RussianFetish – Hot Brunette In My Ticklish Trap

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Hot beautiful brunette was returning home by car. It was already evening. As usual, she was perfectly beautiful, she drove up to her house, took the keys and went to the entrance. Her black leggings flattered her ass. Black leather jacket looks good in the autumn weather. Her black lashes fluttered like butterflies.
Opening the door of the apartment she had forgotten to close it. The door was left open. "I'm so tired" – she thought, and took off her jacket. It seemed that someone's watching her. The stranger had already watched her walk around the room.
"I need to focus on my studies, just take a sip of water before it" – Lolly thought.
"I forgot the notebook, I need something to write" – Lolly is returned, and the stranger slipped into her water a strange powder.
The heroine took a sip and felt even more tired. Slowly yawning she sat on the bed and fell asleep. At this point, the stranger took advantage of this, he dragged her to a chair and tied her.
He saw her pretty face, but most of all he wanted to tickle her beautiful feet. He slowly took off her shoes and gently tickled her legs through the socks. She woke up.
Next he took off her socks.
He enjoyed her delicate feet, and he began to tickle them. Tickling was long and the victim quietly laughed – a sleeping powder still intoxicate her. And she didn't realize she likes it or not. Tickling feet lasted for 16 minutes.
The victim has become more sensitive. He then took up her sides – she was very ticklish there. And it was sweet torment. He enjoyed her pleasant laughter and defenseless look.
Then he carried her to the bed, where he tickled her feet, sides and underarms. The victim is already tired of laughing and was exhausted. The torture ended.

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