RandomSoleEncounters – Public Tickling Project #2 – Shy Pre-Med Student Finds Out She’s Very Ticklish!

I met the extremely shy Elle as she was studying between classes.  I asked if she would let me interview her for a project I was doing on laughter, I didn't mention the tickling portion.   As I said, Elle is extremely shy and I feel like she agreed to participate simply because she is the type of person who is scared to say "no".  

We start off with a short interview where you can see how shy and awkward Elle really is.  She constantly looks around for other students who might see us.  Elle tells us her stats and a little about herself.  I ask if she is ticklish and she tells me "She thinks so."  She rates her ticklishness a 5 on a scale of 1-10.  

I ask if I can see how ticklish she is and she agrees.  Once I touch her feet Elle starts laughing and seems surprised and embarrassed at how ticklish she really is.  She is much more than a "5" level of ticklishness.   

I ask when the last time someone tickled her was and she said "Never".  This is a girl who really didn't know how ticklish she was!

I continue to tickle her and her laughter grows.  I even decide to break out the electric flosser which really gets some good reactions from this future doctor!  

This was a home run as far as random approaches go!  

I gave Elle my card and told her she could make some extra cash if she wanted to do a full tickle session.   Not sure if I'll hear back from this shy girl but it's worth the try!

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Download – Public Tickling Project #2 – Shy Pre-Med Student Finds Out She's Very Ticklish!

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