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StuckInTheStocks – Morgan Meets The Claws!

Morgan is starting to enjoy being tickled, but I have to vary things up on her, just to surprise her. A bdsm friend of mine told me that the only thing worse than not knowing what's going to happen, is knowing what's going to happen, so I decided I'd tell Morgan exactly what I was going to tickle her with, and what's worse, I was going to show her. And when I waggled my fingers with the sharpened claws in front of her bound, ankle-crossed feet, she knew she was in trouble, and started with her famous whimpering! Pretty soon, she's thrashing and giggling, and her toes are curling and flexing, and she's laughing lounder than any time she's previously been in the stocks! She later told me that all she could think about was that she was being "tickled by Dracula," (it didn't help that she'd had quite a few cocktails before getting into the stocks, so her inhibitions were already at an all-time low! By the time I get around to raking the bear-claw backscratchers over her soles, she's helplessly dissolved in laughter!

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Download – Morgan Meets The Claws!

StuckInTheStocks – Leigh Mummified and Tickled!

I have to say, in the eleven years I've been running this store, this is probably one of the most intense sessions I've had with someone. My friend Leigh is a lovely long-haired redhead who's personal motto is, ""Sounds like a bad idea—let's do it!" So when I told her I had a full-length canvas mummification sleepsack that I wanted to put her in, she said, "Okay, I'm in!" Getting her into the thing–there's not just a zipper, but lacing, and then straps on top of that–made the room warm enough for both of us that I had to strip a layer off myself. And then once we got started, OMG, she can't move her feet, her toes, or any of the rest of her; she just has to lay there and take all the torment I dish out! And I ramp it up from paintbrushes to fingers to claw backscratchers to … well, I'll just tell you that by the end of this clip, there is begging, pleading and swearing! Possibly the hottest clip I'll post this year! This is awesome!

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Download – Leigh Mummified and Tickled!

StuckInTheStocks – Katherine crossed at the ankles and tickled!

If you know Katherine by now, you know that when you tickle her, she gives out almost sensual gasps when she's tickled! Here she's got her ankles crossed, putting her in a very vulnerable position. That's when it's time to hear her gasp, whimper, giggle and moan while I make her feet thrash all around by tickling them with my fingers and whatever else is handy! (She apologized for the cut on her foot—she kicked a nightstand by accident right before the shoot)

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Download – Katherine crossed at the ankles and tickled!

StuckInTheStocks – Diana’s GREAT Laugh!

Diana really has one of my favorite laughs when she's tickled; it comes out of her in great peals that start softly and then build up to belly laughs! She used to sing when she was young and there's nothing like the sound of a mature woman's laughter when you're raking your nails over the soft soles of her feet! Diana has also never met the evil device that is the Sonicare toothbrush, and when it gets going between her toes, she's almost out of breath from the tickling! Before that, though, I spend a good amount of time just dragging my nails up and down her soles, because there's nothing like good old fashioned ten finger torment to turn her mind to joy-addled jelly!

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Download – Diana's GREAT Laugh!

StuckInTheStocks – Rene Bucks, Squeaks and Squeals!

scr-33 scr-34 scr-35

We're in a down period right now (back full force in Late October/November!), but still wanted to give you this adorable clip of Renee! In addition to being the feet that are featured in the Stuck In The Stocks banner that you may occasionally see in the Tickling category page, Renee has perfectly-shaped size 7.5 feet, and she squeaks and squeals delightfully when you tickle them! Her worst spot is right in the center of her arches, and when you focus the tip of the flosser there, or better still, spend some time raking the scrubby curry combs over them, she thrashes and tosses and makes noises that I think can hear down the street! She's a lovely little librarian-looking doll who has ridiculously-high dancer's arches from years of ballet when she was young–I think you'll enjoy this!

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Download – Rene Bucks, Squeaks and Squeals!

StuckInTheStocks – Jenni’s Ten Terrible Minutes!

scr-32 scr-33 scr-34

The latest in our "Ten Terrible Minutes" series is fan favorite Jenni, who returns to us every two years like clockwork, only to wonder, "Why do I let myself be tormented like this?" The great things about that is that in a two year span, we can always find new things to make her giggle, shriek, and scream—in this particular instance, it's the little bear-claw backscratchers! But before we get to that, one of the things we love the most about Jenni is that she is legitimately feather-ticklish: if you brush the soles of her feet with stiff duck feathers, her face contorts into a delicious rictus trying not to break … but you know sooner rather than later, she'll be howling with laughter! One of the goals this session was to recreate a moment from a past session where the plastic handle ends of two soft paintbrushes causes her to throw her head back and shriek with laughter—and sure enough, she doesn't disappoint! But before we get to that, it's time to drag long, colored pipecleaners between her toes; she flexes them and spreads them trying to avoid the sensations that are creeping up to her brain, but eventually, a grin splits her face and the next thing you know, you can tell she knows, "Yep—this is gonna be HORRIBLE!"

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Duration: 10:27.655
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Download – Jenni's Ten Terrible Minutes!

StuckInTheStocks – Elise is tickled crazy!

scr-31 scr-32 scr-33

I always joke about tickling "until their brain leaks out their ears" and Elise saw pictures of where I tickled Syoja in a straitjacket; she said, "that looks like fun!" So we strapped her in, locked her feet into the stocks, and I went to town on her with all the tickle toys that I know from experience drive her crazy! There's one section in this clip where she is literally throwing her head from side to side and giggling like she is losing her mind! I think this is an experience she won't forget, even if when it's over, she can barely remember her name!

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Duration: 9:12.252
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Download –  Elise is tickled crazy!

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