FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 172 Superheroine Foot-Tickle Fight!

Bombshell Katana (Lucy Purr) and Vixen (Enchantress Sahrye) have both had unsuccessful encounters with Slade Wilson, so this time they team up, when they find out he has retrieved the fabled Dragon Scroll!  Thinking they're ready for anything, they find out, the hard way, that the case containing the scroll is booby-trapped, with a gas that makes foe seem as friend and friend as foe!  Slade tells them that if they fight the effects of the gas, they just might not take each other out!

The two Justice League heroines fight, but manage not to do any permanent harm to each other, but then Katana puts Vixen in a painful armlock!  Vixen doesn't want to use her claws to harm Katana, but she still wants to fight, so she does the next best thing.  She removes one of Katana's geta sandals and tickles her hypersensitive bare sole and toes, to weaken her grip!  Katana goes berserk!  Her foot flails and toes squirm as she explodes into crazed cackles and desperate pleas for mercy!

Soon, what started as a fight to the finish becomes a semi-friendly foot-tickling fiasco!  Vixen's tickle tactic breaks Katana's jiu-jutsu hold, but the two end up at each other's feet, instead of at each other's throats!  Both sexy superheroines have wicked fingernails, capable of toe-tally terrorizing a ticklish pair of tootsies!  Now, both Vixen and Katana howl and shriek, in hysterical tickled fits as each unleashes her formidable fingernails on her colleague's wildly wriggling feet! 

Vixen even comments, "I thought you'd have hard, samurai feet.  Where you get your feets done?" Katana even uses one of the decorative chopsticks in her hair to torment Vixen's spastic, squirming feet!  But, now that the two superbabes are locked in mortal tickle combat, what about Slade?  And what about the Dragon Scroll?  Find out now and stay tuned for the next episode, of this DC Comics parody!

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