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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Un esperimento con i collant – A pantyhose experiment (2 PART)

Stella and Valerie are in love with tickling, they are used to playing and experimenting with new methods to become more sensitive. Stella had read that be tickled while wearing pantyhose increase the sensibility, soon after she calls her friend Valerie to try this ne way of playing. She will use some very sheer pantyhose to cover her feet and legs while her friend Valerie which is very ticklish on her armpits and hips will wear a pair of pantyhose as they are a tshirt to cover the upper part of her body and test this new thing. This will be a really fanny afternoon for this two ticklish friends

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Download – Un esperimento con i collant – A pantyhose experiment (2 PART)

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The secret agent and the criminal

Now the criminal lifts up the covers and starts tickling one of the secret agents socked foot and the secret agent snores and giggles after some time the criminal tickles both of the socked feet and the secret agent giggles and after some time one of the socks are removed and the criminal tickles the secret agent bare foot and she snores and wiggles her toes and talks in her sleep then both socks are removed and the tickling continues and the secret agent laughs and snores then the criminal finds a feather and starts using it to tickle the secret agent tickling her soles and between her toes and after that the criminal goes back to using her fingers and after a lot of tickling the secret agent wakes up but tries to resist the tickles but after some time she bursts out laughing begging for the tickling to stop but the criminal continues and the only way she will stop is if the secret agent let her go but the secret agent won’t let her go and the tickling continues and the criminal starts using the feather between the secret agent toes and she laughs hysterically and after some time the secret agent gives up and lets the criminal go free.

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The lawyer and her fetishist assistant

A lawyer and her assistant comes back to the lawyer’s house after a tough case and they have different ideas on how to win the case and they can’t get along, the one thing they can agree on is that they both need some rest, but before they start sleeping the lawyer asks her assistant to rub her feet because they are sore and the assistant really doesn’t want to but still gets to work, once the lawyer is getting relaxed the assistant sneaks in a few tickles making the lawyer mad and tells her assistant to stop with the tickling the assistant agrees but soon starts to tickle the lawyer again and now the lawyer has had enough and pulls her feet away and they go to bed.
Soon as the assistant starts hearing snoring coming from the lawyer the assistant can’t hold herself and lift up the covers and starts tickling the sleeping lawyer making her toes wiggle and rubbing her feet together after a while the lawyer starts giggling and continues to softly snore, the assistant really like tickling the lawyers feet for once she feel like she has the power and she really likes the lawyers laugh and see her feet wiggle but the assistant tickles the lawyer a little too rough and she wakes up but the lawyer is acting like she’s asleep proving she’s strong enough to handle that but the assistant soon notice that she’s awake and really tickles and the lawyer tries to take the tickling but eventually she soon starts laughing and tells her assistant to stop or she’ll be fired and the assistant stops and the lawyer tells her assistant this ain’t the way to make her change her mind about the tactic about the case and that the assistant almost lost her job over this and she needs to stop perv over her feet and they go to bed.
Soon as the assistant starts snoring the lawyer get up and lift up the covers and starts returning the favor to the assistant tickling her soft ticklish feet and the assistant giggles wiggling her toes and the lawyer likes it tickling the assistant a little more getting her toes a few tickles making the assistant laugh, what the lawyer didn’t tell the assistant or anyone for that matter is that she like getting tickled but even more she likes to tickle especially her assistant because she is ticklish and her reactions are hilarious making the lawyer tickling her assistant even more but eventually the lawyer tickles her assistant too much and the assistant wakes up but the tickling ain’t over because the lawyer grabs the assistants feet and really tickles the assistant making her laugh like never before but soon the assistant tries to act serious and not to laugh telling the lawyer to stop but the lawyer continues to tickle her getting between her toes and the assistant tries to resist but soon starts laughing begging the lawyer to stop and to leave her toes alone they’re very ticklish and the lawyer finally gives her assistant a rest and the assistant says she knew that the lawyer likes tickling because she always sneaks in a few tickles when she thinks the assistant don’t notice but the assistant says she doesn’t really mind she also likes tickling so it seems like they’re the perfect team after all and if they only put as much effort to work together as to tickle each other they will win the case and the lawyer agrees and the go to sleep before they have to wake up and get to work only difference no as friends.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 4917 kbps, 50.000 fps
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Download – The lawyer and her fetishist assistant

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The business trip

Two ladies are on a business trip and comes back to their hotel room after a long day and they get dressed for the night and then sit down on the bed and Alex is talking a bunch of nerdy things that that Margherita doesn’t understand and gets bored but soon Margherita notice Alex’s barefoot right in front of her and Margherita starts sensually tickling Alex and first Alex doesn’t notice she only wiggles her toes but soon she starts laughing and begging Margherita to stop and Margherita stops after a while and Alex goes to the bathroom and says when she’s coming back they will talk about more nerdy things but Margherita doesn’t want to listen to anymore of that so when Alex comes back she pretends to already have fallen asleep and her feet are popping out from the covers and Alex starts tickling her with her fingers and Margherita laughs and wonders what’s going on because she feels like she have to laugh and then notice that Alex is tickling her but she tries to pretend she’s asleep and hope Alex will stop tickling her soon but Margherita is very ticklish so she giggles and laughs and tries to pull her feet away but only get one away because the other on is trapped in Alex’s grip and Alex has only been tickling Margheritas soles and now starts tickling her toes and Margherita looses it and starts laughing hysterically after some time and Alex quickly stops and pretends as if she didn’t tickle Margherita but Margherita knows it was Alex so she waits until Alex has fallen asleep and when Margherita hears that Alex is snoring she knows this is the perfect time for some revenge and Margherita quietly gets out of bed and lifts up the covers from Alex’s feet and they seem to be a little bit sweaty so Margherita blows on her feet and even that makes Alex giggle and she she says in her sleep oh that tickles, and soon Margherita starts tickling Alex’s bare feet with her fingers and Alex giggles and laughs and talks in her sleep saying things like stop that tickles, not my toes and i’m so ticklish and Margehrita is focusing on tickling every part on Alex’s foot both the sole and the toes and she sometimes tickles slow and sensually and then fast to see what tickles more while Alex is laughing and Margherita is using a lot of tickle talk so while she’s tickling she sometimes say tickle tickle tickle, is Alex ticklish, what about between the toes and is totally teasing Alex.
Margherita remembers she has a feather in the room and she grabs it and starts gliding slowly up and down Alex’s soles and Alex giggles and Margherita is only using the feathery side of the feather and after tickling the soles she moves on to tickling Alex’s ticklish toes Alex looses it after a while of toe tickling and wakes up but pretends she’s asleep and continues to snore and lets Margherita tickle her because Alex kind of likes being tickled and Alex is giggling and laughing the entire time as the feather get between her toes and up and down her soles after the feather Margherita goes back to tickling Alex with her fingers and now Alex is laughing even more but she still tries her best to pretend she’s asleep so she still is laying down but her laughter can’t be stopped and after a while and Margherita tickles her toes again Alex can’t take no more and bursts out laughing but is still laying on her back laughing hysterically and beg for the tickling to stop and Margherita will only stop if Alex promises to stop boring her out with her nerdy talk but Alex refuses and the tickling continues and after a while Margherita remembers that Alex’s weak spot is her toes and Margherita gives her one more chance but Alex refuses so Margherita says oh well that leaves me no choice and starts gliding the feather between Alex’s toes and Alex tries to keep her laughter in but can’t because it tickles so much and it drives her wild and she starts laughing again and begging not to tickle her toes and Margherita throws away the feather and tickles the toes with her fingers and soon enough Alex gives up and promises not to talk about nerdy things for a while instead they will go out and have some fun and that’s all that Margherita wants to hear and they go back to sleep

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Download – The business trip

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Scusa poco convincenti – unconvincing excuses

Skele is surprised on the phone, her partner has understood all too well that it was not her mother, Skele is so determined to lie to her, until he decides to show her that you do not mess around and decides to dominate her and make her confess through the tickling, the weapon foolproof

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 3907 kbps, 25.000 fps
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Duration: 13:46.200
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Download – Scusa poco convincenti – unconvincing excuses

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The Ticklish Neighbor

Luna comes home from the gym and she feels a bit tired so she decides to take a nap on the couch, so she takes off her sneakers and her sweaty socks so her feet can get some air and she then puts a blanket on her feet and goes to bed, after a little while her neighbor Terry comes in and is wondering if she could lend an outfit but Terry sees that Luna is in a deep sleep and is snoring lightly and then Terry notice that Luna still hasn’t given back the sneakers she borrowed from Terry although she promised she would, so Terry get an idea for a fun punishment for Luna, Terry always wanted to tickle Luna’s feet but she would never let her but now Terry finally has the chance to get to those ticklish bare feet. Terry starts to tickle Luna’s visible foot with her fingers that is peeking out from the sheets and Luna flexes and wiggles her toes Terry tries to find Luna’s most ticklish spots and when she finds one she focuses on it and Luna snores and giggles, Terry really digs into Luna’s foot and Luna giggles and scratches her feet together so now both of her bare feet are visible and Terry wastes no time but tickles both of the ticklish feet and Luna giggles and talks in her sleep. Terry finds a feather lying on the table and she gets the feather and starts to glide it slowly up and down Luna’s feet and in between the toes where she knows Luna is very ticklish and Luna giggles and continues to snore. After the feather tickling Terry switches back to her fingers and tickles Luna even more and Luna eventually wakes up and first think that she’s dreaming but soon realize that Terry is tickling her but Luna acts like she’s asleep waiting for Terry to leave her alone but Terry have no such plans she only starts tickling Luna even more and Luna really has to struggle convince Terry she’s still asleep, Terry tickles every part of Luna’s feet the heels, sole and especially the toes because she knows how ticklish Luna is there and Luna tries to resist the tickling but still giggles and laughs because it tickles so much but eventually Luna can’t take it no more and she starts laughing hysterically begging Terry to stop tickling her but Terry continues because she’s having so much fun and she understands why Luna didn’t want her to tickle her feet because they’re so ticklish, terry asks why Luna hasn’t given back the shoes she borrowed from Terry but Luna says nothing she can only laugh but terry soon gives her a break to explain herself but Luna won’t talk so Terry starts tickling her toes and Luna tries ti resist but eventually tells terry she likes the shoes so much she was going to keep them and though that terry forgot she borrowed them and Terry tickles Luna a little more so she won’t take her shoes ever again and then Terry stops and let Luna get a rest and Luna feels even more sweaty and tired now than when she came from the gym

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 3249 kbps, 25.000 fps
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Duration: 19:21.760
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Download – The Ticklish Neighbor

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Sensual tickling armpits game

I’d like a custom with Bianca, where her arms are tied over her head and her smooth armpits are lick – tickled. Lot’s of long, slow, deep licks in those smooth armpits. Camera not too close.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 4934 kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 317 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 12:48.360
Size: 481,014 Mb

Download – Sensual tickling armpits game