RussianFetish – One hour of Mara’s torment – toe tied tickle torture in plastic wrap and straight jacket

Outfit: tight long jeans, (closed toe) high heels at the beginning, not too much makeup, a normal girl next door looks.
Feet: always highly arched, never flat for the whole clip and for every scene always on tiptoes.

Scene 1
Mara is a spy. She is entering an apartment to steal a file. Before she enters, she takes off her high heels. She lifts her left leg and grabs the shoe by the heel and gently pulls it off her foot.
She keeps her foot lifted, arches the food, spreads her toes, and slowly, very slowly runs a fingernail over her bare sole. She finally sets her feet down again, letting her rest on the balls of her toes, her heels, high up, and repeats the same with the right foot, again touching her sole with her fingers.
Barefoot, she walks high on her tiptoes to enter the apartment. We see her feet.
Mara is searching everywhere for the file. She is always on tiptoes.
Then she is looking under the desk and the bed. She is kneeling down. She's resting her feet on her tucked toes, bent back toes, stretching her soles, arching her feet.
But she does not find the file.
There is a bookshelf with a box on top. She has to climb up on a chair, looking for the file. She has got to get up really, really high on her tip-toes, arching her feet as high as she can. We see long close-ups of her feet as she's trying to reach for the file. We see her tip-toed feet from every possible angle.
She finally finds the file and gets down.

Scene 2
She wants to walk out silently on tiptoe, but suddenly, Mara gets attacked from behind, grabbed, hand over her mouth.
She gets tied-up. Arms behind her back, wrists together. Rope around her upper body. Straps or rope at her thighs, above her knees, under her knees. Her feet get tied together at the ankles and her.
She gets placed on the floor, belly down, face down, soles up. The tickler wants to know who she works.
Her feet are flat on the floor, with soles up, and her toes are extremely bent back so the feet are resting on the toes, arching her feet and stretching her soles.
She gets tickled with nails, hairbrush, electric toothbrush. Baby oil, cream. Sometimes, the tickler holds the toes.
Her feet get now tickled at the soles, arches and at the stretched balls of her feet and also between her toes.
She always has like this. If not, ticklers make sure she does.
Tickler now sits on her legs, facing her soles, pulling her toes back under her feet with one hand while tickling with the other. Mara can not move her away away
At the end, the second tickler joins her and begins to torment Mara's feet.

Scene 3
Mara is in a heavy straitjacket, blindfolded. She is on her back. She has to stretch her legs out in front of her. She has to point her feet down, in one line with her legs, but bending her toes up and spreading her toes. Her toes have to be pulled back and held in this position all the time! Her legs are completely wrapped, strapped to a table. Her big toes are tied.
Two ticklers simultaneously torment Mara's feet, keep them in the position.
The tickler holds her toes back with one hand and tickles with the other. She gets tickled with a hairbrush, electric brush, fingernails for the rest of the clip.
At the end, the girl-ticker begins to bite Mara's belly, torturing her with ticklish biting. After several minutes without an answer, she slaps her cheek and leaves.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 7021 kbps, 23.980 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 245 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 1:02:29
Size: 3 247,385 Mb

Download – One hour of Mara's torment – toe tied tickle torture in plastic wrap and straight jacket

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