ClickChix – Makayla Cox Cant Take It Part TWO!

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Last we saw Makayla; she was tied down and FREAKING out on the pink tickle table. NOW, Princess C has her strapped down spread eagle on the bed COMPLETELY NAKED!Before Princess C even touches her, Makayla begins to whimper. This position has Makayla totally vulnerable to anything Princess C wants to do to her. And of course that means TICKLE HER MORE!Princess C gently starts lightly tickling Makayla's legs, causing her to hold her breath. But Makayla can't hold her breath forever as Princess C starts to attack her entire exposed body!She uses the light spider tickle technique to destroy Makayla instantly! She tickles her tight stomach, perky big tits, and gorgeous feet! Poor Makayla is so ticklish all over, and she can't contain herself as she's being tickle !Princess C then goes after Makayla's most ticklish spot; her ARMPITS! Sending Makayla into a fight or flight mode! She tries to escape, but luckily she can't! Just when poor Makayla thinks its over, our tickle princess pulls out her two favorite tools. The vibrating brush, and the hair brush! Makayla's fighting destroys the hair brush, but that doesn't stop princess c from using its bristles without the handle!… Next the vibrating brush on Makayla's upper body, almost breaks her entirely! Princess C has more fun, going back to her finger tip tickles on Makayla's body when an exhausted Makayla BEGS for it to end. The tickle princess contemplates this but decides she has a better idea and pulls out her pink hitachi!She uses it to tickle tease Makayla before placing its vibrating head onto her pussy. Makayla REALLY LOVES hitachi's and thinks this a reward for all the torture……and of course it is but it isn't at the same time; as Princess C starts to tickle Makayla's stomach while still vibing her pussy! Makayla gyrate's from the intense vibration, and Princess C finally allows her to have a terrific orgasm.Completely destroyed, Makayla lays on the bed in a state of euphoria….Because how amazing is a tickle session followed by an intense forced orgasm?

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