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MinistryOfTickling – Jade Vs Lisa Tickling Tantrums

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Jade takes on Lisa in a twenty five minute tickling match. Just as the match starts Axa makes an announcement that their is an added cash bonus for the lady who get the most tickling in. Both girls really go for it. No parts are left un-tickled! Jade attempt to dominate Lisa, but Mizz King fights back with her own brand of tickling. Armpits are probed, cleavage is tickled to the point that things nearly shake out of the bikini tops! Lisa gets in trouble as she gets caught off guard by Jade and ends up in a fit of laughter from the tickle torture. Jade too is caught unawares of Lisa's tickling skill sets. Join us and see just what happens during this tickle bout.

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Download – Jade Vs Lisa Tickling Tantrums

MinistryOfTickling – Athena Vs Lisa Tickling Tantrums

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Join us for a thirty minute tickle match between Athena and Lisa King. Having never done tickle and wrestle with Lisa before Athena was not sure what she was letting herself in for. Once the bout begins both ladies find out just how ticklish the other one is. Lisa suffers belly tickling alongside rib, and armpit. Athena does get away unpunished as Lisa probes her with het tickling prowess as scans for those weak spots. Of course if you can pin you opposition down then prolonged tickling is the order of the day. Foot work to drive your opponent nuts is always good. Best part about this bout, it's thirty minutes long so neither girl gets time to recover from the diabolical tickling….

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Download – Athena Vs Lisa Tickling Tantrums

MinistryOfTickling – The Erogknees Zone!

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Temptress Kate has decided that Lisa King needs to be tied and tickled. This is so she can reach the zones that other lers cannot reach. But first we need to tie Lisa up! Well the bondage exposes armpits, cleavage and to tickling. Lisa realizes something is going on, as we've invited her on set in her lingerie! Kate goes a step further and exposes more areas for tickling by trusting up Lisa's ankles.. Armpits are the first area to come under sustained attack. Then Kate announces she is going to give Lisa a good tickling in the erogknees zone! So much tickling is issued that Lisa starts to scream out loud. So Kate gives the signal for the gag. If Lisa's octaves rise once more she will have to wear it. The tickling continues Lisa attempts to avoid giggling on screaming, but fails epically. So the gag is deployed. Lisa know defenceless and unable to scream, is given the full tickling treatment from Kate. Lisa wriggles around that much , that her right breasts begins to slide out of her bra cup! Kate adds one more evil factor. She only goes and makes Lisa hypersensitive from the onslaught. So, yep, Kate uses her nails for tickling! 

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Download – The Erogknees Zone!

MinistryOfTickling – Axa Vs London

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Axa has come down to meet London. They are booked for a no holds barred tickling match. You must make your opponent suffer prolonged tickling, whilst keeping them in a hold. Well both ladies have gone for the bikini look. This of course gives extra areas for the fingers to work over the tickling. London gives away a slight height advantage to Axa. Thing is London looks determined to get the upper hand. Will she succumb to Axa's fiendish tickling fingers. Or will London be able to lock in her own holds and then come forth with her own prolonged tickle torture. Person with the most tickling submissions at the end is the winner. Let the tickling commence.

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Download – Axa Vs London