Primal’sTicklegasm – Ashton tickles her boss to secure job security

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Ashton walks into her boss, Indica's, office to confront her about an earlier threat of firing her because she is pregnant. Well, Ashton spoke to the HR department and discovered that being fired for having a baby is illegal. Indica tries to defend herself and explains that she can fire her for not being there. Ashton tells her, "It's called maternity leave for a reason!" Indica knows very well that Ashton is right and she wants to know what they are going to do about this situation. Ashton has two choices- she can either report her bitch boss OR she can do something that she has wanted to do for a VERY long time.

Ashton has Indica tied to a chair with her hands bound behind her back and her ankles tied together. Indica is dreading what is coming next as Ashton teases her by running her finger tips along her neck. Indica pleads, "Don't do this! I have chills everywhere. Your hands are SO cold!" Ashton is already loving her new position of power and tells Indica, "This is going to be so much fun!" Ashton makes her way down to Indica's armpits and ribs, making Indica squeal and wiggle with laughter. Ashton keeps mockingly asking her victim, "Does that tickle? Does that tickle?" Indica responds, "You're torturing me! You're so mean!" Based on Indica's laughter and thrashing around, Ashton insists that she must be having fun! Ashton works he way down to Indica's black, nylon covered thighs and knees. Indica continues to laugh and throw her head back and fourth, so Ashton offers to give her a little break as she walks around behind Indica, when she attacks her armpits without mercy- "Just kidding!" There is no break here. Indica tells Ashton that she doesn't have to do this but Ashton responds. "I DO have to do this. This is payback for all of the bitchiness I've had to endure over the years. Maybe all of this laughing will actually make you happy for a change!"

Next, Ashton decides that it is time to go down and tackle Indica's bound, nylon covered feet and toes. Ashton slowly runs her finger tips along Indica's soles as Indica squirms around, knowing that it's only going to get worse…and it does as Ashton grabs Indica's toes and bends them back to really get her finger nails into the soles. This is super intense as Indica laughs and throws her head back and fourth. Ashton begins to tickle her toes and Indica yells, "Not my toes!" and tries to curl them to prevent Ashton's fingers from getting in there, but it doesn't work. Ashton tells Indica, "This is so much fun! Isn't it so much fun? I don't want to stop. I love doing this. I just love it SO much!" She continue to tease and tickle Indica's feet and Indica insists that she and Ashton can be friends from now on if she stops this tickle torture. When Ashton finally decides that she is done, she gets up to leave when Indica says, "Wait! You're not going to leave me here like this?" Ashton just responds, "I'm too pregnant to untie you." And she leaves her boss tied up.

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