RandomSoleEncounters – Tickle Talk With Sunshine – Honest, Real Reactions From a Fetish Model

I don't work with fetish models too often for the simple fact that they tend to "embellish" their reactions.  I had the opportunity to work with Sunshine on some custom videos and decided to shoot some additional content for this store.  

I told Sunshine we would do something different, I wanted her to give honest reactions to being tickled.  No need to act, just natural reactions.  If something didn't tickle then that was fine.  Also, I wanted her to talk as much as possible during the tickling, giving a play-by-play of how everything felt and what was going through her mind.

Sunshine was a great candidate for this type of video!  She is genuinely ticklish, I even found some new spots on her!  Plus, she is great at saying how she feels when being tickled! 

I give her feet a complete tickling using feathers, fingers, hairbrush and the electric flosser – Sunshine says the flosser is the most ticklish thing she's felt in awhile!   Between her toes seems to be the hot spot that gets her going!  

This is a very fun, different take on what you usually see with fetish models!  If you enjoy, I would consider doing this with other well known models! 

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Download – Tickle Talk With Sunshine – Honest, Real Reactions From a Fetish Model

RandomSoleEncounters – Anna’s Unexpected Tickling Audition

Anna is another aspiring actress who contacted me looking to take acting classes.  I had her come to my studio for an initial audition to see if she was worth taking on as a student, what she didn't know was my plan to tickle her! 

Anna is a very cute, petite southern girl, complete with southern accent.  She is 5'1 and has size 7 feet. 

I start off the audition by making small talk and asking Anna some basic questions.  I then tell her about my "acting exercise" to see how far along she is as an actress.  When I show her my ankles restraints she laughs and gives me a look like "Are you serious?" but she is ready and willing to show that she is committed to being an actress and easy to work with.

Once Anna is strapped in, I remove her sneakers, she is not wearing socks and her feet were hot and sweaty!  Anna is taken back by my request to remove her shoes and seems a bit embarrassed to have her feet on display.  She even states "I've never had to take my shoes off for an audition!"

I then start the acting exercise by telling her to just react.  When I start tickling Anna has an immediate reaction!  She wants to know why I'm tickling her feet!  Anna is what I describe as PAINFULLY TICKLISH, she does not like it at all and looks like she's in agony as it's happening to her! 

Anna suffers throughout the tickling, the lightest touch sends her into fits of laughter, both out loud and silent!  She constantly says "Okay, Okay" and "I can't breathe".  She asks even BEGS me to stop or give her a break throughout.  This is one very ticklish girl who HATES IT!  Anna is one of my favorite tickle victims!

I use fingers, hairbrush, oiled soles & the flosser to torture this poor southern girl! 

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Download – Anna's Unexpected Tickling Audition

PhillyTickling – Post Workout Tickle Torture

Not the kind of post workout she had in mind.  Terra and I had just finished up a great workout training session together at the gym.  Since Terra hired me to be her personal trainer, I felt we should have some personal consultations at my apartment.  She had no idea I was into feet much less, TICKLING her feet.  Her feet are sore from all the squats and lunges.  She also likes to wear sneakers and no socks.  She said it helps her gain traction in her footing while doing deep squats.  Little does Terra know that sweaty feet make for even more ticklish feet!  Once I recap our workout and to discuss the things she needs to work on and what we'll be covering next time, I ask her if she's ticklish.  She is VERY TICKLISH!  She's not even sure why I am asking her such a question and she thinks it's kinda weird.  Not to come off as a total creep but I just had to tickle these size 9.5-10 feet right out of her sneakers.  I then go for it!  I take off one sneaker and you can feel the moisture from her sweaty feet immediately.  Next thing you know it, I have her kicking, giggling and screaming all over my couch.  You think my new neighbors can hear this?  She's REALLY LOUD!  I then tickle both feet, paying attention to her soles, high arches and her toes.  Even when I take off her other sneaker, I tease her by going to tickle her foot, but stopping just short.  I keep pulling back as she doesn't know when I will just go to town on her feet.  Now, I am tickling her feet like crazy and she literally can't take anymore.  I really hope she doesn't go back to the gym and tell my boss!  I like this job WAY too much!

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Download – Post Workout Tickle Torture

PhillyTickling – Of Course it’s the Toes!

Delirious Hunter just passed through Philly tonight.  I had always wanted to work with her and to also tickle her nice soft size 9.5 feet!  She has very nice high arches and super wrinkled soles.  Little did she know I had plans to tickle her.  She also had no idea that I was going to tickle her side and behind her knees.  She informed me that her toes were the most ticklish part of her body.  Naturally I go right for the toes and tickle her like crazy.  She has such a loud giggle, too.  Just listen to that!  She kicks screams, even puts some kind of quick martial arts move on me toward the end.  It's a good thing I'm back to taking Kung Fu class again.  I have to stay safe and defend myself against these girls who can hurt you.  She also slaps the couch several times as she can't take anymore.

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Download – Of Course it's the Toes!

PhillyTickling – Cadence Lux gets Tickled in Philly!

We welcome back Cadence Lux to Philly!  It also happens to be her birthday today!  I figured we should celebrate.  Celebrate by tickling her, that is!  She is not the biggest fan of tickling but is very ticklish nonetheless!  I don't waste any time and I start things off by tickling her feet still in socks.  She is now jumping all over the place and wants to get away.  Not going to happen.  I then continue tickling her sides and legs and underneath her knees.  She had no idea I was going to do that.  I then take off her socks and then the fun REALLY begins as I tickle her feet all over.  In between the toes and right underneath them is what really pushes her buttons and gets her all giggling and kicking again.  Listen to those loud shrieks!  I hadn't worked with Cadence Lux in about three years but wow is great to do so again!

Video: MPEG-4 Video, 1920×1080,, 11984 kbps, 29.940 fps
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Download – Cadence Lux gets Tickled in Philly!

GinarysTickleAdventures – Yesenia Sparkles Tickled By Helena Price

Helena Price and poor Yesenia Sparkles bound to the wall to be tickle tortured. She starts Yesenia off with feathers then attacks her feet with the electric toothbrush. Helena makes Yesenia laugh and squirm as she squeezes above her knee. Next she torments Yesenia with the sharp pinwheel across her body. Once she has tested out all the tickle toys on Yesenia Helena pulls out the Hitachi magic wand. She forces Yesenia to cum then gives her another all over body tickle.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6191 kbps, 23.974 fps
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Duration: 11:10.211
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Download – Yesenia Sparkles Tickled By Helena Price

GinarysTickleAdventures – Vanessa Rain & Orias’ Tickle Date

Vanessa Rain and Orias are cuddling watching television when they begin playfully tickling each other.  The girls cuddle, kiss and tickle each other all over.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 8578 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 11:37.229
Size: 713,003 Mb

Download – Vanessa Rain & Orias' Tickle Date

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