Primal’sTicklegasm – Wonder ChiChi teaches evil Cat Nikki a lesson with TICKLING and FORCED ORGASMS

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Now, the tables have turned because Wonder ChiChi has retrieved her magic lasso and has her nemesis, Cat Nikki, bound with her cat suit pulled down exposing her naked body with the magic lasso tied around her neck. Wonder ChiChi laughs as she says, "You're looking so snug and tight in here, little pussy. I have to explore all of the spots that might be…" But before she finishes her sentence she tickles Cat Nikki's nipple and Cat Nikki lets out a scream of laughter. Wonder ChiChi is delighted to hear this- "My assumptions about you being ticklish are true!" She softly caresses her victim's body with her finger tips, making Cat Nikki squirm, but she assures her that she's only getting started! Cat Nikki responds, "If you know what's good for you, you will stop now." Wonder ChiChi adjusts the magic lasso around Cat Nikki's neck, making it even tighter. She decides it's time to "pet the kitty" as she tickles Cat Nikki's pussy lips and then moves to the soft, sensitive skin under her breast and then over to her armpit. Wonder ChiChi says, "You're laughing so hard, you don't even sound like a kitty anymore." Cat Nikki can't help but to shriek with laughter between threats like, "Get your filthy hands off of me!" Wonder ChiChi informs her that, "The only filthy one here is YOU!" Wonder ChiChi makes her way down to Cat Nikki's highly ticklish thighs and the backs of her knees. Cat Nikki is starting to get desperate from the tickling and claims that it was just a joke. Wonder ChiChi warns her, "No one touches my lasso or tries to use it against me!" Therefore, evil Cat Nikki must pay the price for her crime! Cat Nikki snorts through her laughter and pleads for her captor to stop the tickle torture. Wonder ChiChi discovers what sensitive skin Cat Nikki has, seeing how she already has marks all over her. Since Cat Nikki made a point to dig her finger in Wonder ChiChi's bellybutton previously, Wonder ChiChi makes sure to get her finger nice and deep in Cat Nikki's to tickle her like crazy! Next, Wonder ChiChi attacks Cat Nikki's other armpit without mercy and then on to the backs of her knees again. It wouldn't be a complete tickle torture without some FOOT tickling! And that's exactly what Cat Nikki gets, as she wiggles her toes around and screams how ticklish her feet are. After all of this tickling, Wonder ChiChi isn't done yet…she tells Cat Nikki that there's a reward she can take and Cat Nikki desperately agrees to take it.

Wonder ChiChi pulls out a hitachi and waves it in helpless Cat Nikki's face, teasing her as to where she is going to use it first. She turns it on and begins on Cat Nikki's nipples. This drives her crazy and she begins to moan. Now that Cat Nikki's skin is already so sensitive from all of the previous tickling, the intensity of the hitachi is even more heightened. Wonder ChiChi teasingly alternates back and fourth between Cat Nikki's nipples and her pussy. She soon gets down and spreads Cat Nikki's pussy lips wide open and presses the powerful hitachi against her clit- "way up in there," as Wonder ChiChi says, "Look how you're just gyrating for me!" Nikki is helpless as she is forced to endure the powerful vibrations and she tries to protest, but her effort is futile. As Cat Nikki cums Wonder ChiChi tauntingly tells her, "Give me that kitty squeal!" And Wonder ChiChi continues to use the hitachi on her nemesis. Cat Nikki exclaims she already came but Wonder ChiChi isn't done yet! Cat Nikki begs her to stop, but Wonder ChiChi just responds, "Oh, you're begging me? Can I hear that again…louder?" She begs her not to spread her pussy lips again, and that is exactly what she does- spreads them nice and wide so she can make her cum some more! Cat Nikki wails as she cums again and Wonder ChiChi turns the hitachi even higher! Cat Nikki begs even more for Wonder ChiChi to stop but she grinds it into her pussy making her give one last shriek of a orgasm, causing her to pass out. Wonder ChiChi, satisfied with her work, gives the magic lasso one last tightening pull around Cat Nikki's neck to keep her there and says, "I'll be back for her."

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