TicklingParadise – Shawnee’s Belly Button Tickle!

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TicklingParadise – Maya Tickled Crazy!

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – L’assistente perversa / The pervert assistent

Laura is depressed and she goes to a psychologist for a treatment, but this time, in the clinic, she will find the assistant who replaces the doctor that day and she tells her that she will use a special technique to cure her problems. this technique use tickling as a cure, actually the assistant is a pervert who loves to tickle the girls, and therefore since the therapy seems to be to soft then expected it will be necessary to adopt one more intensive methodology to restrain the patient… 

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – La Mistress Conquistata / The Conquered Mistress

Mistress Niky is sitting in the coach. Ammalia and Jessica are sitting on each side of Niky. They need a good grade on their examinations and tell the teacher,that they know she is a domme and that the two of them are offering to become her foot slaves. When they say this, Ammalia sits on the coach put her feet on the lap of Niky and asks, whether Niky could tickle her feet. She also says that this has been one of her fantasies for a long time – to be tickled by her teacher. At the same time, the other girl, Jessica, puts herself on her knees and tells Niky that she also has the fantasy of worshipping her feet. She kneels and starts kissing the feet of the Niky. Niky starts tickling Ammalia's feet, sometimes softly sometimes very hardly, Ammalia laughs. Niky tells Ammalia that she is going to tickle her for one single minute but she cannot laugh. At the same time Jessica is laying on the floor sucking the toes of Niky. We also see her sucking the big toes of Niky as doing a proper blow job on her toes. More or less at the middle, Niky orders them to switch sides. They do and the same scene is repeated with the girls playing different roles At the end tNiky tells them she will pass them on the exams but that she also has a request. Later, Niky confesses to Ammalia and Jessica that she also has a foot fetish fantasy and that she will only pass them on the exams if they accept to dominate her; Niky tells tham that she would like to lick the soles of the feet and suck the toes of one of them, while the other is tickling her feet. At first the two girls are surprised, they even laugh at the Niky and humilliate her a bit. Then, one of them Orders Niky to lay down on the floor and put her feet on her lap. The other girl sits on a chair and puts her feet on the face of Niky. Then the girlsthat is sitting starts to tickle Niky's feet, while Niky worships the others feet. All the time, the two girls say humilliating things to Niky. Then they switch sides and repeat.

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – I Misteri Dell’universit / The Mysteries Of The University

Jessica recently always takes top honors at the university, and her two roommates have some suspicion … it's time to tell them the whole truth and know what is behind that chair …what better than a timely tickling will remove all doubt?

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Download – I Misteri Dell'universit / The Mysteries Of The University

TickleAbuse – Ribs And Toes

Nika has been tickled a lot lately and it is only fair to let her get a little revenge. She has Sunshine in the rack and Nika has heard her toes/feet and her ribs are her most sensitive spots. Nika spends have the video on Sunshine’s super ticklish ribs and the rest on her gorgeous and very sensitive feet.

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TickleAbuse – Regan Sheer To Bare

Cleo has sexy Regan in the portable socks and is first going to torment her soles with sheer nylons on first before tearing them off to get at her sexy bare feet. This video is all foot tickling and Cleo gets Regan pretty much the best I have seen Regan get it.

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