FunhouseClips – Get Me Off Daniella Deviant vs Bobby Tickles

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Public defender Daniella Deviant was waiting very patiently for her new client today. Little did she know her client is serial tickler Bobby Tickles. Well the minute he was brought into the room she looked very disappointed. She couldn’t get over the fact that he was back at it with tickling women again and even confessed to the detectives without talking to her first. Basically Bobby’s case was pretty much done with, he’s going away but that wasn’t the REAL reason he wanted her to visit him. Bobby just happened to have a friend on the inside and that friend just happens to enjoy watching him tickling female public defendants. So the minute Daniella started to feel sleepy after drinking her coffee during their meeting is when the real fun was about to begin. That is when the friendly correctional officer gave Bobby some much needed rope so he can restrain her. After that was taken care of, he decided to wake her up to show her exactly what he does to get him in the trouble that he is already in. Once he took off her heels, Daniella knew her feet were next. It was almost instantly that Bobby tickled her lovely feet and driving her completely crazy. Of course he reminded her that as much as he wants her to get him out he also keeps shouting “GET ME OFF”. Just when she thought this was all over, her feet receives even more well deserved tickle torture just to be reminded how important she is to her unforgettable new client!!

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