Primal’sTicklegasm – Pristine is punished for ruining Marina’s car- Forced Orgasms and Tickling

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Marina is extremely mad at Pristine because she let her borrow her car for one day and she wrecked it! But Pristine thinks Marina is over reacting- it's just a little dent- and she will fix it when she gets the money. This isn't good enough for Marina and she needs to teach Pristine a lesson.

Pristine finds herself completely naked, with arms and legs tied to the four corners of the bed- at Marina's mercy! Marina begins with lightly tickling her neck, ribs, and hips and it is very clear that Pristine is super ticklish! She already starts squirming and squealing and Marina is just getting started with this tickle torture. Marina lightly tickles her thighs and finds Pristine's most ticklish spot, setting her off into a laughing frenzy. Now Marina feels that Pristine is nice and warmed up, so she kicks up the intensity by digging her fingers into Pristine's neck, armpits, ribcage, and hip bones. Marina makes sure to pay special attention to Pristine's weakest spot- her thighs and knees. At one point, Marina even mounts Pristine in order to get more leverage on her for more intense tickling. This is almost too much for Pristine to handle! She is thrashing around and laughing so hard.

After a nice, thorough full body tickling, Marina decides that it is time to tackle Pristine's exposed, bound feet. It turns out that Pristine's feet are just as ticklish as the rest of her body. She wiggles her feet around so much that Marina has to take them and secure them by holding them together with her arm. Marina is thoroughly enjoying putting her friend through this tickle punishment because, well, she deserves it! Marina laughs and taunts Pristine as she rakes her long nails along her wrinkly soles, causing her to wiggle and curl her toes from the intensity of the tickling. Pristine promises that she will fix Marina's car- but Marina isn't having it.

Even though Marina has put Pristine through tickle hell, she still isn't satisfied and thinks that Pristine needs some further punishment- LOTS AND LOTS OF ORGASMS! Marina shows absolutely no mercy when it comes to pressing the powerful hitachi against Pristine's pink, bare pussy. Pristine is highly reactive to this and it doesn't take her to find herself having a screaming orgasm. But Marina doesn't stop there, in fact, she turns the power even higher! Pristine gets up on her elbows due to the sheer intensity and moans and screams. When she is having another powerful orgasm, she yells, "Sorry about your sheets!" This just fuels Marina's fire to push Pristine's orgasms even harder. Even though Pristine doesn't seem like she can take anymore, Marina forces her to endure it! Pristine's pussy is bright red and swollen, but this doesn't stop Marina, who makes her cum AGAIN with one last mind-blowing orgasm!

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