FunhouseClips – Cherry Morgan in KO’s & Tickles!

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Bobby's boss Cherry Morgan is one hot lady that doesn't play around at her office and one thing she truly hates is when guys at the job try to ask her out when they know their not in her league! Well today Bobby decided to get his revenge on this hot big tit boss lady as he came up behind her and send her off to lala land. Now its time to make a fool out of this hot blonde with a body of a porn star. After she went off to dream about rainbows and unicorns it was time for Bobby to play with her limp body with some well deserved limb play. First he lifted her up and felt on those big tits of hers thru the blouse. After playing with her limbs for a bit it was time dance around her in the office like she is his personal little doll. He was loving how hot she was in that secretary outfit of hers so he figured he should bend her over and dry hump on that nice big booty of hers that was looking delicious in that skirt of hers. I think its safe to say if boss lady Cherry ever sees the security video of her employee doing all this to her he would be fired immediately so hopefully Bobby got a hold of that video and destroyed it. And hopefully Cherry has no idea what even happened today!

Cherry Morgan is one mean boss who doesn't take no nonsense from her employees especially slackers like Bob who is always late, lazy and trying to hit on her for dates. After embarrassing him and turning him down for these dates, Bob finally had enough and decided to send her off to lala land. After he had his fun with her he decided to tie her down to the office chair and have some fun with those lovely feet of hers. Once she woke up she was pissed, she demanded to be let go as he is totally fired now but Bob could care less now as he wanted sweet revenge on this sexy boss lady. That is when he lifted her feet up and started tickling those sweet soles of hers. Good thing Miss Morgan is super ticklish and she started to laugh her ass off in that chair. She cursed him out and everything but Bob was not hearing it as he continued to tickle torture his former boss. Its amazing how he could have such a big crush on her but once she played him out he didn't care anymore as all he wanted to do was torture those ticklish feet of hers and that he did until he was fully satisfied with the tickles!

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