Primal’sTicklegasm – Charlotte proves she wants to be promoted Forced Orgasms and Tickling

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It's the end of the night and cocktail waitresses, Charlotte and Taylor, are cleaning up and they are exhausted. They tell the bartender, Kenna, that they are tired of cock-tailing and want to try something new. Kenna gives it some thought and tells them that she could use a bar-back. But, she doesn't know who to pick since both girls are pretty good workers. The girls are excited to hear this and suggest that they have a competition. Kenna thinks that is a great idea and knows exactly what she wants to do! She tells the girls of wait while she prepares…

The first girl to be tested is the sexy Charlotte. She is naked, with her arms and legs tied up to the bar stools. She says that she doesn't know about this but Kenna tells her that it's too late to change her mind. First, Kenna tells Taylor to start testing Charlotte's ticklish spots. It turns out that Charlotte is ridiculously ticklish and she immediately begins to panic and flinch when Taylor teases her neck, armpits, stomach, ribs and hips. Kenna says, "Well, now we know she's ticklish, so you should just go for it!" Charlotte bursts with laughter and starts violently flailing around. So much so that she knocks over the bar stool that her ankles are tied it. She says, "Oh my god, I'm gonna cry! My abs hurt from laughing so much!" Taylor decides to start tickling her knees and behind them and they are just as ticklish as the rest of her body. When she goes back up to her hip bones, Charlotte gets even more crazy and screams, "That's the worst spot!" Taylor laughs and says, "It seems like every spot is the worst spot!" Charlotte continues to laugh and wiggle around and yells, "Oh my god! I can't even stop you from tickling me because I'm tied up! My endorphins have kicked in!" At this point, Kenna tells Taylor to go harder. Charlotte endures this tickle torture because she REALLY wants to be a bar-back. Once Charlotte is sweating and exhausted, Kenna confesses that she was "a tad bit misleading" about this test…there is a second part!

Kenna comes back holding a hitachi and tells Charlotte that Taylor is going to make her cum until she can't take it anymore. Charlotte is excited and is positive that she is going to take these forced orgasms for a long time. Taylor turns the hitachi and and presses it against Charlotte's exposed pussy. Charlotte already loves it and says, "It feels so good! I'm quivering." It doesn't take her very long when she says, "Oh my god, it's right on my clit. I'm going to cum already! Oh yes!" After her first intense orgasm, she flinches and tries to close her legs, but Taylor turns the hitachi power higher and forces Charlotte to keep taking it. Charlotte exclaims, "You're SO not fair! You're such a torturous person!" Taylor doesn't care, as she continues to press the hitachi against Charlotte's clit. Charlotte says, "It's so sensitive, I have a head rush. It feels so good!" She lays back and has another orgasm as she moans and grabs her full, natural breasts. After this orgasm, she wiggles around and begs Taylor to turn the hitachi down. Taylor turns it down, but doesn't stop using it on Charlotte. She is determined to make Charlotte cum AGAIN! As Charlotte has another screaming orgasm, she yells, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" It looks like Charlotte is exhausted after all of this tickling and forced orgasm action!

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