GinaryTickleAdventures – Unruly Brats Tickled

Dustin Steele thought he was going to have his way tickling both Sasha Foxxx and Maria Marley but the girls prove to be more of a handful them he expected. As soon as he touches Maria she screams with laughter and thrashes wildly. Sasha thrashes too busting her feet out of their restraints. She tries to kick Dustin who grabs her foot and tickles it. Both girls struggle wildly in their bounds trying to avoid his tickling. Dustin grabs maria and tease her pussy with the hitachi the moves on to Sasha. Sasha manages to break both legs free and tries to climb up Dustin until he hit the right spot with the vibrator and all she can do is moan. Dustin returns to using the Hitachi on Maria who has managed to get her feet free as well. While he is distracted with Maria, Sasha manages to free herself from the wall. With her wrists still chained together she tries to come to Maria’s aid only to end up over Dustin’s shoulder.

She wraps her legs around him in a scissor hold while he tries to get her pussy with the Hitachi. He finally gets Sasha off him but she steals his pants along the way. The girls continue to fight his tickling until Maria managers to free herself then the girl chase after Dustin.

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