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Makayla Cox is a HOT milf pornstar. She has been in over 100 movies, yet has NEVER been tickled on screen before!She made the mistake of telling Princess C just how ticklish she is, so of course our tickle princess invited her over for some fun. But, Princess C felt like adding a little spice to the mix and has the gorgeous and most popular clickchix model Janira Wolfe come over to tickle the beautiful Makayla Cox. Janira locks Makayla into the stocks, along with cuffing her hands behind her back. Janira's sweet demeanor would trick many into thinking she isn't a cruel tickler but don't be fooled!Janira Wolfe LOVES to tickle anyone she can get her hands on and for poor Makayla Cox, today its her!Janira starts slowly tracing her finger nail along the soles of Makayla's sexy feet. She lets out a nervous groan as she knows that it will get much worse than this. Janira starts her tickle frenzy, causing Makayla to let out a bellowing laugh and screaming "Okay, Okay, Okay!". As if the word "Okay" will make little Janira stop….pshht! Janira goes right back into the tickle frenzy, even grabbing a few tools. She brushes the horrible hair brush onto Makaylas feet and she almost loses her mind! Makayla can't help but laugh and attempt escape…but she fails at escaping so Janira tries another clickchix tool; the vibrating bristle brush. She finds the right spot between Makayla's toes and balls of her feet. When Makayla reveals her most ticklish spot isn't even her feet in hopes to get Janira to stop, it back fires badly. Janira now is intrigued and begins to search for the most ticklish spot of Makayla….She tickles behind her knees making makayla's laughter grow, but as she goes up to her upper body Makayla begins to panic! It seems her most ticklish spot is her upper chest and armpit area! Janira tickles away and Makayla FREAKS OUT!!!!! She flails and screams, frightening Janira but nothing can scare this tickle deviant away from a good tickle time so she attempts again. Poor Makayla now we know where your most ticklish! But, Janira knows she will have her chance soon to get to those armpits and sneaks her way back down to the sexy feet. She brings back the hair brush and now a poor panicked Makayla loses it! She laughs like crazy and begs for the torture to end. Janira gets a little bit more of her tickle fill before agreeing to give Makayla a much needed rest.*Click* It and MEET The SEXY Makayla Cox!

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Size: 604,629 Mb

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