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After the events of "Ultimate Rival Roommates: The Dress" and "Ultimate Rival Roommates: Bikini Revenge," Hollywood was captured and tickled by her roommates Kobe Lee and Tomiko after her failed revenge. It picks up here with – the first minute or so of the scene shows Hollywood being tickled over an extended period of time by Kobe and Tomiko, who are trying to tickle her into their way of thinking. Eventually after this ordeal (presented in a flashback sequence), Hollywood is FOOT SMOTHERED OUT by Tomiko, as the girls decide they know what they want to do. Fading to later, we now see Hollywood wrapped up in a red body sack, completely out (from her previous foot smothering). The girls wake her up, and continue to TICKLE HER FEET. Hollywood, after all the tickling and punishment (see earlier clips for more of it), is tickled and teased until she finally agrees to join her roommates in enjoying fetish. Later, the final scene has Hollywood entering and the girls putting a SLAVE COLLAR on her to prove her loyalty to them. She's then made to kiss their feet as they lay back and relax, as the series closes out with this episode.

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