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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Tickled on the Throne

As the Queen of the kingdom, there are times where the stresses of ruling builds up and I need an outlet to relieve those stresses.  One of the ways I relieve the stress is by having a personal servant come and tickle my feet. I've always felt that laughter was the best way to vent some of the pressure that stress brings. Now, I'm not talking about brutal nonstop tickle torture that's carried out in my torture chamber. No, that's used for the unruly and war captives.    What I like is to have my servant come to me, remove my footwear and use various tickling instruments to tickle my feet. I've always liked having my feet tickled for as long as I remember, and surely being a powerful ruler on the throne hasn't quelled that particular enjoyment.

Once my servant comes and he has removed my shoes, I have him start with a feather, brushing all over my sensitive soles and in between my toes. The feather feels very nice as it relaxes me and gently tickles my feet. The feather excites the nerve endings in my foot which seems to make my feet even more ticklish than they already are. After several moments of my feet being tickled with the feather, I want to move on to the second and MUCH more ticklish phase, which is having him cover my soles in oil. Once my soles and toes are completely covered with the oil, he uses the special metal fingertips to tickle my oil slicked feet.The sturdy metal tips scraping the soles and toes of my ticklish little feet almost makes me lose control!

When I think I've had enough tickling and my stress has been relieved, I have him stop. But He won't go far, because I will be needing my feet tickled before too long. As for now, it's time for me to go and rule my kingdom. Where are my dragons!?

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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Luna’s Hogtied and Tickled Little Feet

Luna's tiny little feet are in trouble today! As she's hogtied on the bed, I'm going to tickle torture those little tootsies of hers. And just because I'm feeling especially devious today, I'm going to add a few elements to this session that will make her suffer even more! First, I pour baby oil all over her tiny soft little bare feet. They're so slippery now! Then I climb on the bed with her and make it even more difficult for her to wriggle around. Then I use my torturous fingers to aggressively tickle her little vulnerable soles! I LOVE watching those little size 2.5 feet of hers wiggle around under my tickling fingers! Then, for good measure, I put on my metal tickle claws and use their pointy tips to tickle the surface of Luna's sensitive soles and toes. And just because I can't get enough of feeling her ticklish feet, I take the claws off and continue to use my fast tickling fingers to tickle torture poor Luna's little feet!

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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Luna Gets Her Revenge

Luna was tickled by me when I was a nurse. Luna also knows that I am a tickle fiend in general and have tickle tortured many people just to satisfy my insatiable thirst for sadistically tickling helpless people!

Well every once in a while, I'll find myself in a situation where I am the one who is bound and helpless and at the mercy of a cruel tickler. And today is one of those days.

I'm tied spread eagle to the bed when Luna walks in and climbs on to the bed with me. She starts tickling my armpits and the rest of my ticklish upperbody. I'm always a little defiant, but Luna quickly proves herself to be a skilled tickler and reduces me to giggling fits and laughter as I tug against the restraints. She tickles my belly and ribs before moving down to my feet. Luna removes my shoes and then tickles my soft sweaty little bare feet with her nimble fingers. After tickling my feet for a while, Luna climbs back up to tickle my hips, legs and my upperbody again!

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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – The Nurse’s Instruments of Tickle Torture

Carmen has a certain kind of ailment that requires heavy, prolonged laughter in order to cure it. So the Dr has prescribed Carmen to be tickle tortured as her therapy. Being a sadistic nurse, it became my duty to administer the tickle torture therapy. Carmen is tied down to the therapy table when I enter the room. I'm wearing long metal pointy tickle claws on my right hand. This is one of the instruments that I will be using to make Carmen laugh and giggle uncontrollably. I trace the long pointy tips all up and down the sensitive skin of her body. Carmen twists and turns as I eventually make my way down to her soft ticklish bare feet. I tickle her little soles and Carmen continues laughing and struggling.

I remove my tickle claws and use instruments that are extremely effective when it comes to tickle torture, my fingers! I tickle Carmen's helpless ticklish feet with my fingertips. I love feeling her wiggling feet under my fingers! I make my way back up to her upperbody where I use my fiendish fingers to tickle her sides, belly, ribs and under her arms!

Next I bring out my last instrument, the wartenberg wheel and roll it all over the skin of Carmen's ticklish body.

I'm not sure she's completely cured, so she might have to endure more tickle torture!

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Download – The Nurse's Instruments of Tickle Torture

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – The Nurse’s Tickling Games

Luna is a patient at Perpetual Laughter Medical Center. I, nurse Scarlett, am in the room informing Luna that she has some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, Luna has to remain at the hospital overnight for further evaluation. The Good news is, there is an unusual prescription for her that includes keeping Luna's spirits up. The prescription is for games. Tickling games! The first game is simple, I am going to tickle Luna's bare feet! And Luna has VERY ticklish feet! And they're so TINY! I don't know if I've ever tickled feet that small before! In fact, I know I haven't!

I don't waste any time. I jump right into it and start tickling her soft little feet. She laughs and laughs and squirms. I repeatedly say "tickle tickle tickle!" and "coochy coochy coo!" as I use my fingernails to tickle Little Luna's extra small bare feet! At one point, I climb on the bed with her to straddle her legs while I tickle her feet. Then I lay down on my stomach facing her feet so that you can see my own bare soles as I tickle tickle tickle Luna!  She has the cutest laugh ever!

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Download – The Nurse's Tickling Games

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Ticklish Carmen is Face Down and Explored

I got to work with super sexy Carmen Valentina and she was so much fun to tickle! I had her tied to the table face down so I would have easy access to her perfect ass! Easy access to explore and exploit all of her ticklish spots!

She really does have the hottest ass! I start by teasing her with my finger tips, getting her sensitive skin all nice and primed by exciting the nerve endings beneath her soft skin. Then I begin aggressively tickling her! ~evil grin~  I tickle her bare ass with my fingers while delighting in the sounds of Carmen's laugh and giggles. I really like the way her sexy ass felt under my tickling fingers! I then move down to where her bound face-up feet are. Her feet are so soft! Everything on Carmen is HOT! I use my fingernails to tickle Carmen's helpless bare soles and toes while Carmen continues to laugh squirm and giggle!

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Download – Ticklish Carmen is Face Down and Explored

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Tickle Hostel

Scene 1

The weary traveler needed an inexpensive place to stay for a few nights. Trying to get from North Florida to Nevada is difficult to do with only $27. After looking on Craigslist, she was able to find a hostel for dirt cheap. Once she gets enough money, she will be on her way.

Given the cost of the hostel, she wasn't expecting much when she arrived. Little did she know, however, that the hostel is located in what appeared to be a seedy ghost town. The room was in complete disarray with very little to offer in the of amenities. It was unbelievable that she was even to get any cell service in this hell hole.

While on the phone with her friend in Nevada, the door quietly opens behind the oblivious, tiny 5 foot tall traveler. The intruder sneaks up behind her as she's ending her phone call. The man grabs her and while overcome with fear, the girl faints and is then dragged off into another room. 

Scene 2

Not knowing what had happened a short time ago, the traveler finds her self stripped of most of her clothing and bound to a table. She struggles in a futile effort to break free but soon realizes she won't have any luck. The door opens and a man, dressed in black with a black hood enters and shuts the door behind him. The girl starts to panic pleading for her life, not knowing what's about to happen. Without saying a word, the man slowly walks over to her and begins to tickle her. The girl laughs and thrashes but the wrists and ankle restraints keep her firmly in place. And for the next 14 plus minutes, the Twisted Tickler tickles the girl all over her tiny ticklish body. He purposely left her boots and socks on knowing how much more ticklish her moist sensitive feet would be once they've been removed. Using his fingers, he tickles the soles of her feet for extended periods. He tickles her legs and hips and causes his little victim to shriek and bounce. He tickles the slender ribs and tight belly of his ticklish helpless victim without mercy. It's clear this isn't the first time he has bound helpless girls for the sole purpose of tickle torturing them until they are driven to insanity!

The question is, how many victims has this evil twisted tickler lured to his Tickle Hostel?

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Download – Tickle Hostel

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