FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 159 Catwoman’s Tickle Rampage!

Catwoman's quick reflexes have allowed her to K.O. Batgirl … with her own batarang!  Overjoyed, the felonious feline thief straps the helpless heroine into a pair of stocks!  She sees Batgirl's sexy, gold boots and decides to steal them, but once she has them off, she realizes their too big for her.  This is the second time a pair of gold shoes have slipped through Catwoman's claws, thanks to big-footed women!  Now, Batgirl must pay!

Soon, the sexy caped crusader is squealing, struggling and laughing, in a breathless, tickled fit as Catwoman's claws and her real, wickedly long fingernails skitter over her big, size 9 soles!  Egyptian priestess, Neh-Rhys is none-too-impressed with Batgirl's failed attempt to rescue her, and she too is reminded of her place, as Catwoman tickles her feet, at the same time!  Both Batgirl and Neh-Rhys yowl and shriek in toe-wriggling, foot-tickled hysteria!

Catwoman offers the teary-eyed Batgirl mercy, IF she turns a blind eye to Catwoman's criminal activities for a month AND gives up her utility belt!  When it seems that tickling Batgirl won't do the trick, the crazy klepto cat threatens to foot-tickle Neh-Rhys to an early demise!  As Neh-Rhys's big, wildly squirming feet suffer at Catwoman's evil fingernails again, Batgirl has a decision to make!  Will she choose to save Neh-Rhys … even at the expense of letting Catwoman have access to her bat-gadgets?  Find out now, as this DC Comics tickle parody continues!

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