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RoseFetishGarden – Tickled by Bella Ink

I Rose Holland is strapped down to the massage table face down with my big toes tied together naked with a metal table in front of me full of various tickle toys. Mistress Bella Ink informs me that she will no longer be giving me the massage she lured me in with and that I was going to be her tickle slave. She is merciless and her long beautiful nails work wonders on my sensitive skin. She also has fun using various tickle tools on me as well Bella has me screaming and howling with laughter. Will she let me go? Buy the clip to find out. Enjoy!

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Duration: 15:27.601

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Download – Tickled by Bella Ink

RoseFetishGarden – TENs Unit Feet Tickling!

I had told Libertine that I was really wanting my feet tickled and he said he’d love too. Libertine put me in a chair, cuffed my wrist to the arm rests, propped my feet on a foot rest, and blindfolded me. I hadn’t noticed the ErosTek TENs Unit when he got me setup to be tickled. Libertine takes off my shoes and proceeds to tickle me feet. He then randomly picks up my feet and puts something strange under them. Then I feel what I believe are TENs pads being put on on my feet. I am shocked, confused, and asks him what is he doing because I just wanted my feet tickled. He assures me that my feet will definitely get tickled. Libertine tells me he has put TENs pad on my feet and my feet are resting on aluminum foil, so the electrical current will focus only on the area where he placed the pads. He put the pads on one of the most sensitive parts of my feet by the way. It tickles like crazy and Libertine has fun watching plus taunting me. He also randomly throws in some tickles with his fingers. Enjoy! If you’d ever like to commission a custom with us shoot me a message. No one knows how to tickle me better then my husband.

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Duration: 15:43.611

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Download – TENs Unit Feet Tickling!

RoseFetishGarden – Ms Evans is Admitted to the Asylum!

Nurse Rose has a lovely new patient at her humble asylum to give her unique special treatment to. Kody Evan’s family has paid Ms. Evans off to the asylum because she was having horrible night terrors that would wake everyone up in the middle of night due to her screaming when she would randomly wake up. This is her first treatment and as we all know by now my asylum has a fun way to treat our patients. We treat them with extreme tickle torture three times a day morning, afternoon, and night and I nurse Rose especially love to target feet because they are so sensitive. Ms. Evans has been put in a straitjacket, is strapped down sitting up to my medical table, and her feet are secured in my foot press. Ms. Evans is driven mad with laughter, claims over and over she is not crazy, and begs to be let go. Her pleading and begging fall on deaf ears and I relish tickling her delectable feet that are completely immobile. I also make sure to blindfold her to heighten the effect of my tickling. I use my fingers and various toys to tickle her feet plus half-way through I also apply baby oil to make them more sensitive. Will Kody Evans be the first patient to break free and when will nurse Rose get a taste of her own medicine!? Buy the clip to find out and this clip was a custom commission, so if you’d like to request your own email me. Also Kody Evans lives in the same state and visits my area every so often.

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Duration: 16:34.629

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Download – Ms Evans is Admitted to the Asylum!

RoseFetishGarden – Evil Nurse Rose has a New Patient! Kim Chi!

Nurse Rose was giddy as a school girl because today she was going to give Kim Chi a new patient her first round of treatment. Ms. Chi’s family paid the hefty sum to have Ms. Chi acquitted into her insane asylum. Nurse Rose had prior to the payment explained that the treatment at this facility was different from other asylum’s and that they had a more hands on approach. When she asked them if Ms. Chi was ticklish, she became very excited when they answered she was extremely ticklish and didn’t like being tickled. Rose couldn’t wait to get her hands and toys on Ms. Chi. Ms. Chi is wearing just a straitjacket and she is strapped down to the medical table with her feet in the foot press. Nurse Rose always has a bit of a learning curve with her first time patients. The foot press was unable to hold her feet, but that just made nurse Rose want to tickle them even more intensely. Then halfway through Ms. Chi manages to slip out of her straps, so Rose straps her down tighter. Will Ms. Chi be the first patient to ever break free? Will nurse Rose ever get a taste of her own medicine?

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Duration: 11:55.443

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Download – Evil Nurse Rose has a New Patient! Kim Chi!

RoseFetishGarden – Bella Ink is Ready to be Cured!

Bella Ink is wearing pink leggings, socks, sneakers, and a black top in this clip. The clip begins with Ms. Ink in her cell, on a chair, hands tied behind her back, and she has her right foot tied under her left thigh. Ms. Ink is pleasing for someone’s help, quietly not yelling, she is very submissive and scared. Nurse Rose comes in to tell her that her friends admitted her to her lovely asylum because she was insane. Ms. Ink says shes been acting strange and wants help. Nurse Rose is happy to hear this and tells her she has unusual methods to make her patients feel better. Rose tells her in order to ever have a chance of getting out she’ll have to endure some intense tickle torture. Ms. Ink pleads and begs, but of course it falls on deaf ears. Rose quickly removes a shoe to test out her sensitivity and then slowly removes a sock. Rose comments that they’ll have a lot of fun together. Fast forward to her first treatment Ms. Ink is on the medical table, face down, hands tied behind her back, and her body strapped down. One foot is bare and the other has on a sock, and before her feet go in the foot press, nurse Rose cuts a big hole in her sock to reveal her sole, and cuts the part that covers the toes. Nurse Rose then gives her a harsh feet tickle torture with her nails and various toys. After awhile Rose grows tired of her begs and loud laugh, so she tells her that she needs a special punishment for being so loud and pleading. Rose tells her that she will tickle her asshole. Ms. Ink begs even more because her asshole is really sensitive, so Rose ballgags her, takes her leggings down, panties too, and spreads her ass wide open with duct tape. Rose brutally tickles her ass hole with her nails and toys. Rose eventually removes her gag to ask her if she’s had enough,but she tells her that an even harsher treatment awaits. Now Ms. Ink is on her back, hands behind her head, tightly bound and wrapped to the table, with all her body covered, except for her armpits and feet. Ms. Ink can’t move a muscle and all her toes are tied back as well. Rose tells her that from now on she will ask her to thank her for the hard punishment and if she doesn’t the tickling will get worse. Rose starts to tickle torture her armpits with her nails and then tools. Then, Rose gags her, oils her feet and tickle tortures them mercilessly with her nasty tools, especially with the Pursonics on her toes and in-between. Then nurse Rose takes off her gag, and Ms. Ink thanks her again, then asks if she can go? Of course Rose laughs and mocks her, and tells her that she is going back in her cell, and will continue her torture tomorrow ! Will Ms. Ink be the first ever patient to finally get free of nurse Rose’s diabolical and sadistic tickle treatment!? Will nurse Rose finally get a taste of her own damn medicine!? Buy this new and exciting chapter in this thrilling series to find out. This clip was a custom commission if you’d like to commission your own custom email me. Enjoy!

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Duration: 32:36.220

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Download – Bella Ink is Ready to be Cured!

RoseFetishGarden – The Call of C-TICKLE-U

A cult is terrorizing the town of Arkham. They are abducting women to use in their blasphemous rites, tickling them to madness. Now they seek the Necronomicon for the ritual within its pages to summon the Deep ones and contact their master Dread CTICKLEU. See Bella Ink and Rose Holland fall victim to their heinous ministrations. This Love letter to the call of Cthulhu is full of whole body tickling done by large groups. This is the first part of what will hopefully be a continuing series.

Video: MPEG-4 Video, 1920×1080, 12124 kbps

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Duration: 32:17.207

Size: 2 845,053 Mb

Download – The Call of C-TICKLE-U

RoseFetishGarden – Rose’s Cult Nightmare!

Rose has been captured by strange creepy robed figure whose part of a cult. He has brought her to his dungeon and she is laying knocked out in just her panties on a wooden bondage table. The robed figure proceeds to stretch her out by cuffing her to the table. Eriee music softly plays in the background and the robed man proceeds to start tickling her. Rose wakes up all scared and pleads for the man to not hurt her. He stays deathly silent and proceeds to tickle torture her without showing any mercy. Then at some point he uses a vibrator on Rose and forces her to have multiple orgasms for his pleasure. This makes her even more sensitive. Will she be let go?

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Duration: 15:33.104

Size: 1 342,117 Mb

Download – Rose’s Cult Nightmare!