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RandomSoleEncounters – Sweet Sarah’s Tickle Test – Fetish Newbie Gives It A Try!

Sarah is an aspiring model (23-years-old, 5’5″, size 8’s) that I’ve worked with a few times helping to build her modeling portfolio. She’s extremely sweet and open minded.

When I asked Sarah if she’d be interested in fetish modeling she was very interested in giving it a try. Sarah has heard of foot fetishes before, she told me she get’s messages from guys online asking to see her feet all the time, but she has no experience with fetishes other then that.

She had never heard of a tickling fetish before but told me that she was “somewhat ticklish” and that her boyfriend tickles her sometimes. Sarah has only ever been tickled by fingers and never restrained or “tickle tortured”.

After she told me that she was “somewhat ticklish” I decided that I would do a tickle test with her just to make sure she was in fact ticklish and to give her an idea of what a fetish shoot is all about.

Sarah showed up to the shoot after her morning workout. Little did she know she’d be getting some extra cardio in today! She is locked into the stocks wearing her sneakers. I take them off and she is wearing black socks. I start off tickling her in socks and her initial reactions are a good sign.

Once I take her socks off I try out a feather, Sarah was skeptical and didn’t think a feather would tickle her at all. But she is very surprised once I use the feather between her toes. Turns out she is feather ticklish!

I use feathers, fingers, oiled up soles (Sarah didn’t understand how oil would make her more ticklish….but she finds out), two different hairbrushes and the electric flosser.

Sarah is much, much more ticklish then she thought. The hairbrushes really get to her. I give her a good introduction to foot tickle torture and leave her exhausted. Sarah is very interested in doing more shoots but she has no idea how intense the tickling is going to get!

Stay tuned!!!!

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Download – Sweet Sarah’s Tickle Test – Fetish Newbie Gives It A Try!

RandomSoleEncounters – Randie’s Ticklish Workout

Randie replies to an ad to test out some brand new, innovative, workout equipment. She’s really into fitness and always looking for new ways to exercise and thought this would be really fun. She arrives in her workout gear and ready to break a sweat.

She has her ankles strapped securely into the “workout machine” but doesn’t quite understand how this is going to be a good workout. Once her ankles are secured, her sneakers are removed then her white socks. Randie is even more confused at this point. Then the workout begins….

The inventor of this innovative new workout applies oils to her soles and reassures her it’s all part of the workout and she’ll see it’s benefits soon enough. With that he begins to use a hairbrush on poor Randie’s soles that send her into immediate laughter. Her heart beings to race and she breaks into a sweat as the hairbrush glides up and down her tender soles.

The inventor of this devious exercise routine uses two different brushes, fingers and an electric flosser to improve Randie’s cardio! He makes sure to give her the workout of her life until Randie begs for him to stop!!!!

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Download – Randie’s Ticklish Workout

RandomSoleEncounters – PRIVATE STASH #4 Luna Gets Tickle Tricked on Vacation – Don’t Laugh and I’ll Stop

Another clip from my private stash for all of you to enjoy. Luna and I were on vacation, part of the agreement was no tickling during the vacation! But what’s a true vacation without some tickle torture mixed in, right?

I try to trick Luna into the stocks by telling her I booked a shoot with another model and I need her to help me set up. But Luna isn’t really falling, she knows me too well. She’s suspicious throughout my entire charade.

I get her into the stocks and she already has it figured out. So I just get right down to it and start to tickle her feet. For those that don’t know, Luna’s feet are off the charts ticklish! She laughs so loud that we actually had a call from the front desk about the noise! Fingers, hairbrush and electric flosser are used to drive Luna nuts.

I play a game with Luna, if she doesn’t laugh then I’ll get bored and stop tickling her. How does she do? Not well, she tries to hold in her laughter as best as she can but it only makes he laugh louder!

Never intended to release this clip but Luna and my “private stash” clips are always popular so here you go guys!

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Download – PRIVATE STASH #4 Luna Gets Tickle Tricked on Vacation – Don’t Laugh and I’ll Stop

RandomSoleEncounters – Chef Hannah Goes Bananas! – Long Foot Tickling, Driven to Hysterics!

We shot this the same night, well morning (5am!) of Hannah’s first tickle clip: Hannah’s 1st clip. When my girlfriend (Bree) got home I told her about how Hannah lost her bet and that she was taking us out for the night on her dime. We ended up having a pretty fun night and didn’t get home until early morning.
When we got back home, I thanked Hannah for losing her bet and paying for our night out.

When Bree found out that Hannah couldn’t even take 10 minutes of foot tickling she couldn’t believe it.

“I thought you were tougher then that, I can take more then that!” She told Hannah.

When I told Hannah that Bree lasted over 15 minutes:(Bree’s Clip Here) She said that now that she knows what to expect now and she could do over 15 minutes easily.

“No way! 15 minutes is a long time!” Bree said.

“I could do it, it wasn’t THAT ticklish!” Hannah said.

It’s almost as if she forgot how ticklish she was. But being buzzed will do that to you, it will also lead you to make bad decisions, like agreeing to be tickled again, which is exactly what happened to Hannah.

A simple “Prove it.” from me was all it took and Hannah was back in the stocks to prove a point. I love proud, stubborn women.

This time I didn’t take it easy on her AT ALL! I decided to tie her toes and when I start to do it she laughs just from the fabric rubbing between her toes! That was the sign that she was in for it!

I try a new tickle technique where I rub the toe-ties back and forth between her toes, almost like toe-flossing, and she can’t take it. That’s just the start of this tickle session. I really work Hannah over good and send her into hysterics (and snorts) with all the usual techniques.

You can see her looking over to Bree, who was watching with delight, from time to time. Hannah even flips her the bird at one point because Bree was enjoying her torment a little too much.

Lots of behind-the-scenes/candid type stuff included.

This will most-likely be the last shoot with Hannah. A nice long tickle torture clip!  So enjoy her ticklish torment!

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Download – Chef Hannah Goes Bananas! – Long Foot Tickling, Driven to Hysterics!

RandomSoleEncounters – Tickling The Neighbor’s Daughter – Morgan Needs Money!

18-year-old Morgan just graduated high school in June and thought she could just freeload while living at home. Unfortunately for her, Morgan’s parents told her that if she’s going to stay at home she has to start paying her own bills. This is a problem for Morgan because she loves to spend money but hates to earn it.

I’m friendly with her family; they always watch my doggo when I’m traveling and I’ve shot family photos, I even did Morgan’s senior photos for no charge.

Morgan asked me if I had any work for her, she suggested being my assistant at photo shoots even though she has no experience. She was just fired from her fast-food job for not showing up on time and had car payments coming up. She hadn’t told her parents she was fired so was desperate to pull in some cash until she found another job to avoid their wrath.

Morgan didn’t know anything about my fetish videos. She thought I just did mainstream work. So, I had a bit of a dilemma, do I make the offer for her to grab some quick cash but risk getting a bad reaction from her?

I decided to make her the offer without mentioning the word “fetish” which is always a good approach. Like in the past, I sold it to her as a fun and goofy challenge. It turns out Morgan really needed some cash and was more than ready to be tickled for it. She did tell me that she was ticklish but hadn’t been tickled in a long, long, time.

She needed the money ASAP so I suggested that we shoot right then. She was all for it! We went to my home studio and I set up a small table and broke out my ankle stocks. The surprising thing is Morgan didn’t even flinch at the site of them, most models react when first seeing them.

The clip starts off with Morgan locked in the stocks and saying “I thought I’d just have to call someone and beg them for money.” referring to her need for cash before accepting my offer. As I get everything ready, she continues to tell me about her money problems.

I take off her flip-flops one by one as she just keeps talking. It’s almost as if she doesn’t notice. I then start with a feather on her which I find out is effective between her toes! I use all the usual tools; feathers, fingers, hairbrush, oiled up soles & the electric flosser.

Morgan definitely has some ticklish hot spots on her feet that really get her going. I really take my time trying out different tools and techniques on her soft soles. Towards the middle of the video it appears that the ticklishness may have worn off. I was about to call an end to the shoot at this point but I decided to push forward and try something I hadn’t….

The quill end of the feather! And JACKPOT! This really sends Morgan into laughter, I even get her to say “I can’t” and tell me she’s going to cry! Using this tool seems to bring back all her ticklishness and I find even more spots on her feet and really get her going.

This was a fun shoot with a very amateur barely legal model.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 15514 kbps

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Duration: 14:33.707

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Download – Tickling The Neighbor’s Daughter – Morgan Needs Money!

RandomSoleEncounters – Public Tickling Project #7 – Britney’s Ticklish 10’s – SPONTANEOUS SHOOT FOOT MODELING & TICKLING

I’ve been on quite the losing streak with public tickling as of late, lots of getting turned down! But, I keep on trying! I had some free time so I headed over to my old campus and met Britney as she was waiting for her lyft to arrive. She was sitting all alone staring at her phone when I casually approached her and struck up a conversation, Britney was extremely friendly which is always a good sign.

I decided to get right to business because I had no idea when her car would arrive. I asked if she would do a quick modeling shoot with me and she said “Sure, sounds like fun!” without any hesitation. It was that easy!

Britney is 20 years old, 5’6″ and wears a size 9.5 – 10 shoe…pretty big feet for her height. She starts off in flats before I have her take them off and show her silky smooth soles! You never know what you’re going to get when you do these spontaneous shoots but we got lucky with Britney’s big feet.

I get her to talk about her feet and do some foot modeling to start. She talks about if anyone has ever complimented her feet, if she’s heard of foot fetishes and if she’s ticklish.

She tells me that her feet are very ticklish and that she hasn’t been tickled in years. She doesn’t let anyone near her feet because she is so ticklish. That got me very excited to tickle test her and luckily she was cool with it!

I start off with fingers and get some good giggles…I then use my electric flosser I brought with me, she reacts stronger to fingers then the flosser. Finally, I try one more time with fingers, this time really going for it and we get the best laughs from her yet! I didn’t want to stop tickling her!

I get her to talk about how being tickled by a stranger was for her to finish up the clip. It’s finding models like Britney that motivate me to keep asking! Enjoy!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 15320 kbps

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Duration: 5:49.516

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Download – Public Tickling Project #7 – Britney’s Ticklish 10’s – SPONTANEOUS SHOOT FOOT MODELING & TICKLING

RandomSoleEncounters – Pro Ballerina’s First Time Tickle Tortured!

This took place right after Anne-Marie’s foot modeling shoot (check out the full story of how we met in that clip description).

Anne-Marie told me foot modeling was “fun and interesting.” and that it made her appreciate her feet. She seemed comfortable so I decided to go ahead and ask if she’d do a tickling shoot (not as direct as that). I told her I do a lot of “fun and interesting” shoots involving feet.

“Like what?” she asked.

“Well, one involves tickling feet, it’s a bit strange but that’s kinda the point…something different.” I said.

“Tickling? How does that work?” she asked

That’s all I needed…

I Anne-Marie that I would show her how I do a tickling shoot and if she felt uncomfortable at any point we would stop. I wasn’t sure if being so direct would work with her but luckily it did and Anne-Marie was intrigued enough to give it a try.

The clip starts with Anne-Marie locked in the stocks. She looks a bit nervous, not sure exactly what to expect. She tells me she is “kind of ticklish”. I figured her high arches would be very ticklish but it turns out it’s her toes that are the hot spot!

I use a feather, fingers, oiled soles, hairbrush and the electric flosser. The hairbrush on oiled soles seems to work the best with the electric flosser a close second. It’s fun watching Anne-Marie’s genuine reactions to being tickled. The way her face flinches and she jumps, then laughs at each new sensation. She was very fun to tickle!

Not sure if she’s going to come back for a second round so enjoy this amazing ballerina!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 15436 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 384 kbps

Duration: 10:36.636

Size: 1 200,682 Mb

Download – Pro Ballerina’s First Time Tickle Tortured!