FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Vika’s Ticklish, Licklish Christmas!

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Leggy, Russian hottie, Vika, has forgotten to buy Bella Ink's Christmas gift! Bella pretends not to be upset, but that's only because she's planning to teach Vika a lesson! Bella overheard Vika talking to her mom about an old family folk tale, involving some magic Christmas slippers. Vika admits she never believed the story, but wore slippers around her family to keep them from tickling her feet. That's all Bella needs to know!

Bella waits for Vika to drop her guard, jumps her and snatches the sexy Amazon's shoes off! Vika shrieks as Bella tickles her socked feet! Slowly, Bella removes Vika's socks and skitters her sharp fingernails over Vika's big, size 9.5 bare soles! Vika thrashes in a tickled fit, begging for mercy, but Bella turns up the heat, by licking, nibbling and ticklishly worshiping the leggy blonde's long soles and toes!

Vika swears to go buy Bella's gift immediately, if Bella will give her terribly ticklish tootsies a break! But, maybe Bella is having too much fun! Will friendship prevail over tickle and lickle fun?

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Download – Vika's Ticklish, Licklish Christmas!

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