ShyAndWildTickling – Dr. Pervert 1 – Part 1 – Strip For Doctor

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RussianFetish – Top model’s girlfriend has ticklish feet and body! – Kristy and Lolly on a new device

Two sexy girls are testing a new device. Their legs are raised up and fastened with straps, and their hands are placed behind the head and also fixed. Both girls in white underwear.
You might already know ticklish cutie Kristy. Her friend Lolly came with her, who experiences ticklish sensations for the first time.
Susanna is a tickler tonight and she starts with a slight tickling of their feet. Panic reaction increases after intense tickling with her fingernails – girls laugh and shout.
Lolly's delicate orange soles twitch from side to side but they can't break free. Susanna ruthlessly tickles the girls' feet applying a cream and combs. They aren't lucky today!
Next, Susanna goes to their bodies – tickles armpits and stomachs. I join and create panic cries with tickling waists of both girls. This continues for a long time, Susanna torments their slender bodies and tickles her feet again at the end. The girls are exhausted… Enjoy!

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RussianFetish – Liquidation of agent Leya. Interrupted attempt of her penetration on a secret Fetish studio

The story: Police agent Leya is trying to uncover an underground society that tickle torments women b request from anonymous clients. She penetrates the secret studio but she got caught sneaking around and captured.
They also don't like that she's a cop so they want to teach her a lesson but to also show her what exactly it is that they do. And also since she's a cop, the "boss" wants to dine and "feast" off her soles.

The video starts off with her snooping around and investigating until she is caught and captured by one of the bad guys.
He tied her to a pole and decided to call the boss:
– Hi boss. You wouldn't believe but I just caught one bitch who's a cop actually, so listen as she sweetly moos with her gagged mouth.
Ok boss, I’m waiting for you. Yes, I’ll prepare this little bitch for the "feast".
Masked man tickles Leya's upper body while she is tied to a pole. Cutie twitches and squeals sexually. 

In the next scene, Leya lies on the floor with her legs tied to a pole. The bad guy cleans her feet and lubricates them abundantly with oil. He uses a paintbrush and cooking oil, to prepare her feet. After that, he takes a hair dryer
– I'll fry your heels, baby!
He begins to fry Lea's feet with a hairdryer to tenderize her soles…
Then the bad guy calls the "boss" and says she's ready.

When the boss arrived, Agent Leya is already bound eagle spread on the bed.
– Excellent work, I see that you prepared her feet very well. I'm hungry already so let's start the feast!
The boss chooses one foot and the bad guy chooses the other.
Napkins are draped over Leya's feet and cover them. When the boss and bad guy sit at each foot, they tuck in the napkins into their collars and remove the napkin from her feet revealing her feet for the feast.
He takes a seat as well as the bad guy and admires her soles for a bit after removing the napkin telling her how she made a big mistake coming here and that he's been looking forward to tasting her soles and that her being a cop won't save her.
They start off with a jar of honey and a paintbrush and slowly start to apply honey on top her soles and toes. Then they slowly lick it off. I would love to see nice long slow licks up the entire length of her sole from heel to the toes. And the boss and bad guy are enjoying and savoring the taste. In between applications of honey, the boss grabs strawberries and runs it up and down her honey covered soles to get honey on the strawberry and eats it and does this a couple times and as well as the bad guy.
Then they apply whip cream with a brush to her soles and the same thing, slowly lick it and enjoying it. And they do this a couple times to reapply whip cream and lick it off. In between applications of whip cream, the boss and bad guy grab strawberries and run it up and down her whip cream covered soles to get whip cream on the strawberry and eat it and do this a couple times randomly.

After all, this is done the boss and the bad guy licks her soles clean and tell her that her soles were the most delicious soles they had and that if she comes back, this will all happen again and that her being a cop won't save her. Then the boss uses a marker and writes “your soles were tasty” and the bad guy draws little happy faces on her toes. Then they leave her resting on the bed after this exhausting ticklish feast…

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RussianFetish – Blonde Lolly tickling all body and feet by four female hands

Sexy Lolly wears white underwear, she's fixed on a special tickling device. Her arms are fixed on top, and her legs are spread apart. Kristy and Susanna are going to have some fun and tickle her, they are located on opposite sides. Susanna is in the back and Kristy in the front. The blonde responds hotly to tickling, she moans and laughs. Kristy runs her fingernails over Lolly's orange soles and it looks great.
Next, both ticklers are busy with blonde's feet and she flutters in a ticklish ecstasy.
After that, both girls go to her sides and armpits, they explore all her ticklish spots with their nails to drive Lolly crazy. She bursts out laughing.
After that, Susanna puts a gag into ticklee's mouth and girls keep on tickling… Enjoy!

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RussianFetish – A story of how we drove young Bria to cries with an upper body tickling

The plot is simple – Bria lies on the bench and her legs and hands are securely locked in stocks. She has no chance to escape and only a safe word can stop the further tickle torture. But she's not going to stop it until the end, where she gets a hysterical crying. This girl is terribly ticklish on her sides and armpits, as well as her belly and navel. That was a very intense tickling session for her.

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RandomSoleEncounters – TICKLE VLOG #1 – Ticklish Wake-up Call

What do I do when I'm not making tickle videos?  I still tickle, of course!  This new vlog style series will take you behind-the-scenes with candid footage and of course tickling!!!  

This was shot on the last night of our vacation.   Luna has one rule when we go on vacation; "Absolutely no tickling!"   And I've always followed that rule….until now! 

This clip starts with some candid footage of Luna and I hanging out after a day at a theme park.  This is pure behind-the-scenes stuff you don't normally get from tickle clips.  Luna is ready for bed, dressed in an adorable unicorn onesie with matching socks.  She watches a movie while I edit clips and shares her very random thoughts with all of us.

As the night goes on, she becomes increasingly annoyed with me filming her.  I forgot to mention my "tickle vlog" plans to her…oops!  Luna finally decides to go to bed and that's where my plan begins.

Fun Fetish Model Fact:  Luna is a very deep sleeper.  I use this to my advantage.  You get to see me carefully move her and cuff her hands behind her back.  This was harder then I thought, she moves as if she was waking up a few times but I was able to secure her hands nicely.  I then move to her feet and have to get her long unicorn socks off.  I strip each sock off carefully and we are ready to give her a ticklish wake up call!

I use my leg to brace her ankles and slowly begin tickling her tender soles.  Luna slowly comes to and is confused as to what is taking place.  Still half-asleep she laughs herself awake!  I give her soles a very good finger tickling, fingers only for this clip!  Luna is lost in laughter, she laughs so loud I was worried she was going to wake up the other people in the hotel.

She thrashes, laughs and screams at me so much that I don't think she ever noticed the camera!  She was not happy, believe me I paid for this clip later, but it was worth it. 

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Download – TICKLE VLOG #1 – Ticklish Wake-up Call

RandomSoleEncounters – Shy Elle’s Unexpected Orgasm – 1st Forced Orgasm Video!

For everyone who's asked for bondage with forced orgasms, this one's for you!  Elle has done a few tickling videos for the store along with custom videos.  She's a broke college student and is always excited to make quick cash. This time she got more than she bargained for!

Elle and I got together to do a few custom videos, we were finishing up when I told here there was one more shoot.  A simple bondage photo shoot in her bra and panties.  

This clip starts as Elle is relaxing in bed and I tell her we have one more shoot.  You get to see my restrain her ankles and wrists. 

I tell her she needs to be blindfolded and Elle is very reluctant.  She tells me she is claustrophobic and might freak out.  I promise to take off the blindfold if she freaks and she agrees to give it a try.  Once I have her bound and blindfolded I take out the vibrator/electric massager.  

Elle immediately asks what the noise is.  Before she can think I place it on her pussy and she is shocked and embarrassed "Um, um, um…" she says "What is that?".  She knows exactly what it is!

We get some amazing very candid reactions from Elle.  She keeps saying "Um, Um" as if searching for what to do or say.  You can tell she's struggling with the embarrassment of her situation but also loving the sensations running through her body.  

I just let the massager do it's work and Elle soon stops her protesting.  "We're almost done, right?" she says between some heavy gulps and deep breaths.  I could tell the orgasm was coming and she was trying to suppress it. 

I see this and press the vibrator hard against her clit.  Elle's entire body stiffens, she bucks and shudders with an orgasm, she could only hold out so long.  

After she cums she begins to giggle with embarrassment.  I playfully ask "What happened?"  She's so shy she can't even tell me and just says "I think you know!" between laughing.  

If you want to see an amateur college girl cum on cam for the first time get this clip!

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Download – Shy Elle's Unexpected Orgasm – 1st Forced Orgasm Video!