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LaughsForLife – Sacha the shy medical student FULL

Let's meet our new model here at Laughs for life, Sacha answered one of my adds that i posted at a local college and we met an afternoon out of the blue to shoot this quick gem.

Sacha is a medical student and she was looking for a quick way to make some cash by answering my add and she was fine with what I mentioned to her, so here we go, we have a super cute ebony med student laughing it up in this sweet 20 minute clip. Composed of two scenes, the upper body scene is about 9 minutes and the foot scene is about 12 minutes long.

I start off slowly with this delicate model as it's obvious that the ordeal is kinda little out there for her usual state of comfort, but Sacha is a trooper and after about 3 minutes of warming up I start getting a bit more cruel with our new candidate and the laughs start pouring, not to mention that she starts struggling on the bed, in a sweet way actually. Sacha has a jumpy soft kind of laugh that erupts from time to time, but the face remains in state of tickle bliss the entire time.

Moving on to the stocks, Sacha's lovely size 9 are super soft and oh so hot in the stocks, luckily for us, they are also super ticklish…I find even more then her upper body. Of course, I introduce all the tools to Sacha after testing her sensitiveness at the beginning of this new scene. Sacha is a talker as she's going thru this torture and every time she talks it's the sweetest thing to hear. The electric toothbrush gets some amazing reactions out of her and the brush was pure hell.

The clip ends with two little challenges, my usual count to 30 challenge and try not to laugh…both get great to good results, but none the less, they are both fun to watch because Sacha is so quietly entertaining thru them.

Be sure to check out the cute and shy 20 year old medical student…

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Download – Sacha the shy medical student FULL

LaughsForLife – Desiring ticklish Natacha FULL

Natacha says to me when we first met…ME TICKLISH?!

Alright, so i'm at a bar the other day guys met this extremely beautiful bartender while I was hanging out with friends and we got to talking. First thing on my mind was…I want this bartender in my tickling clips for sure. I'll skip the endless chit chatting we had…but at the end of the night I gave her a note with phone number with the message – "if you want to laugh, send me a message".

Well Natacha responded the next day by text and since she did, let's meet the desiring ticklish Natacha for her very responsive and hot ticklish experience.

This clip is split in 3 different scenes and there all hot for different reasons.

Upper body session

I start off pretty slowly on this new comer because I don't want to frighten her and I have no idea how she's going to react to any of tickles she's about to get. I did not have time to find out if Natacha was ticklish at all before the shoot, i kinda had a clue she was, with how she responded but didn't for sure. So let's find out.

This is why you guys find out about this title chosen for this clip, I guess after filming these clips for more then a year now I was due to get a model who gets turned on by tickling. So yeah, there you have Natacha hates being tickled, but she loves the affection she's getting so it's a love and hate relationship thru out this session. Super sensitive armpits, can't take hard rib tickling, her knees and legs are also sensitive and the lovely Natacha responds with a mix of hard laughter, moans and whining which are all super sexy. The grinding of the bed mixed with the laughs and moans are out of this world.

Feet in the stocks

Honestly Natacha's feet are worth the price of this video even if they weren't ticklish, that's how beautiful they are. They kinda look like Tatianna's (which are awesome) but more perfect…of and they are extremely sensitive and also super responsive to the usual reactions that come out of Natacha's pretty head and her perfect size 9's get some major tickling attention.

I make her go thru all the tools, the brush mixed with the oil gets a ton of screams out of her, you'll see her bite her lip and roll her eyes on a couple of occasion, just amazing to see her reactions.

At the end I make her count to 30, which takes her about 1:15 seconds haha.

Beautiful, HOT as hell, super sensitive, super responsive, turned on…I usually say, if you like that, this clip is for you…but in this case…who doesn't?!

Ole smokes guys…enjoy!

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Download – Desiring ticklish Natacha FULL

LaughsForLife – Blondy Candie Feet Custom and Stand-up tickling FULL

Introducing a new position here at Laughs for life…it will need some modifications as it's not perfect, but none the less it did the trick…arms tied above her head is Candie, in the new STAND-UP position.

The it's setup, it gives candie room to move around but she's still confined to having her arms in the air to a certain degree and she's super easy to chase as it's a small room.

Candie does her usual best to try to hide her reactions, as the tickles are simply too much for her. She's kind of a shy explosive type of a girl and when the tickling over comes her, which is luckily for us most of the time, you get to hear her melodic laugh come out like waterfalls on a tickle fetishist ear.

The next segment of this clip is a few challenges in the foot stocks. Candie plays "this little piggy" and "not laugh challenge". All with awesome results.

The last part is a "tickle me here" challenge, basically, I tickle her where she says I tickle her.

Candie is simply magnificant…enjoy the laughs fellaws.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1440×1080,, 11102 kbps, 29.963 fps
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Download – Blondy Candie Feet Custom and Stand-up tickling FULL

LaughsForLife – BFD Series The Queen vs Kassy – Alyssia UPPER and FEET

In this clip you get to see Alyssia, the Queen, get tickled out of her pretty mind by the new comer Kassy who is quite the tickler and she loves to laugh and tease at her best friend Alyssia.

Enjoy the awesome Alyssia laugh her head off in these 3 super scenes…two upper body and a classic feet clip. Enjoy her super super long soles shake away in the stocks has she fights thru the tickles, poor Alyssia is no match for Kassy's mad tickling…

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1440×1080,, 9376 kbps, 29.963 fps
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Duration: 12:30.392
Size: 850,283 Mb

Download – BFD Series The Queen vs Kassy – Alyssia UPPER and FEET

LaughsForLife – BFD Series Beautiful Russian Vs Tall Amira FEET DUO IN STOCKS

Both girls go thru some upper body tickling, that they inflict themselves to the other and then they bough jump in the stocks together for some cruel foot tickling torture given by me.


Tatianna gives her friend a cruel tickling introduction and she tests her ticklishness with tickles all over her sexy lenky body. Amira is one of those people who just can't believe how much it tickles and reacts by laughing and shaking from time to time…with some stints of embarrassment by her reactions. Then I come in for more cruelness…Amira's favorite words during her ordeal seems to be…" I can't take it"…


Amira is not a very experienced tickler, but it is super sexy to see her move her long nails all over Tatianna's body all while picking up a few laughs and twitches from this cutie. I come in and absolutely destroy Tatianna and has usual…making her sweat every tickle out of her…another crazy run of laughs for this ticklish russian cutie.

Feet in stocks Duo

This entire BFD series is fantastic, but this part is by far the best one. Tatianna has her pretty chunky size 9.5 feet stuck and Amira has her beautiful lenky size 10.5 ebony soles stuck also and both of there pair of feet are gonna go for one hell of a tickle ride. All the tools are used here, Tatianna can't stand the fingers of the brush and Amira has hell to come when the electric toothbrush is used on her sexy long toes.

The feet portion of this clip has 2 different scenes…one is more from the side and then you have my usual shot with feet and face close-up.

These girls we're a blast to tickle together and they bought got more then they expected, the clip ends with a small challenge where I asked the girls to NOT LAUGH while being foot tickled…the loser would get a torturous 30 seconds of intense foot tickling….purchase the clip to see who won and what the loser got…

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1440×1080,, 9040 kbps, 29.963 fps
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Duration: 10:57.285
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Download – BFD Series Beautiful Russian Vs Tall Amira FEET DUO IN STOCKS

LaughsForLife – Magalie did not imagine it would be torture FULL

I have a good friend of mine who's always looking out for new possible tickle victims for this tickling gig and Magalie is one those friends of hers that decided to give it a try.

Every time she sends me a text to tell me about a new ticklish victim, I always ask her the same thing…did you tell her what I do exactly and what to expect. I always get a quick not convinced "yes" answer from her part. Well any who…Magalie show's up for what she thinks will be playful giggles and sweet tickles.

She ends up finding out really quickly that due to her super ticklishness this tickling gig she just signed for won't be as easy has she thought it would.

So with her friends laughing and smiling off camera Magalie goes thru my classic ritual here at L4L…the upper body segment on the bed and then the foot tickling treatment in the stocks.

Poor Magalie spent most of this tickling ordeal surprised, ticklish and in agony all while complaining happily about the entire thing.

Magalie is sure to go for one heck of a tickle ride…she's been contacting me since her first experience, so do expect to see her back at some point 🙂

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1440×1080,, 9361 kbps, 29.963 fps
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Duration: 15:27.113
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Download – Magalie did not imagine it would be torture FULL

LaughsForLife – Candie Feet challenges in stocks

This is magical

Candie plays "this little piggy" and "not laugh challenge". All with awesome results.

The last part is a "tickle me here" challenge, basically, I tickle her where she says I tickle her.

Candie is simply magnificant…enjoy the laughs fellaws.

She spends the entire clip in tickle agony, Candie just can't handle it…

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1440×1080,, 8448 kbps, 29.963 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 130 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 10:14.663
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Download – Candie Feet challenges in stocks