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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Shoe Fits, Feather Hits

Nyssa is just one of Mistress Emilys many house maids, and theres strict rules to follow here. The number one rule is that the maids are FORBIDDEN to wear shoes, NO SHOES AT ALL! Nyssa understands the rules clearly and would never be caught wearing shoes around Mistress Emily, buuuuutttt….But theres this handsome man who is coming to town to open a shoe company, and Nyssa has noticed him noticing her, so she figured she’d take a chance and try to impress him. She secretly went out and bought a pair of really fancy elegant silver high heels, something she’s never done before, and she spent so much money on them. She’s hidden them in her room and can’t wait til tomorrow when he arrives. Nyssa feels like if she dresses a bit more nice and wears the new heels, maybe he will REALLY notice her and take her away from this horrible maid life.

Unfortunately Mistress Emily found the sparkly high heels in Nyssa’s room and she’s pissed and confronts her lowly maid. Nyssa tres to lie and say she’s bought them for a friend for her birthday, but Emily does not believe her one bit! Emily tells her to get up the stairs into the attic, and Nyssa knows she’s in for it. Emily ties her naughty maid to the chair and starts to interrogate her. She demands that Nyssa admits those are her heels, but Nyssa sticks to her story. Emily places one of the heels on Nyssa’s foot and sure enough, it fits perfectly! Nyssa is in big trouble now, theres no convincing Emily they are not hers! Emily is always armed with this crazy long parrot feather, its how she keeps all her workers in check. Not a single one of them can stand the stroke of a feather on their foot, its pure torture. Emily tickles Nyssa’s feet as she interrogates her more. Emily is so mean with that feather, going up and down Nyssa’s bare soles, and even poking her with the quill part, its much too ticklish for poor Nyssa to stand. When Emily believes the punishment is over, she tells Nyssa that she has to stay in the attic all night and will not be seeing the shoe manager, she will be hidden from him. And Emily also sticks a feather between each of Nyssa’s toes and swears that if Nyssa makes any noise, more punishment will continue, and if she drops a single feather, each feather dropped will equal to an extra night in the attic tied to that chair. Nyssa doesn’t dare make a sound or drop a feather!

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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Payment Or Tickle Torture!!!

Nyssa is the owner of a small Asian restaurant. A few weeks after she opened it she receives several letters from the “Piuma Rossa” (an old Italoamerican mafia chapter) demanding her to pay protection money. She doesn’t take it serious and thinks this is just a stupid joke or something since the money she earns hardly is enough just for herself. Unfortunately she has no Idea that she’ll bring herself in very ticklish situation by ignoring those letters.

When she’s sitting at home working on some commercial flyers on her computer, someone is knocking at her door.

She goes to the door, opens it and a black haired lady asks her if she could do a phone call since her car just broke down.

Nyssa allows her to come in. She closes the door behind her visitor and when she turns around and is overpowered by this visitor and forced to have a conversation.

Nyssa finds herself tied down to her sofa with her feet tied together and pointed out forward.

The gangster lady is standing in front of the sofa. She tells her captive who she is and what she wants. When Nyssa explains her that she hardly can pay any protection money the gangster takes Nyssa’s socks off and raises a large parrot feather.

The gangster tells Nyssa that if she doesn’t want to pay, she will endure the tickle torture of the feather, which is her gags method of torture! Nyssa panics when the feather comes closer and closer to her bare feet.

Nyssa is subjected to horrible Tickle-Torture by the italoamerican Gangster-Lady

The gangster wants her to promise that she’ll make 4 payments daily per month to the “Piuma Rossa”.

The evil lady is a true Master of Tickling. She uses her feather on Nyssa’s beautiful bare soles like a bow on a violin then she switches back to let the feather run all the way up and down from heel to toes and back again.

Nyssa’s cute toes begin to dance when every single one of them gets tickled by the feather. PAYMENT OR TICKLE-TORTURE, the gangster yells at her!

All the begging can’t make the torture stop after several minutes she cracks and promises to pay the protection-money from now.

The gangster gives her a short break only to explain her that she still has to endure some Tickle-Punishment for ignoring all the Letters.

Nyssa begs for mercy but does what her tormentor wants and soon bursts into laughter again.

After several more minutes of Foot-Tickling the Gangster finally stops. Then she duct tapes her captive, tickles her nose for a few seconds and says: Make sure to pay you bills from now

Then she finally leaves the tickle-exhausted and weeping girl alone.

Nyssa struggles with the ropes that tie her beautiful feet down to the sofa and her hands behind her back but the ropes around her upper body do not even allow her to to move her arms. She can only wait for her boyfriend to come home from work and untie her.

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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Operation Schnitzel

Special-Agent Nevers has been comissioned to work in a German company which produces food packets for the German soldiers on the frontline. The underground organization wants to destroy the company to make sure that no more schnitzel, dumplings and not even sauerkraut will be delivered to the frontline. They are sure that the German soldiers will lose their motivation to keep fighting, and maybe even start a rebellion against their crooked leaders.

The German resistance needs photos from inside the company and also a building plan to find out how they can infiltrate it without being discovered.

Agent Nevers is undercover as a Japanese ally who wants to learn more about the way the Germans are cooking their food. With the information she should go back to Japan to build a similiar company because the Japanese soldiers.
The Germans offer her to hire her as a secretary so she’ll have plenty time to get the informations that she needs. When she arrives at the headquarters the owner meets with her in his office to go over her papers which contain all her faked personal datas and also the details of her fake mission.

Everything seems fine and the meeting is over so they decide to have a drink together…one turns into many and she’s blown her cover without even realizing it. He shows her to her room and when she awakes she’s tied to a chair in an interrogation room! The owner comes in and explains to her that she knows that she’s an undercover agent and demand to know who she works for!! Agent Nyssa was prepped for interrogation by her company to never tell and give her their secrets. She refuses to give up any information at all, and thats when he pulls out a long colorful parrot feather. He inches the feather closer to her bare soles which are straight out in front of her and completely vulnerable. Her eyes go wide, she can’t believe what is about to happen, foot tickling is her biggest weakness! He begins to furiously tickle her feet with the feather, all the while she’s screaming and laughing that she won’t tell her anything. The feather goes up and down her naked soles as she struggles to keep her composure. Her laughter and begging doesn’t stop him from continuing this punishment, its his job to get the information from her even if it takes all day and night! Will agent Nyssa give up her information?

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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Tickle Doom

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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Strung Up & Tickled

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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Tickling The Feet Of The Pet

Looks like Nyssa has got herself in a bind…well Monica Jade has her in a bind. Monica has her pet Nyssa all tied up on her bed…arms stretched way above her head to the headboard and her ankles bound over the foot of the bed. She's completely vulnerable to whatever Monica wishes to do to her…in this position, it's obvious what monica has in store for her…feet up and presented to be…TICKLED!!! "What adorable feet you have" she says to Nyssa as she lightly touches her foot. Monica notices how ticklish Nyssa is and this seems to really intrigue her. She starts by tickling Nyssa's bare soles with her long red nails, which drives Nyssa crazy! Nyssa is laughing and trashing around and when Monica gets tired of tickling those bare feet with her nails, she moves on to something even more ticklish…FEATHERS! Monica tickles Nyssa's feet with these feathers and it makes Nyssa go wild. Monica will have no mercy on Nyssa, and tickle those poor soles until she is good and satisfied.

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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – The Piracy Problem

Nyssa know's theres a huge problem with piracy these days and it's only gotten worse.  There's someone who is breaking into producers houses and stealing their hard drives, so Nyssa must do something to protect herself.  Nyssa backs up all of her clips onto 1 hard drive and decides she will leave an empty hard drive plugged into her computer as a decoy.  She goes upstairs and his the important hard drive full of content underneath the guest bedroom.  As she's doing so she hears someone break into her house!  It must be the content pirate! Who else could it be?!?!  She wants to call her boyfriend or police for help but all of the sudden the burglar finds her in the room.  She's forced to put her hands up and is intimidated into following the masked woman's orders and is lead into her studio.  She's now tied up on a long bench, arms behind her, legs straight out and feet up.  The burglar demands to know where the hard drive is, and Nyssa tells her it's on the desk.  However the burglar has already checked that hard drive and knows it's empty.  she demands again "Where is the hard drive!!??"  Nyssa refuses to tell.  But this woman has ways of making her talk, she brings out a long parrot feather.  Nyssa is scared, she knows what that is used for and she's already filmed so many tickle videos today, she can't bear to be tickled anymore!  She struggles to get free but it's impossible especially with this woman tickling her feet like that.  This evil content pirate tickles her with long slow strokes across her soles, and then fast furious one!  She even tickles between each toe and even uses the quill end for under Nyssa's toenails!  So wicked!  Eventually Nyssa can't stand it anymore and she breaks, she tells the burglar that it's under the bed.  Satisfied with how her interrogation goes, she leaves Nyssa tied and goes to find this hard drive.  Unfortunately for the woman, Nyssa's pup hears the commotion and bites her right on the ass.  Without being able to grab the hard drive, the woman is forced to jump out the window and runs through the backyard to escape over the fence.  Nyssa's is so relieved and proud of her pet, but her boyfriend won't be home til later, so she's just going to have to sit tight and tied up until he comes home.

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