FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Mission Hysterical! Pt. 28 Cleo & Angelina’s Tickle Trials!

Sexy secret agents, Cleo and Angelina Elise are captured, during their training competition!  The beautiful, black-clad duo are tied up side-by-side, by another agent.  He also wants the mini-drive!  Having witnessed the effectiveness of foot-tickling as a means of interrogation, he removes their shoes and gets right down to business! 

Both Cleo and Angelina squeal and shriek, amidst fits of helpless laughter!  Their soft, pampered soles and toes can't take the tootsie-tickling torment!  Their bare, vulnerable soles flex and scrunch as their wiggly toes curl, splay and dance, in vain attempts to escape!  Fingernails, feathers, oil, brushes and the steel claw keep the terribly ticklish twosome on their toes and their tickled toes keep them on the edges of their seats! 

Laughter and screams for mercy fill the room as Angelina breaks and admits that she has the mini-drive!  And, because Angelina cracked, Cleo wins the competition!  The interrogator turns out to be one of the trainers for this exercise and he allows Cleo to "take a victory lap" on Angelina's feet, for making the little brunette have to suffer through a foot-tickling nightmare a second time!  Cleo relishes every bit of Angelina's tickled anguish as she extracts her tickling fury upon the sexy Brit's tickle-sore bare feet!  Don't miss two fan faves, Cleo and Angelina Elise, toe-tickled together for the very first time!

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Download – Mission Hysterical! Pt. 28 Cleo & Angelina's Tickle Trials!

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