ClickChix – A Sisterly Tickle Test!

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We are all familiar with the crazy ticklish Janira Wolfe, who has become a Clickchix regular. Today, we have a special treat for everyone….Janira has brought her REAL SISTER IZZY to tickle for us! The beautiful shy Izzy nervously agrees to her older sisters request to tickle her. Janira locks Izzy in the stocks to play with her pretty feet. She oils Izzy\'s feet, and tickles her relentlessly. Just as izzy thinks Janira\'s finger nails are the worst, Janira pulls out the dreaded HAIRBRUSH! The hair brush sends izzy into a laughing frenzy, and she begs for her sister to stop. Janira DOESN\'T STOP, and continues to tickle torture her little sister as she feels fit. When she\'s had her fill of Izzy\'s feet, she sneaks up to sit behind Izzy and explains how she remembers how ticklish Izzy\'s ARMPITS were when they were growing up! Izzy instantly goes into panic mode, and Janira attacks! She pulls Izzy\'s arms to the air and tickles her EXTREMELY ticklish armpits. Poor Izzy can\'t stay sitting up any longer while her sister tickles her; so Janira changes things up. She ties Izzy\'s feet down to the couch, and sits on top of her arms so the armpits, stomach, ribs, are ALL exposed! Janira DESTROYS Izzy\'s armpits, and poor Izzy laughs her beautiful little brains out! She begs and begs for her sister Janira to let her go, but the viscous tickler Janira REFUSES and tickles her sister more and more getting her entire upper body, and works her way to Izzy\'s very ticklish inner thighs, down to more feet! Finally Janira welcomes her little sister the ClickChix crew, and poor Izzy lays exhausted.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 9941 kbps, 24.000 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 152 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 11:47.583
Size: 851,392 Mb

Download – A Sisterly Tickle Test!

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