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TheBKTickler – Marie’s foot tickle destruction (uncut)

The long and short of it, Mfyt Marie’s beautiful feet went through some serious tickle torture, or as the title say…. “tickle destruction.” But if you know how ticklish her feet are, you’ll know that it didn’t take much to torture her soles. But that didn’t stop me from giving my all. It didn’t stop all 10 of my fingers from crawling over each foot. It didn’t stop me from going up and done each sole with an electric toothbrush and then a flosser on both of them. I did have to to stop to give her a water break… proof that I’m not that much of an evil tickler. Lol. But after that, I was back to not stopping going to town on her hyper ticklish feet with hairbrushes and mixing it with a little toe sucking. And nothing is stopping YOU from adding this foot tickling classic to your collection.

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Download – Marie’s foot tickle destruction (uncut)

TheBKTickler – Marie’s belly tickle destruction

I love giving out some good old belly tickling these days. And Mfyt Marie was down to receive some. She’s had some before before, but never when her sexy belly is the full main attraction. I started slow with some light tickles on belly over her shirt, basically warming her up a little better, but started escalating once I lifted her shirt to expose her stomach. That when she started to tense up. My fingers starting walking over her oiled belly as her giggling got louder. Her ribs were poking out at me, as if they were begging to be tickled. And who am I to neglect them from that. So I did. With a toothbrush. On each rib. Then I decided to use 2 flossers on each of sides trailing them up and down her sides .. then I applied it to her belly button. The sensation was weird for her but it was effective. The tickling with the flossers continued for a little bit.. but then I surprised her with some belly raspberries. I always enjoy the reaction from them when they receive them. You should definitely see those reactions for yourself and more. All you have to do is purchase this video starring the lovely MFYT Marie.

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Download – Marie’s belly tickle destruction

TheBKTickler – Karly’s tickle torture – feet (part 1)

I’ve been waiting for this woman to make her way back to the east coast. And when I saw that she was, I didn’t waste any time. We have the amazing Karly Salinas here to get the tickles put on her by none other than me. Now I’ve done a lot of research on her past tickle encounter by other great ticklers, so I knew I was gonna have my hands full. How do I know. Well it started when I started going for the feet. They were more ticklish than I though. Like VERY ticklish. She was squirming all over the place while sitting in one place on the couch. She tried real hard to duck and dodge my fingers to her feet. Even locking her feet together with arm for to keep her feet still to tickle her feet wasn’t enough to stop me from being at risk from kicked in the face from all her ticklishness. I was dealing with the fighter. And I made it worse by applying oil and tools to her ticklish soles. And I was enjoying it before moving to phase 2– but we’ll talk about phase 2 for another time. In the meantime, purchase phase 1 now to see witness her struggle through this ticklish ordeal. It’s worth the buy.

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Download – Karly’s tickle torture – feet (part 1)

TheBKTickler – 1 diosa’s tickle torture (full body)

I can’t stress enough how this was a highly anticipated experience. I finally get to tickle 1 diosa after about a year of contact with each other. Lemme keep it short. I got her tied up ready to work her toes. I’ll admit, they were a challenge to deal with.. but I had ways of Getting the reaction. And I go for the upper body. And that was the party starter. The laughter really started when I went after her armpits and ribs. I couldn’t go without adding tools and some nibbling and some raspberries to the tickle agenda. Throughout all that, she was talking a lot of smack, a whole lot to say and I loved it. Her feistiness made me enjoy putting the tickles on her. And you’re enjoying watching it, so it’s very important to purchase it because that is the only to witness it. So enjoy.

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Download – 1 diosa’s tickle torture (full body)

TheBKTickler – Megan’s double tickle torture – feet

Now it’s time for Megan Jones’ feet to be played with by yours truly and the love terra mizu. She started teasing and singing her at the same time before all 20 of our fingers started running all over her feet. Ok top of the toes, on the sides of her feet, and even her ankle. So that was going on for a little bit before applying oil. And that’s when we whipped out the flossers. Then I let terra take control of that while I bring out the electric toothbrush. And we got a nice reaction by using it in between her toes. Then the worst happened for her….. Hairbrushes! And I was trying to be Nice by giving a countdown before going to town, but terra impatient and started without me. Oh well. I tried sympathy for a second. And you can be a witness to that by purchasing this double tickle delight.

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Download – Megan’s double tickle torture – feet

TheBKTickler – Katarina’s tickle torture – full body

Seeing as though I did my research on how ticklish this beautiful dominatrix katarina is, I couldn’t wait to put her in full body position to go after more spots. I was being nice by starting off at the elbows as a joke, but come to find out, they’re actually ticklish. I love learning new things. So then I went for the armpits. Gave it light strokes, that’s all. And then the volume got cranked up on her laughter. I hit the jackpot once again. And the look on her face was epic when I whipped out the flosser to use on her pits. It was hard to keep her contained when I used it. So just to see, I leaned over and tickled her ribs to see if ticklishness is switched on. And best believe they were. So next I went for her lower body. Behind her knees ? Ticklish AF! And since her ribs are a soft spot, I got on top of her to work more of it. And her belly was so beautiful to look at, I couldn’t help but to test that out too. My fingers crawling all over her sides, ribs, and belly button caused her body to move in ways to the point where she almost flew me off the bed. Next up, I went back on the feet for a brief second, cause I missed them. And I had to get back to the upperbody, but I won’t bring much more of that again. To know more of about what happened. Purchase the video to witness some awesome tickling given the domme Kat

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Duration: 21:59.433
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Download – Katarina’s tickle torture – full body

TheBKTickler – Katarina’s tickle torture – feet

This was special for me…. because I got to tickle pro domme once again. I had to pleasure to work with Katarina AKA the domme Kat. We met a while back when I did an awesome tickle shoot with Kim chi, and and she was down to do a tickle shoot, but didn’t have the chance to set anything up. But as you can see, that changed, especially when she recently did a tickle shoot and I noticed ticklish she really is. That motivated me to not waste anymore time. We got in contact, and set things up within. Fast forward, I have this beautiful Domme’s feet prepped up for some proper tickle torture. I started with a finger or 2 on her foot, and the volume of her laughter kinda escalated. Which is fine with me, of course. But I noticed that each foot has a different level of ticklishness than the other. I started with the right side, but when I started on the left, that’s when I saw the difference and I like what I saw. Then I added oil and tools to the mix. The look on her face when I showed her the flosser is priceless. And the reaction I got while using it over, under and in between her toes were just as priceless. I even used it on her big toes. While laughing, She Couldn’t understand how that one spot was so ticklish. But hey, whatever got the job done. The flosser has a partner in crime… the electric toothbrush! The combo alone had her feet shaking to the max. Then I whipped out the hairbrush. And you can only imagine how she reacted when the brush was applied. Or better yet. Purchase this awesome video and see the foot tickle torture of this pro domme for yourself

Video: H.264, 960×540,, 5237 kbps, 30.000 fps
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Duration: 14:53.733
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Download – Katarina’s tickle torture – feet