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TheLastLaugh – Last Laugh Pertro 3

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TheLastLaugh – Last Laugh Gimel 8

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TheLastLaugh – Last Laugh Cen 6

Mac has had her fun with Ruby, and now she’s paying for it. She’s on her belly with her arms trapped in the stocks, and her ankes are cuffed together. Ruby is sitting with her legs wrapped around Mac’s. She’s in full control of Mac’s feet. She’s barely had time to start tickling when Leah emerges from behind the table. Her role for this scene is to tease Mac all over her upper body.

I remind the girls that this is the last scene, meaning there’s no fear of reprisal from Mac, so they should do their worst. In practice, though, their respective techniques never get very aggressive. One would expect them to really go to town, especially Ruby after all that tickling she received. But that’s ok, it’s definitely enough to keep Mac giggling and laughing the whole time. Ruby seems particularly focused on her job, working on Mac’s little feet and toes in a slow, deliberate manner. Fingers, tongue and lips are all put to good use. Leah’s efforts are more spread out and generally fairly gentle, but this does make it harder for Mac to concentrate on what’s being done to her feet, making her more vulnerable to the various sensations. Leah also spends some time kneeding the back of Mac’s thighs, yet another sensitive area.

Early in the scene you may notice me saying “Pffff… My god…” very soon into the scene, followed by some banging in the background. I believe that’s just me reacting to the heat and quickly getting a drink of water from the fridge while Ruby and Leah continue their work. Sorry about that.

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TheLastLaugh – Last Laugh Beth – Complete Series

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TheLastLaugh – Last Laugh Rad – Complete Series

This clips combines all 7 parts of the Last Laugh Rad series.

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Duration: 56:48.638

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TheLastLaugh – Last Laugh Isa – Complete Series

Combines all 5 clips of the Last Laugh Isa series, plus a short bonus intro scene in which the models introduce themselves (in French Canadian) and show off their feet.

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TheLastLaugh – Last Laugh Cen 5

Turns out that Ruby is quite flexible. This allows us to try an awkward but fun position that’s only been featured a few times in my previous work. Her legs have been swung over her head far enough for her ankles to be locked in the stocks. In this twisted position her toes are pointing down, her head is between her calves and her butt is comically sticking out in the air. This is not something most people could do, but Ruby is handling it quite well.

Leah and Mac quickly deal with Ruby’s purple and black socks. Ruby’s exposed bare soles seem to be begging to be tickled. Sure enough, her friends’ fingers are all over them. We soon notice that Ruby is somewhat more verbal than in previous scenes. Still not a “laugh out loud” kind of ticklee by any means, but she can be heard more regularly and actually giggles once in a while. Maybe it’s because of the utter helplessness of her position, or the fact that she can’t see what’s going on, who knows?

For the first 3 or 4 minutes the ticklers use their fingers exclusively. But then Mac lowers herself to her knees so she can enthusiastically lick, nibble and suck Ruby’s soles and toes for most of the rest of the scene. As before, she’s more than capable of using her fingers at the same time to maximize her assault. She has a big smile on her face the whole time. And she seems to love that pinky toe.

Later in the scene Mac’s phone unexpectedly starts ringing. We could stop it, but the girls are too focused on their work. Besides, the goofy musical ringtone is almost appropriate for the current situation. We allow it to go on until it stops by itself after about a minute. The tickling, however, doesn’t stop for another 2 minutes.

Once it’s finally over Ruby is a little out of breath, but otherwise seems to be doing surpringly well considering her strenuous.position. Her role as a ticklee is now over and she can now look forward to getting her revenge on Mac.

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