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Shot mostly POV style to put you right in the middle of the action! Sort of a "sequel" (in some ways) to the "Detective Rapture: Stolen System" clip (see that for more of this character), the sexy cop now finds herself bound SPREAD EAGLE on a bed, TAPE GAGGED! She struggles for about a minute before, fading to later, we see a mysterious glove-wearing creep enter (he's played SILENTLY in this movie to preserve the POV nature and make it seem like "you're" the one doing this to her). Rapture struggles as he begins to TOUCH HER, FONDLE HER. He REMOVE HER SHOES, briefly fondling her nylon feet. He must know that one of Detective Rapture's weaknesses is her big ticklish nylon feet, as he gives her a NYLON FOOT TICKLING. Rapture laughs under her gag, as the mysterious gloved person tickles her. After he's had his fun, he approaches her, and uses something on her to put her out. He briefly looks over her helpless body, before waking her up. He REMOVES HER TAPE GAG (done on screen) – this sexy woman begins to talk trash, trying to act tough, telling you to let her go and how much of a creep you are. He TICKLES HER FEET some more, showing her that she's just a plaything. She begins to get mouthy, calling him pathetic, so he decides she needs to be humiliated by forced to cum by your hand. He begins to MASTURBATE Rapture while she tries to resist, but he FORCES HER TO ORGASM. She can't believe how you humliated her like that, but she's still acting tough and calling you pathetic. "You may have orgasmed me but you're still pathetic!" she says. No matter, he uses something to put her back out. Later, she begins to wake as he enters with the hitachi. Now time to give this sexy captive a proper orgasm. He VIBES RAPTURE until she's FORCED TO ORGASM. After he's had his fun, he gives her a FINAL something to put her out, leaving her helpless and bound, ready for more abuse later. NOTE: IF YOU ENJOY SEEING RAPTURE AS A DETECTIVE, THIS JULY I'LL BE FILMING A VERY EROTIC GIRL-GIRL DAMSEL MOVIE FEATURING RAPTURE AND WENONA, IN A WAY YOU'VE NOT SEEN RAPTURE AT THIS SITE BEFORE. STAY TUNED!

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