Perverstage – MILF Sandra

Sandra is a MILF who experiences tickling with her husband, tied to the cage/table he starts tickling using his mouth, hands, pinwheel and feather, she is very tickly but tries to endure laughter at all times, I clarify that the husband Sandra’s not a good tickler, so don’t expect a session where she is taken to the maximum of tickling, but certainly a ticklee that is fun to torture with expert hands.

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Perverstage – Janette’s Torment Part 2

Second part of this session with Janette where she has her back, trapped in the stock, she suffers in a very sensual way, she writhes in laughter while 2 evil ticklers brushed their soles.

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Perverstage – Janette’s Torment Part 1

Again the beautiful Janette, trapped in the stock, with her feet apart and her mouth taped, to then punish her tickly soles with feathers, fingers, electric toothbrush, itchy powders and the final torment “Brush with Baby Oil”

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OrgasmAbuse – Izzy In Chains

Stella has Izzy naked and suspended. Izzy really wants to cum but doesn’t expect to be so sensitive after she does. She also doesn’t know that Stella doesn’t care how sensitive she gets because she is going to make her cum over and over.

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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Titilatingly Ticklish Bondage Slut

I’ve always really respected and enjoyed Damon Pierce’s creativity and sadism. We’ve known each other for a long time before this trip I made to California to shoot with him so I was really stoked when our schedules gave us time to shoot and hang out! I had no clue what would happen to me but I trusted it would be fun and memorable! And it was!!

Damon had me tied down and spread out on this bondage table top, with just a pair of black panties on. He put together these pretty evil rings of pain for my huge tits that he clamped right on that sensitive skin using 6 clothespins for each breast. OUCHY! While pinning them he notices that I’m ticklish, which he found very amusing and took advantage of for some fun, tickling my exposed armpits and sides. He then pulls my panties up tight into my pussy and uses a crop on it until it turns bright pink and gets tender. Then back to some more tickling, my pussy is so sensitive at that point, every sensation is completely heightened! The tickling, the torture, when he introduces the hitachi vibrator! There’s a lot of tease and denial involved when that vibrator comes out. Of course what I want is an orgasm, but as he gets me close, then he brings in either the pain of a strict crop slapping my already reddened skin, or more tickling which makes me go crazy! It’s a total mind game and I never know what I’ll get or when he will give it to me, he’s in total control and I’m just a bondage thing to play around with. Finally he builds me up to a bunch of great orgasms, which all come with a price to pay of course…more pain and more tickling. I must suffer for rewards, and then suffer again and again.

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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Ticklish Private Tutoring

Kobe and Arielle are both pissed off that Nyssa was not prepared for the presentation. In fact, Nyssa didn’t read any of the book at all! And to make matters worse, Nyssa has no remorse about it! Well that is the last straw and Kobe and Arielle are about to teach Nyssa a lesson! Arielle grabs Nyssa and holds her while Kobe rips off Nyssa’s tennis shoes and socks and then tied her ankles together. They tie Nyssa up real tight and then tell her that they have a little game to play with her. Arielle is down by Nyssa’s bare soles and holds up a long parrot feather. They explain that they are going to quiz her on the book since Nyssa CLAIMS to have read it, but they know she’s lying. Every question Nyssa gets wrong, Arielle will tickle her feet mercilessly with the feather and quill!

Kobe begins asking the most simple questions about the book, but poor Nyssa can’t answer a single one of the correct! Nyssa just keeps struggling and laughing as the feather dances up and down her soft soles! Then the quill attack really gets her screaming! There’s nothing she can do since she doesn’t know any of the answers! Maybe next time Nyssa should do a better job in the next project…

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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – The Bounty Hunter

Nyssa Okami is a Assassin who will work for anyone who pays. This time she’s been hired by the Yakuza to take out Bounty-Hunter Adara the Falcon.
But things don’t turn out very well for Nyssa. Adara noticed that she was coming and tickle attacks Nyssa’s arms, nose and armpits with two feathers. She quickly sends the Asian hitlady to ground with her tickle attack, and once she grabs Nyssa’s foot, removes her shoe and threatens to tickle her bare foot, Nyssa surrenders.

Nyssa finds herself all tied up to an interrogation chair. When she refuses to tell Adara who sent her, Adara takes off her other shoe and starts a long and intense foot feather tickling on her bare soles. Nyssa giggles and soon bursts into laughter as the feathers of Adara slowly go up and down on her soles. Adara even starts using two feathers at the same time to keep both soles under tickletorture at the same time !
Nyssa begs her to stop and soon is turned from a tough hitlady into a begging helpless damsel.

In the end she cracks and tells Adara anything she wants to know…but Adara won’t let her go since there’s a huge bounty on her so she just calls the Police to send some people and pick up her ticklish prisoner!

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Duration: 23:18.964

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