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TheHottestDiaperGirls – Dava Foxx in The Judge

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Dava is bragging to her friend that she had to throw some girls out of the cheer leading competition when a pissed off cheer leader Cory walks in and wants revenge. "It's my job!" says Dava when Cory sticks a drug soaked rag over Dava's mouth and she falls right to sleep. Cory moves quickly as she removes most of Dava's clothing and ties her hands together to torture her as pay back for getting thrown off the squad. Cory is waking Dava up by slapping her in the face and tickling her all over. Dava wakes up and is giggling like crazy. Cory begins working on Dava's tits with a tooth brush and then breaks out the hair brush to see which one works better. Cory then grabs Dava's foot and begins to tickle her like crazy on the bottom of her foot. Dava can't stop giggling as Cory works her over. Cory quickly puts her back to sleep and removes the rest of her clothes. Cory is now holding a contest of her own, she wants to know what is more ticklish to Dava? Cotton or Nylon? Toothbrush or hairbrush? Laughing uncontrollably, Dava can't get away from all of this tickling!

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Download – Dava Foxx in The Judge

TheHottestDiaperGirls – ChiChi Medina in The Collector

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Scene One: Laughter in the neighborhood

ChiChi is visiting her new neighbor for a meet and greet. They chit chat about every day things when ChiChi notices something strange. Oh that's just my syringe, for girls like you Cory says gabbing the needle into ChiChi's neck. She falls down in a heap on the floor. Cory's going to have some fun with this one.

In the living room Cory strips the busty girl out of her shirt and boots. With a device she straps ChiChi's hands to her ankles doubling her over and forcing her feet into the air. Slowly ChiChi begins to wake up and Cory starts tickling her. What are you doing She screams between her laughs and giggles. Cory uses a brush to tickle the girls feet until she's unable to breath from the laughter.

Scene Two: Tickle toy

Cory takes a toothbrush and continues making ChiChi scream. In between fits of laughter ChiChi tries to get her to stop. Your feet are really ticklish arent they Cory smiles as she gets behind her. With her hands she tickles under her arms making her scream and laugh even louder than before. Her neck and even her nipples are not free from Cory's tickling rampage. Dazed and senseless ChiChi is syringed again and carried away for Cory to play with later.

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Download – ChiChi Medina in The Collector

TheHottestDiaperGirls – Alora Jaymes in Not Just a Loan

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Scene One: Loan application

Just putting the finishing touches up on Cory's loan Alora doesn't see the rag in Cory's hand. When her back is turned Cory grabs her and she screams as she is knocked unconscious. Cory drags her away and brings her to the sofa. Laying her out she beings to play with her new doll stripping off her shirt, bra and boots slowly. With some rope she ties Alora up and waits for her victim to wake.

Alora wakes to Cory's questions. What's the code to the safe! Cory demands. She starts to tickle torture her and Alora screams with laughter. Please let me go She begs Cory. But Cory will do whatever it takes to complete her mission.

Scene Two: Loan approved

Tell me! Cory yells spanking and tickling Alora furiously. A hairbrush and toothbrush rub against her feet and drive her wild, making her thrash on the couch. Someone has to come and rescue her!

Cory grabs the rag and knocks her out again so she can strip the rest of Alora's clothes off. The torture continues on her bare body, Alora's screams and laughter pouring from her mouth. Will she give in?

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Download – Alora Jaymes in Not Just a Loan

TheHottestDiaperGirls – Brooke Benson in Tickled Census

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Brooke wanted a nice part time job as a Census Worker. On her first appointment, she visited Cory. As Brooke was asking her series of canned questions, Cory had no interest in answer, the situation began to go downhill. Brooke tried to leave the house but Cory put Brooke to sleep. Cory then pulled Brooke to the bedroom by the boots.

Cory tied up Brooke but not before undressing her. Cory woke up the fully restrained and began the tickling abuse. Cory tickled Brooke's from feet to armpits, so much Brooke eventually . Brooke was pulled again this time towards the room of no return…

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Duration: 11:54.590
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Download – Brooke Benson in Tickled Census

TheHottestDiaperGirls – Aaliyah Taylor in the Experiment

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Aaliyah responds to an online advertisement regarding an experiment. She would make cash at the end of the day but the specifications were fuzzy. After Dr. Cory explains the details, Aaliyah wants to leave.

Cory pulls out a sleeping weapon and shoots Aaliyah, who quickly . Cory ties Aaliyah to the table and removes Aaliyah's clothes and boots. The experiment is a tickling one and the Doctor will find which foot is the most ticklish, arm pits too.

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Duration: 15:03.398
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Download – Aaliyah Taylor in the Experiment

TheHottestDiaperGirls – Nikki Brooks in Cat Burglar

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Scene One: Cat Trap

Cat Woman bites her razor sharp claws as she looks around at the most expensive things to steal. What are they into She says as she notices the leg straps on a long table. The owner of the house leaps on top of Cat Woman and sticks her with a needle. As the drug pours into Cat Woman's veins she falls onto the floor gasping and falling .

With Cat Woman strapped to the table, the owner strips her down to her tiny black thong and knee high stockings. Wakey wakey She says tickling the bottoms of Cat Woman's sensitive feet. Cat Woman pulls against the ropes and screams with laughter as she is tickled unending. I'm so sorry she pleads as the owner swims in Cat Woman's forced laughter. Her hands run lightly over Cat Woman's entire body teasing her until she laughing.

Scene Two: One last call

As Cat Woman wakes she finds the owner gone. Quickly she uses her claws to escape from the ropes. Now it's time for revenge. She finds the owner and drugs her with a needle and drags her back to her own torture table. Cat Woman strips the owner naked and pulls her tight against the table. It's only when she wakes up does she realize how much trouble she's in.

No, No The owner pleads with Cat Woman, as she runs her long nails over the owners smooth skin. She laughs frantically as she is tickled teased, and used by Cat Woman. Wanting to know the combination to the safe in the house Cat Woman yells at the frightened woman and tickle tortures her until she gets exactly what she wants. She leaves the owner tied up and naked as she steals everything of value from the home.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 7002 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 15:58.590
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Download – Nikki Brooks in Cat Burglar

TheHottestDiaperGirls – ChiChi Medina in I will Make You Talk

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Sneaking through the house Detective ChiChi doesnt notice Cory sneaking up on her. Oh yes Cory says as she the stupid girl. ChiChi's eyes roll in the back of her head and she falls into Cory's control. Cory takes off ChiChi's top as she ties her hands and feet together. With a slap, Cory wakes her, and her gorgeous tits, up.

Cory puts a blindfold on her starts video taping and streaming live telling everyone that she has her right where she wants her. Cory begins to tickle ChiChi making her scream and squirm. No, what are you doing! Who are you ChiChi screams as she laughs. Everyone is watching you Cory tells her embarrassing and humiliating her. ChiChi is not going to give in so Cory knocks her out again and strips her down to her panties. ChiChi wakes up to find herself even more embarrassed and even more ticklish against her bare feet. Everyone watches as she's tickled and laughing against her will with no hope of escape.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 6885 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 189 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 11:17.710
Size: 571,561 Mb

Download – ChiChi Medina in I will Make You Talk

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