Primal’sTicklegasm – Piper Perri’s revenge against Layna Landry with Forced Orgasms and Tickling

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Layna and Piper are best friends and they hangout all of the time. But- Layna confesses that Piper sometimes gets on her nerves and she needs to take out her aggression. She decides to use tickling and forced orgasms to take her aggression out on poor little Piper.

Well, now Piper has Layna naked, suspended and bound to the bondage board and Piper confesses that Layna annoys her, too! It is time for Piper to get the opportunity to take her revenge out on her best friend. Layna is kind of panicking and nervously laughs that this wasn't supposed to be part of the deal. Piper disagrees and gives Layna's body a once over with soft caresses from her neck down to her thighs, but Layna doesn't have the strong reaction that Piper was hoping for. Now Piper decides that it is time to REALLY start the payback process for all of the tickle torture Layna put her through.Piper digs her little, nimble fingers deep into Layna's most ticklish spots- her armpits and thighs. Now that the intensity has increased, Piper has Layna squirming, laughing and even whining a little! Piper hits some new sweet spots as she digs deep into Layna's groin and hips making Layna says, "Oh my god! I'm so ticklish!!" Piper definitely works over her best friend's body with intense tickling.

But now, Piper says, "You know, there's still one more thing to do…I get to use this on YOU!" As she holds up the hitachi. Layna squirms and moans as Piper presses it against her exposed, clit, causing her to have two sexy orgasms as she arches her back, and tosses her head back and moans. After those orgasms, she complains- "I'm so sensitive! That's enough, right?" But Piper isn't feeling very merciful and presses it against Layna's pussy, again! Piper teases, "What were you saying? It's hard when it's so sensitive, isn't it?" Layna asks if two out of three orgasms are enough since Piper had three orgasms, to make it even but Piper does not agree- "Actually, on my third one, didn't you do this?!" As she turns the hitachi on the highest speed. Layna can barely take it and has a third explosive, squirting orgasm, causing all of her squirt liquid to run down her thighs and soak the back of the bondage board. Piper is impressed and says, "I didn't know you could do that!" In fact, she is SO impressed, that she makes Layna cum for a FOURTH time- just for good measure! By the time Piper is done forcing Layna to cum over and over, Layna's pussy is super pink and swollen! It's safe to say that these two friends are even now.

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