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Primal’sTicklegasm – Sofia receives tickle therapy from Nikki

The very beautiful, Sofia, called Nikki's office to set up an emergency therapy appointment because she has been dealing with a really bad breakup lately. Nikki, being the skilled therapist that she is, decides to use one of her most effective techniques to relax Sofia and help her cope through this difficult time in her life- tickle therapy. Nikki begins by talking Sofia through relaxational imagery, causing her to relax into a deeper and deeper mesmerized state. Once Sofia's mind is completely clear, Nikki decides that it is time for the second part of the therapy. Nikki ties Sofia down to the therapist's chair and slowly begins the tickling process. As Nikki tickles Sofia, Sofia starts to slip out of her mesmerized state, but she can't go anywhere! Sofia does a lot of laughing, giggling and squirming, which as Nikki explains- is exactly what she needs…"Laughter does give you more years!" Sofia just keeps squirming and laughing as Nikki tickles her neck, armpits, ribs, hips, thighs…basically, all of the sweet spots! She has made Sofia so sensitive that Sofia starts to giggle even before Nikki gets her fingers on her.

After Nikki works over Sofia's body, she thinks it is time for Sofia to kick up her feet, only, not for the typical relaxational purposes in this case! Nikki puts Sofia's bound ankles up on a stool and starts to tease and tickle her pretty, soft feet and toes. This causes Sofia to jerk back and fourth and swing her long dark hair around as she has uncontrollable laughter. Nikki tickles the very tips of Sofia's toes and works her finger between each and every one, too! Nikki does a VERY thorough foot tickling to wrap of Sofia's tickle therapy session.

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Download – Sofia receives tickle therapy from Nikki

Primal’sTicklegasm – Cheerleader initiation THREE- TICKLE ONLY

It's that time again- a new season and a new cheer squad! Coach Kenna has the best technique to determine which girls really want to be part of her exclusive team. This season Ashlynn, Cadence, and Marina are eager to be part of the squad and are willing to do anything!

The first potential cheerleader to be tested is Ashlynn and Coach Kenna orders the other two girls to strip her completely naked. Ashlynn finds herself naked, on the floor with her legs bound in a spreader bar as Kenna holds her hands above her head while Cadence and Marina are on either side of her- ready to dig in. Once Coach Kenna gives the order, the girls put their fingers into motion and begin tickling Ashlynn as she lets out screams from her beautiful lips and squirms like crazy. These girls have no mercy as they dig into her armpits, ribs and hips. Kenna makes sure that the girls know how badly Ashlynn wants to be on the squad so they take it to heart. They don't stop at her torso and legs, they make sure to attack her feet with their nails against her soles, arches and toes. This is the icing on the cake before Ashlynn screams mercy!

Next up is the beautiful, tall, blonde, Cadence. It's her turn to be stripped naked with her legs bound in the spreader bar. Since Cadence is incredibly ticklish, this is extreme tickle torture for her but she wants it bad enough to endure such torture! Ashlynn and Marina go to town digging their perfectly manicured fingers into all of Cadence's sweet spots. They pay special attention to spreading her legs further and tickling deep into her groin and she goes nuts! Of course, the girls can't forget to show her smooth feet special attention as they rake their nails along the length of her soles…sending her into a squirming and giggle frenzy. Both girls have to straddle her legs to keep her from moving so much. You can see her curling her toes because it tickles so much.

Last but not least is Marina and WOW is she a handful! Since she's the last girl up, she playfully tells the other girls that they don't have to be so hard on her, but they are more than ready to get their revenge on her and return the favor of tickle torture and forced orgasms. Coach Kenna has to really hold her arms down because she is so wild while they tickle her and the girls have to straddle her legs because she flails about so much! Marina screams, bucks, curls her toes and begs the girls to stop but they don't listen. Marina screams mercy but Kenna thinks it's too soon and if she wants to be one the team, then she has to prove that she's willing to endure this tickle torture. When the girls begin to tickle her again, she bucks her head back hard into Kenna's chest! This gets really intense and Marina even uses the a bad word! Now the tickle torture gets more intense. Marina gets so wild that even Cadence says how she can't be tamed.

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Download – Cheerleader initiation THREE- TICKLE ONLY

Primal’sTicklegasm – Ashton ambushes Indica in her sleep

Indica is sound asleep on the couch when her pregnant roommate, Ashton, tiptoes in to see how deeply she is really sleeping. After Ashton tries to wake her up with no success, Ashton makes sure nobody is around before she gives Indica a rude awakening! Indica wakes up to find her hands tied above her head and her ankles ties to the legs of the couch. It's time for Ashton's fingers to work their tickle magic. Indica tries to wiggle away from Ashton's tickling but she can't go anywhere. Indica squirms and bursts out laughing as Ashton digs her fingers in her ribs and armpits. Ashton doesn't neglect Indica's knees and thighs either. Indica doesn't know why Ashton is doing this to her so she promises to clean around the house more and begs Ashton to stop…but that doesn't work!

Just when poor Indica thinks Ashton is done working over her body with her merciless tickling, Ashton moves down to Indica's tied up feet. It's time for her to endure extreme foot tickling and Ashton shows no mercy! Ashton starts off with slow, nail rakes but she quickly progresses to harder nail digging and raking along Indica's ticklish soles. This assault on Indica's ticklish feet drives her crazy! Ashton is loving every second of this and says that it's just like playing the guitar as she holds Indica's toes and pretends that Indica's foot is a guitar, but Indica doesn't think this is what playing the guitar feels like!

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Download – Ashton ambushes Indica in her sleep

Primal’sTicklegasm – Alexis and Kenna help bored, bratty Lilli with Tickling and Forced Orgasms

Kenna is babysitting sisters, Alexis and Lilli, when Lilli complains that the documentary they are watching is boring and that Kenna and Alexis are lame. Well, Kenna knows exactly what will make Lilli no longer bored! They have Lilli naked and tied down to the recliner and they start to slowly tease her with their nails running along the skin on her neck and chest. Lilli starts to squirm and giggle and calls her sister and Kenna mean! But they are just giving her what she asked for…kind of. As they start tickling Lilli more intensely, she wiggles even more and Alexis complains that she is moving too much, but Kenna instructs Alexis to "chase her!" They show Lilli no mercy with all of this tickling on her armpits, ribs, stomach and hips. Lilli flails around laughing but they don't stop, in fact, they move down to her thighs. After Lilli calls them evil and seems to have had enough tickling, Kenna decides that it's time to attack her tied up, helpless feet!

Kenna and Alexis start by teasing Lilli's soles with their nails but after she makes some sassy comments, Kenna tells Alexis to go harder and rake their nails deeper into Lilli's soles and in between her toes! Lilli can barely handle this intense feet tickling as she thrashes back and fourth, unable to escape this extreme tickling.

Just when the girls think Lilli has had enough, Kenna thinks that since their parents aren't home yet, there's no reason that they can't have a little more fun with the tied up, helpless brat. Kenna tells her, "we'll show you a good time." Now, Kenna has her handy hitachi vibrating against Lilli's bare pussy as she jerks around against the intensity of it. While Lilli has the hitachi against her pussy, Alexis and Kenna play with her hard nipples. After Lilli has a couple of intense orgasms, Alexis is loving getting back at her bratty sister and tells her, "don't think we're done though…give her another one!" So, Kenna turns the hitachi even higher and watches as Lilli squirms around…good thing she's tied up so she can't escape. Lilli yells at the girls because they are so mean, but they show her what mean really is. Lilli says that she can't take anymore but the girls want her to experience pain and pleasure…who's bored now? Not Lilli!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 2983 kbps, 30.000 fps
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Duration: 22:37.465
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Download – Alexis and Kenna help bored, bratty Lilli with Tickling and Forced Orgasms

Primal’sTicklegasm – Officer Jade makes Anya confess with tickling and forced orgasms

scr-38 scr-39 scr-40Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 720×480,, 686 kbps, 30.000 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 128 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 26:27.600
Size: 154,07 Mb

Download – Officer Jade makes Anya confess with tickling and forced orgasms

Primal’sTicklegasm – Kenna helps Kimmy get over a guy with Tickling and Forced Orgasm

scr-37 scr-38 scr-39Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 720×480,, 478 kbps, 30.000 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 128 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 26:56.533
Size: 116,791 Mb

Download – Kenna helps Kimmy get over a guy with Tickling and Forced Orgasm

Primal’sTicklegasm – FULL Nurse Initiation- Testing Tickle and Forced Orgasm Thresholds

scr-47 scr-48 scr-49Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 2981 kbps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 128 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 53:27.663
Size: 1 188,96 Mb

Download – FULL Nurse Initiation- Testing Tickle and Forced Orgasm Thresholds

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