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Dero follows Vlada home and breaks into her apartment. He sneaks up behind her and puts a cloth over her face to knock her out. She struggles but she . Dero ties her up and carries her away.
Vlada wakes up on the couch. Her wrists are tied behind her back and her ankles are tied. She is also gagged. He sits next to her and starts tickling her all over her body.
Dero carries Vlada into the bedroom. He takes her shirt off and ties her face down on the bed. He tickles her from behind.
Dero ties her face up on the bed. He tickles the front of her body all over. He is more sensual with his tickling and licks her armpits and her belly and belly button.

We see Vlada walking home from the viewpoint of Dero. This is similar to the clip where Helga is . It’s filmed like a horror/thriller with the bad guy following the victim.
Vlada goes into her apartment. She is wearing a leather jacket over a shirt and jeans with a leather belt. She is looking at something on her phone and smiling.
Dero sneaks into the apartment behind her and creeps up behind her. He puts a cloth over her nose and mouth and holds her around the waist. They struggle until she .
Dero lowers her to the ground and gently strokes her. He takes off her jacket and drags her over to the couch. We see he has some rope and a gag or tape for a gag. Vlada is bound and gagged.

Vlada is tied up on the couch. Dero sits next to her and puts his arm around her as if she is his girlfriend. He shakes her until she wakes up. She squeals when she sees him and tries to escape but he pulls her onto his lap and starts to slowly caress her. She isn’t sure what he’s doing. He blows on her ear and on her neck and then he starts to gently tickle her. She is laughing through her gag. This is what Dero wants – a sexy ticklish victim!
He tickles Vlada all over her body and pulls her across his lap. He tickles her neck and ears and then pulls her legs into his lap. He takes off Vlada’s shoes and socks and tickles her feet and and sucks on her toes.
Next, he sits her on his lap and tickles her upper body and then unbuttons her shirt. He pulls it open and starts caressing and stroking her skin before pushing her on her back and tickling her while straddling her.
He finishes by blowing on her bellybutton and licking and nibbling her belly. Then he carries her off to the bedroom.

Now Vlada is on the bed face down with her hands tied overhead on the bedframe. Dero tickles her mercilessly. He traces soft patterns with his fingertips on her back and down her thighs but then he tickles her hard, especially on her hips and on the back of her thigh just below her bottom. He tickles her armpits and ribs too and the back of her neck and her ears.
This is fun but Dero wants to see her pretty face while he tickles her so he decides to turn her onto her back.

Vlada is now face up on the bed. Dero smiles to himself and runs his hands slowly and lightly over her body. Vlada is nervous because she can’t tell where he is going to tickle her first.
He starts with her underarms and tickles her armpits and also plays with her neck and ears. Her feet aren’t tied to the bed so he sometimes leans on her if she is struggling and wriggling too much and he wants to control her.
Sometimes he torments her by putting his hand over her mouth while he licks her underarm and plays with her bellybutton. He puts his hands in the front pockets of her jeans and tickles her hips.
He tickles her flat stomach and then stretches her out so he can lie on her legs and lick and nibble all over her belly and button while his hands tickle what they can reach. She is trapped and can’t move. Dero is a merciless tickler but also quite sensual so she doesn’t know what to think. He licks and nibbles a lot until she is almost in hysterics. When she is breathing hard and tired, he slowly unbuckles her belt and unbuttons her jeans and tickles her lower belly just above the panties.
He is tickling her sensually now. Perhaps she even likes it but she knows she shouldn’t. He blows on her ear and her neck to tease her.
Just as it seems she might enjoy this, he stops. Dero presses the cloth over her mouth again and when she he takes out her gag and unties her hands and feet. He gives Vlada’s belly one last lick and then leaves her with a faint smile on her face.
The End.

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