PhillyTickling – She Hates Tickling!

Ayla Aysel is a beautiful girl from Tampa, Florida who just visited the Philadelphia area and I had been planning to work with her for months now. With my Eagles winning their first Super bowl, needless to say, this area has been in a state of euphoria. Now, I had to take out all my happiness and built up emotion on someone and here is Ayla in my apartment just days after the Super Bowl victory parade. I also have her wear an Eagles Super Bowl Champion t-shirt! I tickle her feet and legs like crazy and she laughs out loud and squirms the entire time. I start out by tickling her feet with her cute socks still on. I then peel them off and tickle her bare feet. The sensation of going from socks to bare feet drives her crazy as she is even more tickling. Especially around the toes! She has beautiful size 8.5 feet with super wrinkled soles and they are incredibly soft. Fly Eagles Fly!!

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PhillyTickling – Nice to See You Again, Nyssa!

It’s so great to see Nyssa Nevers again! It’s been years since we had been on set together. I see Nyssa usually a few times a year at conventions and such but this time she was passing through Philly and I had to work with her for my sites for the first time. I actually tickled Nyssa for a good friend of mine who used to have a store. Nyssa has been doing this for years. She’s truly one of the best there is and is the ultimate professional. She is very real and she is EXTREMELY TICKLISH! Look out! This clip is nonstop laughter from start to finish and I give her no breaks and I’m relentless. She literally driven to tears. You can really tell toward the end, that she was literally crying from all the laughter. Her big size 8.5 feet are ticklish all over. Nyssa has been in the industry nearly as long as me. I have just about 18 years which is hard to believe and amazingly Nyssa, it’s been 17 years which is really unbelievable which is a real testimonial to her staying power and dominance in this business for so many years. This is a great lip you are sure to enjoy!

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PhillyTickling – I Got You This Time!!

WOW!! This is a great tickle clip! I last worked with Brittany Shae several years ago. Back then, I had the pleasure of shooting her first anal scene and of course we shot solo foot tease, foot worship and a footjob. I did not get a chance to tickle her. She was probably glad about that. In this BRAND NEW tickle clip, she does not escape. I get her on the bed and tickle her all over. Listen to that shriek and non-stop laughter! She is really loud. I tickle her beautiful feet, her sides, legs and she is all over the bed. You are going to love to watch this southern belle getting tickled.

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PhillyTickling – Ginary gets the Tickle Chair!!

Here is what all of my tickling fans have been waiting for from me! A girl in restraints and me using tickle tools on her. I had the pleasure of working with the very popular Ginary from Ginary’s Kink Adventures in Florida! She is amaing and SUPER ticklish. She has size 8 feet. This is all foot tickling here but not just finger tickling on feet. I do it all here. See her twist and squirm all about as I tickle both feet. I start out with finger tickling and you can see her fine totally nude buddy twisting all over. This tickle chair is incredible and I have to get me one of these! I then bust out the box of tickle tools. There are so many to choose from. I start out with the pointy back scratcher. This makes her jump all over the place. The good thing is, she can’t escape and get out of the chair with her ankles and hands restrained. I then use the trusty feather and tickler her feet and toes with both ends, the feathery end and the pointed quill end. Next, is the electric toothbrush, a real favorite among my tickle fans. You can see and hear it go to town on her wrinkled soles. I finish up with a hairbrush and she can’t take it anymore. I figured she had enough, lol!

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Perverstage – The Popular Gabrielle

Gabrielle has been a success because it has everything a ticklee model should have, spectacular beauty, sexy body, beautiful feet, but most importantly, it is really ticklish.

The suffering of Gabrielle will not rest because several interested in making custom with her have contacted us, she is now subjected to the fantasies of Kevin, who asked us for a custom in which we tickle her feet intensely using various instruments, tied and sitting on a sofa and his feet trapped in the stock is nice to see how he kicks to avoid tickling, which is obviously useless.

After the intense punishment that the beautiful Gabrielle receives, she is tied to a chair to wait for the punishment that follows, we could not pass up the opportunity to taste her feet, with a taste and aroma full of exquisite pheromones, she in hogtie her soles are vulnerable to the suckers that undoubtedly continue to cause hysterical laughter in Gabrielle.

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Duration: 33:36.981
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Perverstage – The mayor’s daughter

Gabrielle is the daughter of a politician, she is missing, where will she be?

She is in the hands of a perverted madman, she refuses to cooperate to pay their ransom, while the pervert demands her cell phone, realizes that she is quite ticklish, he comes to torture her with tickling and intends to send a video to his family to press the payment of his ransom, while the pervert is neglected to look for the video camera, she manages to untie herself for what she wants to escape but her attempt was useless since she manages to be subdued again.

Tied to the bed and her body vulnerable to tickling, a little secret; when the feet are in socks they increase the sensitivity of their soles to friction with the fingers, the other tools are useless but the fingers become a powerful tool, once barefoot you can make use of the other tools, a tickling session It is always fun with Gabrielle, since you can see that she is very ticklish as well as beautiful, but her character is very charismatic and witty.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 3952 kbps, 23.976 fps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 192 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 40:23.045
Size: 1 197,248 Mb

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Perverstage – Italian Spy Color Version

Color Version of the custom and why they have requested it several times, now without vintage look and full color.

An Italian spy gets information from the allies, the allies try to thwart the “Operazione Mandragora” of the Italian army, with the capture of this spy trained not to speak even being tortured, it will be quite a challenge.

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Duration: 41:26.157
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