RussianFetish – Esenya. Overtaken in the Japanese room. Custom movie

Esenya, a dubious detective is searching some hidden money from an old burglar job. Suddenly she hears a noise. Here partner will join her later so who is out there? She takes of her heels, sneaks down the small hall. A shoes in her hands when she suddenly gets overtaken by a masked man. Her heels fall on the floor, he grabs her, one hand over her mouth forces the feisty detective back to the Japanese room.
Esenya kneels on the floor with already tied hands and legs, he puts a few stripes of tape over her mouth, breast-ropes her, forces the feisty Esenya down on the floor, ties her legs, hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her wriggling dirty big toes together with a very thin long string. Leaves her alone, searching the money. Then come back and tickle her feet with a feather, hands and a hair comb. Then leave again. She's struggling and moaning.
Esenya was able to free herself from hogtie and toe-tie, stamps with her tied feet on the floor, her partner should be here now, maybe he hears her. The masked man isn’t pleased about that noise at all. He takes off her gag and asks her what she is doing her. She tells him that she’s searching a lost cat.
– Ha ha I’m not stupid! He puts the tape over her mouth again. He puts her back against the wall, adds a rope from the ceiling to her tied feet, ties her soles together, ties her wriggling big toes together, adds another thin string from her tied toes to the rope from the ceiling. No more stamping! He tickles her feet again and than leaves her alone again for a moment. Later he comes back with the ladder. It's time for the truth! Esenya makes big eyes.
Esenya is tied onto the ladder, he ties her tied feet to the ladder as well. He takes of the tape and asks her again. Same story, that was a mistake! He ties her big toes together and starts to tickle her. She still doesn’t give up. His phone rings and leaves her alone and says that they will continue this talk later.
Esenya got free and tries again to sneak down the small hall. Her heels are still there when suddenly now her phone rings, fuck was all she could say then she was overtaken and brought back again.
Esenya kneels on the floor with already tied hands and legs when he tells her that he found the money. Esenya wants to scream for help but he fast puts a few stripes of tape over her mouth. This should keep you quiet, breast-ropes her again. Esenya isn’t very pleased, what a bad day. Down on the floor he ties her feet the puts her in a tight hogtie, ties her wriggling big toes also tight together. She grumbles and spreads her toes. He decides to ties all her toes together and adds another string from her tied toes to her arms. Esenya is furious.
– Well you have searched in the wrong room! He tickles her soles again, very intensively.
– Bye bye! Then leaves her for the final struggling.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6998 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 256 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 1:00:23
Size: 3 133,105 Mb

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