TickleAbuse – Sophie Topless ToeTied

Sophie Reyes is definitely one of my new favorites, super ticklish and super sexy. She is topless, hands tied behind her back in the portable stocks. Jamie Valentine has her nails extra sharp and she plans to use them to torment Sophie’s sexy little body and feet.

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Download – Sophie Topless ToeTied

TickleAbuse – Sheer Bare Everywhere

Poor Karley Salinas, so damn ticklish and everyone really loves to torment her. Karley and Ari are dressed in business attire, and Ari is definitely all business today. She starts on Karley’s very ticklish upper body and of course Karley begs and pleads for Ari to stop but she won’t! She moves on to her feet and her sexy sheer suntan nylons, Karely cannot take it. Ari moves on to her bare sensitive soles and Karley again begs and pleads but to no avail.

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Download – Sheer Bare Everywhere

TickleAbuse – Lucy Purr Pits and Tits

Ari rakes her nails all over Lucy’s very sensitive armpits and tits.

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Download – Lucy Purr Pits and Tits

TickleAbuse – Behind The Scenes Sahrye

This video includes some behind the scenes footage of Sahrye freaking out about tickling as she gets out of the Soles Up bondage and is about to get into the stocks. No way she wants to be toe tied and she just goes on and on about how ticklish she is and how bad it is for her. Nika is attentive but is only going to torment her anyway!

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Duration: 12:05.858
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Download – Behind The Scenes Sahrye

TickleAbuse – Back Again

Naomi has finally found her way back home! Today she is in the stocks with her replacement, Ari. Ari is definitely eager to show her who is boss the now!

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Duration: 10:26.626
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Download – Back Again

TheTickleRoom – Sablique Von Lux in “The Most Intense Relief”

So here we have popular fetish model Sablique Von Lux. She is a gorgeous and a TALL 6’0 with SEXY size 9.5 feet with LONG toes. She just finished tickling the hell out of Rosie with Indica (coming soon) But now it was time for Ms. Von Lux to get the Tickle Room treatment. Now fans all told me “She gets tickled but never pushed”. Now I am ALL for some good old fashioned laughter in hysteria but I did not want to make her unhappy. So safe word on, intensity level chosen, we step into the feathered ring. Now Sablique has LONG toes and if I were a betting man I would say they are….HYPER TICKLISH. She is tied up to bed instead of the chair (I wanted to try this spot don’t hate me). I start with some fun finger only tickling and she is screaming, snorting, and laughing unable to move. I tickle her toes and JACKPOT its a money spot. I keep going before adding some oil in. She breathes and once I add oil she already knows what is coming. But I make a game. If she moves I immediately will grab the brush. So she has to hold her feet still as I go as fast as possible. She is good at the game but she is BEGGING “DO I GET A HAHAHAHA OMG”. Then I slow down pulling her toes back and running my nails up and down her soles. Now I break out the tools and ALL OF THEM WORK. But the one that shocked me the most is the new electric massage tool. I do that and the brush as a combo and she is FALLING APART. You can tell she can barely breathe. So I stop giving her a break as me and Indica prep. We then WOMBO COMBO her toes lickling and sucking them them while tickling her soles. She is screaming and loving it but were not done. Its upperbody time. She gets a long break and then its time. I bed spread her and go in. She is laughing her whole body out as I find her armpits and hips. Her hips is a spot she NEVER knew was as bad as it was. She even kicks the camera out but Indica fixes it! We keep going and it gets even MORE intense. At the end of it all Sablique tells me it was easily one of her favorite and most intense shoots. She loved the feeling of just letting go since she has never been tickled this intense yet fun before.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 15403 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Download – Sablique Von Lux in “The Most Intense Relief”

TheTickleRoom – Rosie Double Teamed “Tickled by the Pros”

Rosie has been through a LOT of tickling in her career at The Tickle Room but this one is easily one of the sexiest and most intense. Here we have 2 professional fetish models who are WELL versed in the tickling world. That is Sablique Von Lux and Indica. We have Rosie Soles up tied to the massage table. She starts with sneakers and socks on and the girls start by slowly removing her sneakers and teasing her with socks on. Sablique wastes no time getting in Rosies toes. After a while they peel her socks off and start going for her bare toes and soles. Rosie fights closing her toes to no avail as the girls peel them back. Then Indica begins her amazing nibbling/lickling combo. Then they break out oil and the brush and Rosie is a SCREAMING giggling mess. They then realize something Rosie HATES but does not tell anyone, putting strings through her toes. Then we get to her upper body . They go FAST getting to ALL her spots. She is SCREAMING and GIGGLING like I have NEVER heard her do before. I even got my first noise complaint. She even used her safeword more than she usually does. This is easily one of the BEST Rosie Clips I have!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 7437 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 18:12.624
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Download – Rosie Double Teamed “Tickled by the Pros”