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Primal’sTicklegasm – Wonder ChiChi teaches evil Cat Nikki a lesson with TICKLING and FORCED ORGASMS

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Now, the tables have turned because Wonder ChiChi has retrieved her magic lasso and has her nemesis, Cat Nikki, bound with her cat suit pulled down exposing her naked body with the magic lasso tied around her neck. Wonder ChiChi laughs as she says, "You're looking so snug and tight in here, little pussy. I have to explore all of the spots that might be…" But before she finishes her sentence she tickles Cat Nikki's nipple and Cat Nikki lets out a scream of laughter. Wonder ChiChi is delighted to hear this- "My assumptions about you being ticklish are true!" She softly caresses her victim's body with her finger tips, making Cat Nikki squirm, but she assures her that she's only getting started! Cat Nikki responds, "If you know what's good for you, you will stop now." Wonder ChiChi adjusts the magic lasso around Cat Nikki's neck, making it even tighter. She decides it's time to "pet the kitty" as she tickles Cat Nikki's pussy lips and then moves to the soft, sensitive skin under her breast and then over to her armpit. Wonder ChiChi says, "You're laughing so hard, you don't even sound like a kitty anymore." Cat Nikki can't help but to shriek with laughter between threats like, "Get your filthy hands off of me!" Wonder ChiChi informs her that, "The only filthy one here is YOU!" Wonder ChiChi makes her way down to Cat Nikki's highly ticklish thighs and the backs of her knees. Cat Nikki is starting to get desperate from the tickling and claims that it was just a joke. Wonder ChiChi warns her, "No one touches my lasso or tries to use it against me!" Therefore, evil Cat Nikki must pay the price for her crime! Cat Nikki snorts through her laughter and pleads for her captor to stop the tickle torture. Wonder ChiChi discovers what sensitive skin Cat Nikki has, seeing how she already has marks all over her. Since Cat Nikki made a point to dig her finger in Wonder ChiChi's bellybutton previously, Wonder ChiChi makes sure to get her finger nice and deep in Cat Nikki's to tickle her like crazy! Next, Wonder ChiChi attacks Cat Nikki's other armpit without mercy and then on to the backs of her knees again. It wouldn't be a complete tickle torture without some FOOT tickling! And that's exactly what Cat Nikki gets, as she wiggles her toes around and screams how ticklish her feet are. After all of this tickling, Wonder ChiChi isn't done yet…she tells Cat Nikki that there's a reward she can take and Cat Nikki desperately agrees to take it.

Wonder ChiChi pulls out a hitachi and waves it in helpless Cat Nikki's face, teasing her as to where she is going to use it first. She turns it on and begins on Cat Nikki's nipples. This drives her crazy and she begins to moan. Now that Cat Nikki's skin is already so sensitive from all of the previous tickling, the intensity of the hitachi is even more heightened. Wonder ChiChi teasingly alternates back and fourth between Cat Nikki's nipples and her pussy. She soon gets down and spreads Cat Nikki's pussy lips wide open and presses the powerful hitachi against her clit- "way up in there," as Wonder ChiChi says, "Look how you're just gyrating for me!" Nikki is helpless as she is forced to endure the powerful vibrations and she tries to protest, but her effort is futile. As Cat Nikki cums Wonder ChiChi tauntingly tells her, "Give me that kitty squeal!" And Wonder ChiChi continues to use the hitachi on her nemesis. Cat Nikki exclaims she already came but Wonder ChiChi isn't done yet! Cat Nikki begs her to stop, but Wonder ChiChi just responds, "Oh, you're begging me? Can I hear that again…louder?" She begs her not to spread her pussy lips again, and that is exactly what she does- spreads them nice and wide so she can make her cum some more! Cat Nikki wails as she cums again and Wonder ChiChi turns the hitachi even higher! Cat Nikki begs even more for Wonder ChiChi to stop but she grinds it into her pussy making her give one last shriek of a orgasm, causing her to pass out. Wonder ChiChi, satisfied with her work, gives the magic lasso one last tightening pull around Cat Nikki's neck to keep her there and says, "I'll be back for her."

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Download – Wonder ChiChi teaches evil Cat Nikki a lesson with TICKLING and FORCED ORGASMS

Primal’sTicklegasm – Charlotte proves she wants to be promoted Forced Orgasms and Tickling

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It's the end of the night and cocktail waitresses, Charlotte and Taylor, are cleaning up and they are exhausted. They tell the bartender, Kenna, that they are tired of cock-tailing and want to try something new. Kenna gives it some thought and tells them that she could use a bar-back. But, she doesn't know who to pick since both girls are pretty good workers. The girls are excited to hear this and suggest that they have a competition. Kenna thinks that is a great idea and knows exactly what she wants to do! She tells the girls of wait while she prepares…

The first girl to be tested is the sexy Charlotte. She is naked, with her arms and legs tied up to the bar stools. She says that she doesn't know about this but Kenna tells her that it's too late to change her mind. First, Kenna tells Taylor to start testing Charlotte's ticklish spots. It turns out that Charlotte is ridiculously ticklish and she immediately begins to panic and flinch when Taylor teases her neck, armpits, stomach, ribs and hips. Kenna says, "Well, now we know she's ticklish, so you should just go for it!" Charlotte bursts with laughter and starts violently flailing around. So much so that she knocks over the bar stool that her ankles are tied it. She says, "Oh my god, I'm gonna cry! My abs hurt from laughing so much!" Taylor decides to start tickling her knees and behind them and they are just as ticklish as the rest of her body. When she goes back up to her hip bones, Charlotte gets even more crazy and screams, "That's the worst spot!" Taylor laughs and says, "It seems like every spot is the worst spot!" Charlotte continues to laugh and wiggle around and yells, "Oh my god! I can't even stop you from tickling me because I'm tied up! My endorphins have kicked in!" At this point, Kenna tells Taylor to go harder. Charlotte endures this tickle torture because she REALLY wants to be a bar-back. Once Charlotte is sweating and exhausted, Kenna confesses that she was "a tad bit misleading" about this test…there is a second part!

Kenna comes back holding a hitachi and tells Charlotte that Taylor is going to make her cum until she can't take it anymore. Charlotte is excited and is positive that she is going to take these forced orgasms for a long time. Taylor turns the hitachi and and presses it against Charlotte's exposed pussy. Charlotte already loves it and says, "It feels so good! I'm quivering." It doesn't take her very long when she says, "Oh my god, it's right on my clit. I'm going to cum already! Oh yes!" After her first intense orgasm, she flinches and tries to close her legs, but Taylor turns the hitachi power higher and forces Charlotte to keep taking it. Charlotte exclaims, "You're SO not fair! You're such a torturous person!" Taylor doesn't care, as she continues to press the hitachi against Charlotte's clit. Charlotte says, "It's so sensitive, I have a head rush. It feels so good!" She lays back and has another orgasm as she moans and grabs her full, natural breasts. After this orgasm, she wiggles around and begs Taylor to turn the hitachi down. Taylor turns it down, but doesn't stop using it on Charlotte. She is determined to make Charlotte cum AGAIN! As Charlotte has another screaming orgasm, she yells, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" It looks like Charlotte is exhausted after all of this tickling and forced orgasm action!

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Download – Charlotte proves she wants to be promoted Forced Orgasms and Tickling

Primal’sTicklegasm – Therapist uses FOOT tickling on stepsisters PART ONE

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New stepsisters, Jade and Piper, are having a hard time adjusting to their parents being married and they can't stand each other! They argue all of the time and Piper complains that Jade steals her clothes. Now their parents have sent them to see therapist Kenna, who is known for her effective treatment techniques. In order for these two girls to start getting along and reach a deeper connection they are going to have to do what Kenna instructs them to do. Kenna decides that Piper will receive this tickle therapy first. Piper doesn't understand why she has to be naked for this, but she goes with it. Kenna tells Jade to straddle her stepsister so she can't go anywhere and start tickling her. Jade goes down and starts on Piper's tiny, size 5 feet. Piper is very ticklish and lets out huge laughs that show off her cute braces. This foot tickling is so intense for little Piper, between Jade's nail raking on her soft feet, she screams, "C'mon, that's enough!" Hopefully, this tickle therapy will bond these new stepsisters!

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Download – Therapist uses FOOT tickling on stepsisters PART ONE

Primal’sTicklegasm – Sofia’s payback on her slut boss, Nikki

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Now, since Sofia knows that Nikki is a corporate whore, she has Nikki tied up to her office chair- helpless! Sofia isn't going to let Nikki control her and make her into a corporate whore, too. Naturally, Nikki tries to flirt with Sofia and bribe her with sexual favors, but Sofia isn't having it. Before Nikki even finishes her sentence, Sofia digs right into Nikki's ribs and stomach. Immediately, Nikki starts to scream and says things like, "I'll stop being such a whore!" and "I'll give you a raise!" The slut even starts begging, "Please, please, please!" and "No, no, no!" Sofia knows that Nikki is lying and shows absolutely no mercy on her as she continues to tickle her neck, ribs, stomach and especially her sensitive thighs. Between Nikki's pleas for Sofia to stop, her bribery, and laughter- she even lets out a few snorts from laughter.

Sofia decides that it's time to make her way down to Nikki's feet and Nikki can't stop squirming and wiggling around. Sofia tells Nikki that she likes how she wiggles her toes. Nikki keeps begging Sofia to stop and tells her that she is getting goosebumps from the foot teasing and tickling. Sofia loves to hear this and makes sure to get her fingers in between her toes. Nikki, being the slut that she is, can't help herself but to offer sex to Sofia again, but she should know that this isn't going to work. So she just continues to beg for mercy. Sofia seems to have a brief moment of sympathy for her subject, but has a quick change of heart and continues with her tickle torture. Finally, Sofia decides that Nikki has had enough and just leaves her slut boss ties up to her office chair.

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Download – Sofia's payback on her slut boss, Nikki

Primal’sTicklegasm – Boss Nikki punishes Sofia for NOT being an office slut

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The boss, Nikki, is pissed because her employee, Sofia, didn't get a stack of paper work in on time. Therefore, if Sofia wants to keep her job, she has to pay the price…endure Nikki's tickle torture. Poor Sofia pleads, "please, please, please" over and over but Nikki has absolutely no sympathy for her begging as she digs hard into Sofia's armpits and ribs. Sofia has long, beautiful hair that covers her sensitive neck and Nikki lifts it to get her fingers into it. Nikki tells Sofia that unless she wants to keep her job, she is going to have to endure this tickle session. Truth be told, Nikki wants Sofia to be an office slut just like her. In addition to Sofia being forced to handle this tickling, she is also being forced to dress slutty, like Nikki. Sofia begs Nikki to stop tickling her but Nikki tells her that unless she takes this tickle session, she will have to endure this every day during her lunch break. Sofia promises that she'll meet all of the deadlines from now on and dress like a slut, too. This isn't good enough for Nikki as she makes her way down to Sofia's feet and uses her hair clip to rake her soles, driving Sofia even more crazy! When Nikki feels like she has finally proven her point, she leaves to go get Sofia one of her slutty outfits to wear at the office.

\Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 3026 kbps, 30.000 fps
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Duration: 10:33.599
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Download – Boss Nikki punishes Sofia for NOT being an office slut

Primal’sTicklegasm – Ashton tickles her boss to secure job security

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Ashton walks into her boss, Indica's, office to confront her about an earlier threat of firing her because she is pregnant. Well, Ashton spoke to the HR department and discovered that being fired for having a baby is illegal. Indica tries to defend herself and explains that she can fire her for not being there. Ashton tells her, "It's called maternity leave for a reason!" Indica knows very well that Ashton is right and she wants to know what they are going to do about this situation. Ashton has two choices- she can either report her bitch boss OR she can do something that she has wanted to do for a VERY long time.

Ashton has Indica tied to a chair with her hands bound behind her back and her ankles tied together. Indica is dreading what is coming next as Ashton teases her by running her finger tips along her neck. Indica pleads, "Don't do this! I have chills everywhere. Your hands are SO cold!" Ashton is already loving her new position of power and tells Indica, "This is going to be so much fun!" Ashton makes her way down to Indica's armpits and ribs, making Indica squeal and wiggle with laughter. Ashton keeps mockingly asking her victim, "Does that tickle? Does that tickle?" Indica responds, "You're torturing me! You're so mean!" Based on Indica's laughter and thrashing around, Ashton insists that she must be having fun! Ashton works he way down to Indica's black, nylon covered thighs and knees. Indica continues to laugh and throw her head back and fourth, so Ashton offers to give her a little break as she walks around behind Indica, when she attacks her armpits without mercy- "Just kidding!" There is no break here. Indica tells Ashton that she doesn't have to do this but Ashton responds. "I DO have to do this. This is payback for all of the bitchiness I've had to endure over the years. Maybe all of this laughing will actually make you happy for a change!"

Next, Ashton decides that it is time to go down and tackle Indica's bound, nylon covered feet and toes. Ashton slowly runs her finger tips along Indica's soles as Indica squirms around, knowing that it's only going to get worse…and it does as Ashton grabs Indica's toes and bends them back to really get her finger nails into the soles. This is super intense as Indica laughs and throws her head back and fourth. Ashton begins to tickle her toes and Indica yells, "Not my toes!" and tries to curl them to prevent Ashton's fingers from getting in there, but it doesn't work. Ashton tells Indica, "This is so much fun! Isn't it so much fun? I don't want to stop. I love doing this. I just love it SO much!" She continue to tease and tickle Indica's feet and Indica insists that she and Ashton can be friends from now on if she stops this tickle torture. When Ashton finally decides that she is done, she gets up to leave when Indica says, "Wait! You're not going to leave me here like this?" Ashton just responds, "I'm too pregnant to untie you." And she leaves her boss tied up.

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Download – Ashton tickles her boss to secure job security

Primal’sTicklegasm – Spoiled school girl, Halle, punishes Nikki with FOOT TICKLING

scr (13) scr (14) scr (15)Video: MPEG-4 Video, 1280×720,, 4155 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Download – Spoiled school girl, Halle, punishes Nikki with FOOT TICKLING

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