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LudellaHahnsFetish – Teacher Tickling POV Tickling of Stocking Feet & Bare Soles

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Miss Hahn is grading papers after class when POV sneaks in to look at her feet. She's dangling her black pumps revealing her stocking feet, and POV has been dreaming tickling them. Getting closer to them, POV carefully tries to slip her hand inside Ludella's shoe and begin tickling…and once Ludella notices, she tells POV that she LOVES having her feet tickled and played with….both her stocking feet as well as bare. She lets you tickle her feet while she squirms and giggles and laughs in delight. She removes her stockings part way through so you can tickle her bare soles as well. and at the end…she gives you a grade for your tickling skills: A+++++++++! She delights, pointing her wrinkled soles and grinning at you.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 2952 kbps, 24.000 fps
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Download – Teacher Tickling POV Tickling of Stocking Feet & Bare Soles

LudellaHahnsFetish – Poison Ivey and Pengwen’s Revenge! PART TWO Tickling Ivy

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In Part One, Poison Ivey and the Pengwen have teamed up to capture Batgurl and put an end to her! Pengwen's trap works, and they are able to lure Batgurl, gas her, and strap her to a table where a laser will inch closer and closer to her doom. But when Ivey gets full of herself, Pengwen gases her and puts her to sleep. In this clip (PART TWO), Ivey wakes to find herself handcuffed in her own lair. She tries to sweettalk Pengwen, but he pulls out a ballgag to shut her up and she gets feisty again, berating him through the gag. He decides to HUMILIATE her by pulling down her bodysuit to pop her BIG TITS out. He bounces her boobs, DEBOOT her, and TICKLES her PANTYHOSE FEET. How humiliating! A powerful villain being tickled and made to laugh? Of course she's DROOLING because of the ballgag. With drool dripping down her big boobs, he tickles her groin, having spread her legs by using zipties on her ankles. He gropes her breasts some more before he has to go take care of Batgurl. Poison Ivey is left to struggle in her compromised position muffled by her gag.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 1999 kbps, 30.000 fps
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Duration: 11:04.430
Size: 170,811 Mb

Download – Poison Ivey and Pengwen's Revenge! PART TWO Tickling Ivy

LudellaHahnsFetish – Get Tickled! A “Get Smart” Parody: Agent 99 Foot Tickling in Stockings, Bare feet, & Lesbian Foot Worship

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In this "Get Smart" parody video, Agent 99 (played by Ludella) has been captured by an enemy agent while on a mission. The scene starts with her being tied up while asleep. When she starts to wake up, she looks horrified when she realizes she's been tied up. Tara walks in and begins to interrogate her. "Now, what were you doing snooping around my house? You wouldn't be looking for this, would you?" She shows 99 a manila folder marked CLASSIFIED. Of course 99 claims she knows nothing about those documents and just wandered in by accident. "Fine. If you don't want to give me the answers I want, I'll just make sure you can't talk." She gags the agent with a ballgag. Frustrated that she's not getting the answers she wants, Tara decides to take things up a notch.

She'll use foot tickling tactics to try to elicit the response she wants. "Oh no! Please!" 99 tries to beg, though everything she says is now garbled by the ballbag, and in spite of her gagtalk, Tara begins to tickle 99's stocking feet. She laughs wildly, throwing her head back. "Guess someone is very ticklish…" Tara uses her long nails to tickle 99's arches, the balls of her feet, and up to her toes. Ludella wiggles and squirms in her laughter, struggling to get out of her bonds to no avail. Tara then reveals a feather hidden in her dress and begins to use that to tickle the agent all over her soles, which sends her soaring with laughter.

After a while of this, Tara removes the ballgag. "Any answers for me?" To which she gets none, so Tara now has to take it up another notch. She rips one of 99's stockings to reveal her bare foot with cute little toes. "Please no! Not my bare feet!" Tara uses her nails and the feather to tickle one barefoot and the other stocking foot. She slips the feather between Ludella's wiggling toes. Now Ludella/99 can't contain herself. She laughs wildly. Tara then rips the other stocking so that she can tickle both of Ludella's bare soles. She wiggles and giggles in a frenzy while Tara tickles with her nails and the feather. 99 still isn't talking, though sometimes she tries between laughter, still sticking to her story of innocence.

Tara has a thing for feet though, and seeing Ludella's plump little toes wiggling about has turned Tara on. She decides to give 99's piggies a break so she can suck on her delicious feet. She licks her soles and sucks her toes, moaning, and 99 is still working on her ropes, but she begins to get worked up, too. It feels amazing. However, she is on a mission and has a job to do, so she keeps working at the rope on her wrists until she is able to wiggle her hands free, then, with Tara too occupied with her toes to notice, 99 whacks her over the head. Tara's eyes flutter and she's out. "I was in fact after these documents. So, I guess now you have your answers and I have the documents and we both win." She clutches them to her chest, and not wanting to take a chance at Tara waking up, she hops out of the room with her ankles still tied. The camera pans over Tara.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 2970 kbps, 24.000 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 189 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 15:38.812
Size: 353,62 Mb

Download – Get Tickled! A "Get Smart" Parody: Agent 99 Foot Tickling in Stockings, Bare feet, & Lesbian Foot Worship