuses to get rid of them.  They stink and they are falling apart.  Jamie knows that if she throws them away Sinn will just get them back out of the trash to wear them.  So Jamie needs to take more drastic measures.  She ties Sinn up exposing her stocking feet, and begins to tickle Sinn hoping to get her to agree to destroying the shoes.  Sinn still refuses, so Jamie gets mean and cuts Sinn's stockings exposing her bare soles and beings some severe tickle torture and finally Sinn gives in and agrees to destroy her shoes so that she can never wear them again.

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Download – Sinn's Tickle Punishment

JamieDaniels – Oiled Ticklish Soles

Dee has me naked and tied up on the couch with my bare feet exposed. She begins to apply oil to my bare soles, she knows my soles are super ticklish and just the light touch of the brush drives me crazy. She applies coat after coat getting them super sensitive, torturing me then leaving me to struggle.

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Download – Oiled Ticklish Soles

JamieDaniels – Neighbor’s Ticklish Feet

Goddess Dee is your sexy neighbor with the beautiful feet.  Tonight her cable goes out and she decides to come over in her pj's to watch your TV and chat.  She plops on the couch and places her socked feet on your lap.  You cannot resist touching them, she giggles and says thats its ok that you tickle her feet a little in trade for her coming over.  You soon remove her white socks and begin ticking her bare feet. You guys are good friends so its ok and she actually enjoys it too.  Soon you have her bare soles just inches from your face ticking them making her beg for mercy.

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Download – Neighbor's Ticklish Feet

JamieDaniels – Ticklish Games

scr-18 scr-19 scr-20

Goddess Dee & Jamie Daniels – Dee and I decided to play a little bondage tickling game, tying each other to the bed and taking turns with tickle torture.

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Download – Ticklish Games

JamieDaniels – Tickling the Agent

scr-17 scr-18 scr-19

Danielle is a real estate agent showing Jamie a new apartment that has come up for rent. While Jamie seems interested in the apartment what she is really interested in is Danielle's feet, mainly how ticklish Daniele's feet are. Jamie waits for Danielle to get deep into a phone conversation before making her move to Danielle's feet. Knowing Danielle wants to be as professional as possible while on the phone, Jamie comes in and removes Danielle's shoes and begins gently running her nails up and down Danielle's super soft delicate soles. Danielle starts giggling with delight as she really enjoys being tickled. Now she wants a turn at Jamie's feet, she has a feeling Jamie is super ticklish and loves to be the little tickling devil.

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Download – Tickling the Agent