NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Never Mess With A Foot Guy!!!

Nyssa has found a way around working so hard at the office. She noticed a while back that her co-worker Tom had been staring at her feet a lot whenever she would dangle a heel or slip her heels off under her desk. That was months ago and she used that to her advantage as soon as she could. Now all she has to do at work is rest her feet in his lap and wiggle her toes around and he does all her boring paperwork for her and she gets to just sit and play on her phone all day. Work has become super easy and nice and she’s been “more productive than ever” now that HE’S doing ALL her work!

One day they are sitting, with her feet in his lap as he does her work, like usual, and he asks her if it would be possible if he could maybe tickle her feet, just a little bit. Nyssa laughs and tells him he’s like her puppet because every time her feet come out of her heels, he just does all her work. And that since he does such a great job, MAYBE she will let him give her a foot massage, but NOT tickle, bc she hates tickling! It’s pretty late so she looks and see he’s almost finished with her work for the day, so she says he can stay and finish and she’s going to leave because there’s no point in her having to stay late. Tom is pretty frustrated, but he’s never really stuck up for himself before, and she walks right out of the office…Little does she know that she has pushed Tom to his limit! Tom is determined to get what he wants, what he believes HE DESERVES!

Nyssa is just resting on her couch after her long day of doing nothing at the office and in barges Tom! He over powers her and immediately ties her up, wrists behind her back, rope around her chest and ankles together, feet and legs stretched out straight in front of her. He tells her that she’s been teasing him for months at he office and he’s tired of it! He pulls out a large parrot feather and starts waving it close to her feet and Nyssa gets really nervous. Nyssa is used to being so dominant over Tom, she tells him sternly that he will NOT be tickling her feet with that feather…but it doesn’t seem like she’s in the best position to make such rules now. He brings the feather in close to her bare soles and starts letting the feather run up and down them. She can’t stand it and bursts into laughter! He grabs a hold of her big toes and stretches them back and let’s his feather go crazy on them. He even goes in between her toes and then uses the quill! Poor Nyssa can’t hardly catch her breath from all this laughing! She screams NO and for him to stop, but he does not stop, it just gets more intense. He finally breaks her down and now she’s begging for him to stop, and even that doesn’t help.

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LovelyLaughTickling – The russian cousins are tickled together for their final scene

The russian cousins are back together for their last scene.
They are tie together in a “feet up” position that many of you enjoy.

I was quite surprised but they still had enough juice to go through that, and the fact that they are both tickled at the same time made them even more ticklish, as they also laugh about the situation !

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Duration: 12:20.600

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LovelyLaughTickling – Mary is the cutest ticklee + Interview.

What do we have here ? Of course, our cute little blondie, our Mary !
This is my best clip with her to date, because the more we meet, the more ticklish she is !

Our little angel is wrapped on the table in her underwear, this huge amount of bare skin gave us the chance to discover new ticklish spots !

As always Mary plays with the tickler, sulking a little, pretending she doesn’t like being tied up (the biggest lie ever). As soon as she is tickled we can hear her laugh and scream, and this never stops.
After a while we blindfold her for even more ticklish reactions, a good idea as she is jumping around like a flea. But the wrapping doesn’t let her the opportunity to get away, so she can only plea.

In the end, we give her an interview, with some tickle games, it’s subtitled, if you want to fall in love with a ticklish french girl, look nowhere, Mary is the perfect Parisian blonde.

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Download – Mary is the cutest ticklee + Interview

LovelyLaughTickling – Linda is a nervous wreck!

This is tiny Linda’s last tickle scene for now ! As she has been wrecked with a super long tickle clip on the table, you can see she is exhausted.
But there is still some laughing juice in her, so we thought it may be good to do this last clip in the stocks before doing our worship scenes 🙂

As always Linda is a super sexy and cute model, she is super ticklish and tends to scream a lot under torture 🙂

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Duration: 11:51.360

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Download – Linda is a nervous wreck!

LovelyLaughTickling – Fanny is SO expressive !

Here is our last clip with Fanny, our true actress 🙂

She is tied for an upperbody torture, with a magnificent top view ! I raised up my editing skills to offer a split view where you can both see the tummy and the head, it would have been a true waste to not see her crazy face.

Because yes, as an actress, she is very expressive, she screams, her eyes pop out, she struggles … What a lovely thing to watch !

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Duration: 10:08.800

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Download – Fanny is SO expressive !

LovelyLaughTickling – Asian Natalie discovers tickling

Here we have a new model, a very cute Vietnamese called Natalie !
This girl next door really wanted to try tickling, so we started a small interview with her, and then she is strapped in the stocks.

At first, she is shy and doesn’t have wild reactions, but once she is broken, she is really fun to watch. She is so nice that when she swears, she says sorry 🙂

This is only our first clip with her, and we did wild thing with our new asian model Natalie !

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 6281 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 128 kbps

Duration: 18:45.240

Size: 859,823 Mb

Download – Asian Natalie discovers tickling

LovelyLaughTickling – Arabian Safia gets the table treatment

Safia is back, and actually it was her first scene ever with tickling 🙂

We decided to tickle her on the table, but without wrapping for a little change !
At the very beginning, I let the tying up process (1 minute bonus) for those who requested this a lot, it’s speeded 6 times ! I may redo it if you liked this experiment !

So our little Arabian princess is first tickled with her socks, then we slowly pull them off while tickling her, which she didn’t enjoy 🙂 Then her worst fear, the brush enters into action, this is where we can see her move a lot on the table, but she is strongly tied, too bad for her !

The clip also has a good amount of upperbody tickling, as a funny fact, she is overall less ticklish on the Upperbody, but for a short amount of time it can break her bad !

PS : I hope you can pardon the lighting on this clip, she arrived very late so we didn’t have a lot of light to work with, but I’ve seen much worse honestly 😉

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 3123 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 128 kbps

Duration: 20:46.240

Size: 483,119 Mb

Download – Arabian Safia gets the table treatment